Tuesday, June 23, 2009
"Transformers" collections "more than meets the eye"

“One of my first clear memories was my fifth birthday,” said iReporter smartens.  “My parents gave me my first Transformer, the original Optimus Prime. Apparently my mom went to the store and saw that everyone in the checkout line was carrying the same toy so she just followed suit.” So began a lifelong infatuation with the “Transformers”, who were all the rage 25 years ago, and are rolling into theatres this week with the big budget movie sequel “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. smartens now has over 300 of the toys worth thousands of dollars, and he’s not the only one with an affinity for them.

Growing up in the Philippines during the height of “Transformers” mania in the 1980s, Megatron (seen in the photo with non-"Transformer" Voltron) always wanted to collect these toys but never had a chance. Ever since graduating from college, however, he made it his mission to collect all of the original toys, spending every paycheck he can on them. “It is a very expensive hobby and my collection value is around $10,000,” he said. “I keep all my toys sealed in plastic and will never sell them unless it's a life or death situation, which in that case I must be buried with the toys."

openroad12 wasn’t even born when the Transformers first came out but he has been collecting them for eight years. Now at age 14, while many of his peers only know the two recent movies, Autobots and Decepticons decorate an entire shelf in his bedroom.

brianhharris didn't start his collection right away, but his first toys were saved by his mother from the '80s. He now has nearly 400 figures altogether. “As of right now my wife and I have no children but she did ask me once, ‘What are you going to do if our kids want to play with these things?’” he said. “The reply was simple, ‘This is why I am buying one to open and one to keep in the box.’"

Do you collect toy robots or other action figures as well? Share your collection with the iReport community!

June 26, 2009
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As a boy growing up in Indiana with both parents being alcoholics and divorced I was occassionally abused and bullied. I found myself listening to Michael Jackson and started dancing. I got so good I won contest and girls at (Disco's)club's. The abuse stopped and the abusers wanted to learn to dance. Micheal was MY Idol. He was my way out. My life is now shaped by him in so many good ways. I don't care about the so-called abuse allocations and money problems. He changed the lives of so many people all over the world and now a true American Idol is gone. He Moonwalks for GOD now.  God Bless!

June 28, 2009
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Michael Jackson made a sudden recovery and came back to life. He proceeded to do the moon walk while standing on his head and he addressed the crowd in a strange language which still has to be interpreted.

June 29, 2009
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I believe Dr. Conrad Murray and the others people that is involved in MJ death should all be held accountable for their actions.


Dr. Murray say he never prescribed or gave Jackson the drugs Demerol or Oxycontin. Who did then? Dr. Murray says he never administered the shots. Yea right why was he following Micheal for 3-months then, if he didnt administered the shots. Earlier in the day we heard that Micheal collasped in his kitchen. I never believed it I told my friends after reading the papers and seeing it on television Micheal was found dying in bed by his doctor. I believe when Micheal came home from rehearsal after Midnight he was in pain and Dr. feel good Murray administered those cocktails and he found Micheal dying in bed and he panic. Listen to the 911 call he was in bed not on the floor. Dr. Murray is a Joke, he found Micheal unresponsive in bed, why wasnt he lying on the  floor, so he could administer CPR. Dr. Murray is a Vascular Cardiologist he should have known better when it came to CPR you have to lay the person on a flat surface and then give the person chest conpressions. I cant wait until the Autopsy and Toxicology report come's back and then we can find out the time of death. I do not believe Micheal went into Cardiac Arrest. I pray for Mrs. Jackson the most because I had a brother who was kill by his on doctor here in Houston we settle out of court and I watched my mother health deteriorate because no parent on this earth wants a child to go before them. The doctor lied about my brother death until we got the autopsy and toxicology report back it was learned my brother was suffocated, so I say to them keep praying and know that God doesnt make mistakes Micheal is happen now he wouldnt trade places with us. The media will continue to tell they lies and try to tarnish his image, I read in the Houston Chronicle that Micheal is worth 3 and half billion dollars, he has some jewel worth 2 billiion dollars and owns half of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, so stop lying and saying he's broke MJ has the last laugh and by his concert was being sold out means you cant keep a good person down rest in peace Mick and say hello to my mother and brother for me yall are in a better place. I can sing just like Mick I used to get payed and free candy for singing like him.               Ms. Jeryl of Spring, Texas 

June 29, 2009
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Michael Jackson's death has been the talk of the town. He's been a great loss in the music industry and its all worth giving tribute to the man man whom gave pride to the music industry.Worrying about unsecured loans and bills seems pithy when compared to worrying about whether it will be too cold to survive the night or where your next meal will come from.


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July 2, 2009
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Some of the reviews for Transformers 2 haven't been that great. It's being derided as laden with special effects, and not nearly enough plot or anything else.  A movie that's full of gimmicks instead of actual content? Oh my gosh - it isn't as if that's what Hollywood has been doing for decades, and it certainly couldn't be what some directors, like Michael Bay, do all the time, and it certainly couldn't be that Transformers 2 is directed by Michael Bay.  Or could it? 

Still, I went into the first one with no expectations, because I knew it was a Michael Bay movie, and since I was a Transformers fanatic in my childhood, like so many others were - as children of the 80s - and I did not want a lousy director like Michael Bay ruining my memories of childhood.  (That hack.)  That's why I go into a movie about a comic book or video game that I like without expectations, because if you don't expect anything, you could actually like it.  I liked the first one, only from the standpoint that I was expecting to get turned off, and I'm going into the second one the same.


July 24, 2009
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This is absurd. The topics we are offered to comment on, allow no dissent. For example, Tony Harris (CNN reporter) has just called THE POLICE COMMENTS INCENDIARY,

but allows no controversy for the president calling them stupid. Yet here we are commenting on commedians, and not allowed to address the biased reporting that almost approaches bigotry on the part of Mr. Harris. CNN your slip is showing. I realize that only CNN censors will read this.

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