Saturday, June 20, 2009
Wife fights for 'children's future'

I heard countless compelling stories from iReporters in Iran and around the world today, but this poignant account from PoyanMahsa stood out among the rest.


Poyan is an Iranian expatriate living outside Rotterdam, Holland. His wife Mahsa lives in Tehran, Iran. The couple keeps in touch through phone calls and e-mails, and Poyan said he is "200 percent" worried about Mahsa as the unrest in Iran rages on.


Despite his concern, though, Poyan acknowledges that he cannot ask Mahsa to stay away from the protests of the country's disputed election. "I cannot tell her not to go, because this is our future," he said. "This is our children's future."


Poyan added that if he was in Iran, he'd be "right out there with her."


Check out the photos of the demonstrations in Tehran that Masha shot today. And if you have a story to share, please let us know.


Correction: This post originally referred to the couple as engaged. They married in April. Poyan continues to keep close watch on the news out of Iran.

June 20, 2009
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iranians keep on fighting,,i am not iranian,but i feel such a sense of pride on ahuman level,that you are not willing to live under a totalitarian goverment,some times for freedom,,some one has to die,,,we african americans know that all to well,other countries are down on my wonderful america,,althought we dont have a perfect goverment,,i would ,my sister has and my grandfather fought and died for this country...THE WORLD IS WATCHING,my father is half iranian and african,,he is 80 years old now,but he is crying because his people have finally said   NO MORE....i support any race when it comes to freedom    and remember this is not a iraniaqn issue this is a human condition that must(by any means necessary) be waged,,,,,i am watching and i have friends who are watching,,,,,,,young iranians keep fighting,,,some will die,,,,MOST will die,but there is no freedom without sacrifice,,,,,allah will keep you safe,,,inshallah

June 20, 2009
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I wish everybody from all walks of life show solidarity to the IRAN people. Show them we care.  Have every state country city whereever they are PROTEST in front of there Embassy or United Nations.  Speak Freedom for Iranian People. 

June 20, 2009
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If we have any communication to anyone in Iran we need to tell them to stop fighting and protesting!! If everyone stays home and does not go to work the economy over there will crumble!!! Fighting will not make it stop, we need to hit them where it hurts!!!


Maybe we just start with everyone that works for the oil companies, and so on. Keep grocery stores and hospitals open and thats it!!

June 20, 2009
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Stay Strong! Freedom is not free! All of this in Iran reminds me of the Civil Rights Movement here in America in the 60's. My husband left us to go to march in Selma, Alabama. I stayed home with the children. He came back home, we had a happier life. Black people won their rights.Of course, many will die in Iran, many died here in America. There are people all over the world who support you just as they did us. Stay Strong and God Bless. You can't loose. You have Allah and God on your side.

June 21, 2009
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Axis of Evil is now showing to the world how brutal they are,even with their own people.

All Iranians asking for is only for a fair election.

Only 10% of votes to be reviewed is a JOKE.

Now The world knows the truth of this regime.   

June 21, 2009
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Amazing,seeing people fighting for  Iranians are standing against tyranny and injustice, Stunning. Nothing but courage against guns.

"Everywhere that freedom stirs, let tyrants fear." GB


Be brave be strong, God is with you.


Good job CNN!

June 21, 2009
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Hi and thank you for this opportunity to express my thaughts.

I feel this is the least I can do for my people and I would like to put it out there. why don't we stop playing games with people's lives while they are trying to fight for their rights.

do not interfere in iran's internal affair unless you are seriously a true friend of the iranian people.

Irannian people are smart and vigillant and understand who is for them and who is against them. they do not have a good recollection about the foreign countries standing with them unless it serves those countrie's interest, and their involvement usually is because they want to rip people of iran off of their wealth and interests.

people of iran want freedom, respect, equality and justise in the world and they don't want special interest group such as Senator Mac Cain's. to make stupid remarks and think that smart iranian people have forgotten his previous statements about Iran.

they want to elect their true candidates and candidate who really devote their time and life on making iran the best country in the world. they deserve it because they are smart and they are elligabale. By the way Obama is doing the right thing not to interfering and if they do it should be genuine and it should not be by the backing of special group interest except for the genuine good of the Iranian nation if United state wants to be a true friend to Iranian people.

June 21, 2009
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I am married to an Iranian from Tehran.  I emphasize with the people of Iran in this difficult time.  I pray that something good will come from this.  I have 2 questions for CNN.


1.  Why is it that the Presidents of Iraq & Afghanistan kiss the hand of President Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad when President Bush supposedly chose them?  How is it so many officals in these two countries were born in Iran?


2.  We don't hear anything on the news about Hezzbulah from Lebonan being brought into Iran by the Iranian govenment to crack down on it's citizens.  These are cold blooded killers.

June 21, 2009
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For the past 2 days, I was wondering that why CNN is spending 24 hours broadcasting about Iran's election. There are 2 objectives from this unconfirmed reporting.


