Monday, July 06, 2009
"Willy Wonka moment" as MJ tickets won

At first, Michael Jackson fan TommyYune thought he was out of luck. Like countless others hoping to get a chance to attend one of the biggest memorial services ever, he received an e-mail telling him that he did not get chosen to receive a ticket. Then, he scrolled down and found an e-mail with the same subject line saying that he did, in fact, get tickets, something he calls his "Willy Wonka moment."  The Los Angeles resident quickly made plans to head to Dodger Stadium as early as possible this morning to pick up his tickets and golden wristband. In true iReport spirit, he documented his morning.

TommyYune was surprised to find the trip to the stadium "a breeze." He said, "I was expecting gridlock, but there were police who made sure that no one without all the documentation got through."

Referring to himself as a child of the '80s, TommyYune was "dumbfounded" upon learning of Jackson's death. "As it sank in," he said. "it was like he joined the ranks of James Dean and Elvis."

TommyYune hopes to iReport further about his experiences at the memorial tomorrow. "I'm sure all of the fans are looking forward to celebrating what he's done with his life," he said. "He crossed a lot of borders culturally." TommyYune also told his story to's Catherine Callaway.

Many iReporters have shared their memories of Jackson and we're looking for more as the memorial service approaches. Click here to share yours.

July 6, 2009
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I was in 8th grade when I became a Michael Jackson fan.  I was a caucasion teenage girl in a small town who had a poster of Michael in his yellow/white tux hanging on my bedroom wall, when his Thriller album came out and all my friends/classmates were all 'thrilled' about it!  I was a BIG fan.  But after that album, which I believe was his highest peak of stardom, Michael went down hill real fast....the very sad plastic surgeries, weird lifestyle and the people he chose to keep around himself, they were all very sad choices he made for a person w/so much talent.  But how could you blame an adult who was an abused child - it was bound to happen...


Michael Jackson's funeral is exactly how the media protrays it, a SPECTACLE.  How TACKY can one family get by making his funeral public to almost 9,000 people who didn't know him personally, were not family or friends of his.  And then, selling tickets to his funeral!!  How absurd and horrendous is that.  What a disgrace and no class that this family has.  They should be ashamed of themselves, hasn't Joe Jackson done enough damage to his children while they were alive, and now he needs to humiliate them in death also?


Shame on the media for spending so much time on Michaels's death, we cannot control the media - but Joe Jackson could have shown some restraint and let his youngest son have some peace finally and respect his life/death.  Elizabeth Taylor even has enough sense to not go to this circus of a funeral the Jackson family has turned it into.  So much for all the 'privacy' Michael wanted all his life.  I think it's disgusting that all this 'hoopla' is being created over a man who was severely physically & mentally abused as a child and probably into adulthood by his father and along the way was sexually abused which turned him into a child molester.  The world knows that Michael Jackson is a child molester, his behavior w/male children is not normal and is so obvious that molestation was taking place.   How the media can glorify him and forget his trials, makes me sick to my stomach.  Just b/c a person can afford the best lawyer to get him off scott free (ie:  O.J. Simpson), doesn't mean that person is innocent.  It just means, if you have money & the right connections, a person can buy their freedom.


The same day Michael died, Farah Fawcett died of cancer - she struggled for years to find a cure for her cancer and fought hard to live her life.  I think the media only spent 15 minutes on Farah, and then they dropped the bomb of Michael - it wasn't a shock to me that he was dead, in fact it wasn't surprising at all.  Farah was trying to make a difference in the cancer world while Michael Jackson chose to take perscription drugs and abused the pharmaceutical world to the fullest for his addictions to make more more money to feed his costly habits.  His millions of dollars of debt will now fall on his family to pay, and yet 'fans' are running out to purchase Micheal Jackson memoriabila to fund his debt and costly debted lifestyle.  I don't support drug users or the like.  Strange, America was so pissed off at AIG, General Motors, Wall Street, Maddoff... etc. for squandering our hard earned tax $$$$, that now these Americans are spending lots of $$ to see Michael's funeral or purchase his stuff - very foolish people... investing in a 'con-artist' is what they are doing.  I agree w/the senator today who spoke out against the atrosity the media keeps advertising & giving tribute to.  Michael Jackson is DEAD, he's not going to perform at his own funeral, although part of his life is worth celebrating the truth of the matter is, there is one less child molester and victim living in the world today.


