Friday, June 19, 2009
Citizens turn lenses on Iran

We're watching a digital and social revolution unfold before our eyes, and is part of that story.


The restrictive media crackdown in Iran following the country's disputed presidential election means less information can be shared through traditional media outlets. Never before have we relied so much on social media and the Internet to tell such a complex story.


Courageous citizens of Iran continue to post images and videos despite challenging circumstances. Frightening images of heavy damage at a University of Tehran dormitory came to us courtesy of haditehran . We saw daily protest updates from iReporters like digitalnegar and AmirAA , and when Mir Hossein Moussavi made a trip through the crowded throngs gathered in Tehran on Thursday, June 18, omidox showed us a close-up view of the former presidential candidate.


You can see rivers of people walking through the streets of cities in Iran that you wouldn't have otherwise seen. Longtime users can look around them and see newfound fellow community members from the Middle East. Their passion for their country's future is palpable.


"It was such a joy to see all these young people in the streets," said iReporter shishimil , who voted in the Iranian election and flew back to the Dallas, Texas, the next day as he had previously scheduled to do. He received photos from his brother in Iran and shared his story with iReport.


Talented young photographer Shervingz said his parents indicated this was the biggest event in Iran since the country's revolution in 1979.


These are just some of the many examples of stories from real people who are witnessing changes in their country. What do you think about social media's effects on the situation in Iran? How do you feel about what's happening, and do you have a story of your own? Comment below and share your views here on

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