1. To prepare US public for the war that will be wage against Iran by Israel in coming months.

2. I had no idea that who owns CNN, so I research and I found that CNN is also unfortunetly own by a JEWISH controlled Media. This is what I found:


by Fouad Habibi


The 2000 presidential elections in America showed a side of America no one could have ever imagined. The supposed world leader in technology, democracy and human rights suddenly became the center of world attention and muse for claims of fraud and irregularities ­ probably making tyrants and dictators around the world happy to find the US elections comparable to their own.


Whatever the outcome of the elections, the fact seems to be that the US is finally ridding itself of its influence groups ­ the most important of whom are the media moguls whose influence in US politics is tantamount to buying the vote. Otherwise no one could have seen this kind of controversy in America.


For past elections, at least since the 1950s, were almost all landslide wins. A close race was close by tens of thousands of votes, not a couple of thousands or less as is the situation now. The 50s saw the launch of McCarthyism: the witch hunt of Senator Joseph McCarthy and his assistant Roy Cohn, a Jew, for communist Americans and/or sympathizers or suspects. Fortunately for America and for its way of life, politicians came to their senses and decided to stand up to McCarthy. McCarthy was discredited and condemned by the Senate in 1954.


The story would have been a history lesson if things had stopped there. But the idea appealed to Jewish influence groups, who played it to their advantage. It wasn’t Communism but anti-Semitism that came to the fore. One didn’t have to prosecute an anti-Semite, he simply had to write an article or two in the Jewish-controlled media and public opinion would discredit him. The ploy worked like a well-greased machine. Anyone standing in their way was destined to be condemned and whoever played their tune achieved his objectives or part of them.


By hook and by crook they managed to enroll to their side the most-promising politicians and slowly they crept up the ladder to the highest positions in the US, leaving elite America hypnotized as to what has happened. Of the 100 top positions in US politics, many are either held by Jews or their allies or persons on their payroll.


No one in America can guarantee keeping his job or his source of income if he openly speaks against any Jew in America or overseas. They have been manipulating politicians since World War II and succeeding.


How many UN resolutions have been vetoed by America? How many bills have been passed unanimously in Congress in support of Israel, to the point of standing by it even when its soldiers massacre Palestinian youths on Palestinian land. The American conscience has been controlled. It is no longer a conscience but a hypnotized well-controlled thing with no emotion whatever.


There are many reasons how this has come to be the case. We shall content ourselves with a single case in point.


During the early 80s a new kind of news medium came to the forefront. Within a few years it had attracted a wide audience. Later it became a household name. It was CNN, and at first it was somehow independent. But not for long.


Jane Fonda, the well-known US actress and former anti-Vietnam war activist, took interest in CNN owner Ted Turner. At the peak of CNN’s popularity, a relationship bloomed between them, their faces soon appearing on the covers of many a magazine.


Fonda the supposed antiwar activist, entered Lebanon in 1982 with the invading Israeli forces and stood in 1982 on the balcony of the presidential palace in Baabda uninvited, and without the permission of the Lebanese authorities. Like a modern day Nero, she watched the Israeli Army bombard Beirut and set it ablaze. Fonda became Turner’s friend. A few years later the obvious happened, the couple got married and CNN added another, behind-the-scenes, boss to its board. Then, awhile later the obvious happened and CNN merged with Time-Warner, and CNN no longer remained an independent network. It fell into the hands of the Jewish-controlled media.


A few years later, with an objective achieved, the couple announced that they are separating. Another coincidence?


Jews with beards and skullcaps think that Arabs with beards and skullcaps are terrorists and vice versa. We do not know whom to believe. The people who are defending their land as terrorists or those who want to take over their lands as terrorists.Maybe we are the naive ones. After all the Jews are following their scripture while we settled for sitting back, impressed by what we have gathered of this worldly life.


Maybe we have just turned Jewish and we don’t realize it and the Palestinian youth are the only Arabs left and thus it is our right to slay them or at least see them slaughtered by our cousins who happen to be Jews.


Have we decided to argue for the Jews in our summits instead of for the Palestinians? A lot of questions yet no definite answers. What has gone wrong with the Arab spirit?





June 21, 2009
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This is a picture of baby whom was shot before birth because the shot the mother she was killed instantly and the baby took the bullet after his mom did.

official have warned the hospital that this has to be kept as e secret but here  is this picture please show the world.


June 21, 2009
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I wonder where the Army is? I hope that the Army finally turns against the regime and helps the Freedom Fighters in Iran. Our young Sisters and Brothers are dying and the entire World is watching. I hope that the United States and other country's start helping the People in Iran.

June 21, 2009
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The tugs who beats and kills Iranian who seek their fundamental rights through public gathering and expressing their frustration with the opperssing government,  ARE not TRUE Iranian. They are the TRUE agents of the Satan.  They will pay the price for their actions eventually and will face the nation of Iran at the end.       