One last thought for Joe Jackson, when raising your family, did your tempermeant/anger justify the ends to a means???  Did every fist you punched into your children (Michael... etc) make you feel good about yourself???  Every instrument you hit your children w/make you feel powerful and a good Dad???  Was the verbal abuse you spoke/yelled at them really 'loving & supporting' words of affection to help them feel better about themselves???  Did you really think your children could love and respect a man (which you are not) who they feared literally???  Was all the pressure you put on your children really worth all the fame & money that came with it???  NO, it wasn't Joe....  in the end, it all just ended up costing you more than you'll ever know.... memories do last a lifetime.  I don't know how you sleep at night Joe...  At least now, Michael can rest in peace.

July 6, 2009
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It Appears that the Iranian Democracy Movement may have Adopted an Anthem: By the Late King of Pop Michael Jackson View this today at

All I wanna say is that, they don't really care about us

Beat me, hate me

You can never break me

Will me, thrill me

You can never kill me

Iranian protesters believe they are fighting for their democracy but seems like nobody cares about them .. and RIP Michael Jackson




Submitted by: Gwendolyn Lindsay-Jackson, Esq.

Creator: 200 Facebook Members for Democracy In Iran Now

(Looking for employment or booking as a TV Legal Analyst call (845) 499-6974)


July 7, 2009
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We have all lost a legend, a man who has touched each of our lives through his music.

I will always remember and love you Michael Jackson Today I took out all my old videos that I record of you through out the years from MTV

I was so looking forward to see your proformance in London.

For me there will never be another you

I Love you MJ, may you RIP

July 7, 2009
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I want to blog about other things but can't find the place so I will post a comment, my husband made the July 4 issue front page of Wenatchee World, hmmm where was MJ on that one?

y husband recently made front page of the Washington Wenatchee World saluting the troops with is tattoos.  This is the you tube video and I have the pics from the paper, I think it would be a good story according to my son who is serving in Bagdad Iraq, but coming home next month, he is 19, been in service since 17, he says AFN is what he watches. Anyway I have the pictures if you want them or I can send a link to them. and Hope there is something there for you I would not have written except my son suggested it.

July 7, 2009
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Dear Michael Jackson,

You are beautiful in every phase of your evolution.  You have been able to wear it well -each of your changing faces - like a ‘becoming’. You always have good looks - from cute to handsome to intriguing to beautiful/handsome. Your life metamorphosis has been unique, your facial personas always appealing-handsome/beautiful/handsome - real. Never mind those who do not understand your ‘changeling’ desires.  Your expressions have always been ‘right on’, as Madonna could sing in  ‘vogue’,  Michael Jackson had great face.


We pray you Peace-'that passes all understanding', Joy-'beyond compare' and LOVE-'for the greatest of these is LOVE'. We thank you for all of these gifts, for you have personified them for us first,  and for every bit of your 'all', for all that you have given to the world, to humanity. We will be appreciating your awesome glow, your beaming aura of light that shall never be dimmed. You have achieved so, so much of all you dreamed of;  for the sake of self and spirit, for the world.  You & the Jackson family will forever be appreciated for all that you have shown us. It is true,” mere mortals" do not understand the complete depths of your intentions for goodness and LOVE. We Pray YOUR SPIRIT AND SOUL to be free, happy, at peace - and flying like the pan man-Peter Pan. Thank you for your presence in this world. With all my love, Divadru


July 7, 2009
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If only WE would have let him know how WE feel about him now that he's gone, WE would have given him the medicine his soul longed for. Why must WE wait for people to pass through OUR lives before WE begin the process of appreciation? In honor of all those who have become no more than a memory in OUR hearts let's welcome the process of appreciation NOW by expression of LOVE, COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, and RESPECT for one another. May Michael Jackson's kind, gentle, loving spirit live long in all of US. May his memories remind US all to take a better look at that man in OUR mirrors. May his BODY rest profoundly and his spirit shine forever more.

Thank You, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. CHEERS!!! Here's to Michael Jackson!