June 21, 2009
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Obama has legitimate reasons for holding back verbal U.S. support for the Iranian protestors.   I hope he will soon speak up for we Americans that are backing the brave young Iranians in their fight for freedom.   They need to know that we approve and are with them all the way !!  

June 21, 2009
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I'm so disappointed of CNN who still calls Amadinejad, the president of Iran in it's news, despite of showing all disturbing videos of violence and murdering innocent people in Iran, reporting all evidences of ignoring human rights in Iran, I'm just wonder why still CNN uses the word president before the name of Ahmadinejad in the news. Is it some kind of Obama's not meddling Iran's election? Make up your mind CNN

June 22, 2009
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my wife and eight year old daughter are in iran, since 16 days ago to visit. i am very worried but left it up to my wife to decide, if she wants to come back early. my daughter NOOR loves it there and doesn't want to leave.

June 22, 2009
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we have lost a five year old daughter too and our heart goes out to NEDA'S parents.

June 22, 2009

i'm a 25 year old boy from iran, i am in tehran now, we will fight... thanks to all freedom lovers...

June 22, 2009
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Iran doesn't want Democratic like Iraq, what bush did. I am also wondering why the western media is making a big deal of the little group wanting to disable the whole country. we all know what the democratic it like for the 3rd world country sometimes the dictator is better than western democratic and also I want CNN and especially fox news at 3:00 PM Ali Vashi said its very disturbing to show someone dying (the little girl her name is Neda when she got shot and dyed on the street of iran) what is the difference when they showing the world when Neda dying and when there showing Saddam and his two sons dying. I want to guys to get others news besides showing the world violence.


I say god bless Neda and her family

June 22, 2009
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BABASHAH, I respect your right to express an opinion. But as a Muslim, I do not respect you for spreading racism and hatred.


Allah sees all, and only to Allah belongs judgement. Allah is very great indeed.


June 23, 2009
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God Bless you, Poyan and prayers go out to God to keep Mahsa safe from harm, Ohaalah(This means Inchaalah in spanish(God-willing)). I am in Dallas, Texas, and our hearts go out to those incredibly courageous freedom fighters, young and old, who, in the face of extreme violence, refuse to give up the fight for freedom from tyranny and brutal oppression. We are seeing all the videos coming in of what is going on, and I am amazed by the courage of those in Tehran! The world is watching and is seeing the true faces of the Iranian people - faces of real human beings, courageous and valiant and proud.....May God Bless those in Tehran and protect them! God Bless Iranians! May the current illegal so-called president Ahmadinejad go to hell - how dare he and Khameini do all of this in the name of God - killing innocent people - shame on them....


June 23, 2009
Click to view tallships's profile

Go Iran! Take you country back from these murderous thugs that run it now. They can be defeated and you can win your freedom. The American people have  never hated Iranian citizens. We only hate your brutal corrupt government. Many of you will die in the fighting but it is worth the price to be free from oppression. We  are rooting for you!

June 23, 2009
Click to view Bellydancer's profile

I support the Iranian people! I hope they win this fight for truth.

June 24, 2009
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NEDA is the "Rosa Parks" of the Iranian Revolution of 2009.

June 24, 2009
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Sheer Zanane Iran (women Lioness):   In defiance of the authorities, take your legitimate rights back by marching without your roussari (scarf).  If enough women did that, to use khomeini's famous words, "Basij va Sepah heech ghalati ham nemitavanand bokonand" ! 

June 24, 2009

Why aren't people in the militia and police defecting?  Everyone else is. There's the problem. Some of the clerics are joining the protest.


That one girl had it right, "Why are you beating your sisters, mother, children?"


Who wants to be associated with such losers. A loser government, regime. Major losers, period. F'g DARK AGES !!!!!


That government is embarrassing. Oh and those confessions.....they are soooooo fake! Duh!! The world can see that.


The young people in Iran are educated, beautiful!  Winners!!!!!!


What qualifications do you need to be a thug?


Devastated in America

June 24, 2009
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May god help the people of Iran. I hope that Ahmadinejad and thier supreme leader knows that the world is watching thier brutality in horror. Thier true intentions are open for the world to see, and thier evil deeds can no longer be hidden behind the walls of their country. The people of Iran will not forgive, or forget what theyve done to them, and neither will the world.

June 24, 2009
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It's time, I ask "WHY" why won't these protesters take up arms to defend themselves, not saying it has to be gun or deadly weapons but how about baseball bats? when one of those black dressed motorcycle riders comes charging at them a Baseball bat would do wonders to knock them off their bikes and once they are off their bikes the could be subdued by the protesters, and they would soon see that these bike riders are nothing but a bunch of low life cowards.

I am not Iranian, I am American but I am at a loss as to why these people don't try to defend themselves.


December 4, 2009
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