July 7, 2009
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First of all, I would like to congratulate all of the honest MJ fans who won tickets, may your memories of today stay with you for a lifetime!  This is what I have to say regarding Michael, his memorial and his supposed fans:


Inappropriate Scalping of Michael Jackson Memorial Tickets



This is in response to a guest who (as I've been told) appeared on The Today Show (as well as others who entered into the Michael Jackson Memorial lottery)and are unable to attend the memorial or had no intention of going and posted their tickets on e-bay and Craigslist’ with a starting bid of $1500 to as high as $15,000.  First of all if he knew he wouldn't be able to attend he shouldn't have submitted an entry.  He knowingly did it with the intent of  making a profit for something he did not pay for and by doing that he (and many others) took away the opportunity from other true Michael Jackson fans who were loving, devoted fans. Craigslist’ thankfully intervened and didn't allow users to sell

the tickets on their website after receiving complaints but as of yet, e-bay is still allowing the sales.

I feel the need to say that I am very hurt and disappointed that people are scalping tickets for which they were raffled for free so basically these people are making money off of Michael's passing and it P----- me off! I am a true Michael Jackson fan and would have been honored to be able to be there to give Michael a proper, final farewell.

I am a member of the Michael Jackson fan club and I am very sorry that there are people out there willing to make a buck on someone else's expense. Millions of

fans would had loved the opportunity to be there and share in this final tribute to Michael.

I live in Rhode Island and would have crossed the country to participate in this service to feel Michael's spirit and share with the world and show Michael how

much he is and always will be loved. I can just imagine how the Jackson family is feeling right now. These scalpers should be ashamed of themselves, benefiting

from someone else's grief.  I am really disgusted right now and want to shout it to the world.

I am only a few years younger than Michael and grew up with his music and I am not only sad that we lost a brilliant, loving caring, kind and gentle soul but

we lost the greatest entertainer ever. Even though I never had the opportunity to meet him, I feel like I lost a good friend. In fact, I would have been proud

to call him my friend.


How can you not love and respect Michael Jackson, the person, entertainer, father, friend, brother, son, etc.? He was kind and giving and gentle. He gave his ALL in everything he did in life, went above and beyond more than anyone elseI can think of besides, Mother Theresa,

and she was a Saint, and he never complained or expected anything in return. All he ever asked for was love and respect and he couldn't even get that. 

Michael was a hard working man who would give his last dime or the shirt off his back if he knew it would benefit someone else who was less fortunate than he. I

don't ask for much in life, I am happy with the simple things but my one and only wish was to meet this wonderful, beautiful man and I have lost the opportunity, not only due to his unexpected death but because people had no intentions of attending the memorial but entered the lottery anyways and it

breaks my heart. I have tears in my eyes because I feel like Michael is still being betrayed, condemned, disrespected and judged even after death and it just

isn't right.

All I can think of is that these scalpers are probably younger than I and think they are fans but if you are a true die-hard fan of Michael's and you have been

a fan for forty-something years and grew up and watched Michael and the Jackson 5 and followed them all of these years you would have never given a thought

about selling the tickets.


They are selfish and in my eyes not worthy of winning

this opportunity, in fact, they should be prosecuted like anyone else who scalps tickets for a financial gain and the tickets should be rescinded.

I have a lot of things in common with Michael so I have known all along where he was coming from and how he was feeling. I have suffered a lot of the same things he went through throughout his life and I feel a special connection with him and I know if I had been given the opportunity in my life, we would have been great friends.

I would have loved to have just sat with him and talked about life and things we've endured. No, I am not a star, just a normal person who suffered pain and

sorrow as a child, lived with being made fun of by others, isolated myself to protect my feelings and still until this day as an adult, I ask myself why? Why

do good, honest people have to suffer at the hands of others, what is the purpose in this cruelty and ignorance?

Michael, I love you with all of my heart and will miss you terribly. I am sorry for all of your pain and sorrow but I know you will finally have the peace of mind, respect and recognition you always wanted and deserved. No longer will you have to see and hear the condemnation, ridicule and ignorance of others. I truly

feel sorry for your family, especially your children, for you were taken from them far too soon and I believe you were "The greatest father whoever lived" and

I personally commend you for all that you have achieved and done in your lifetime and there will never be another like you.  You are truly special and appreciated.

May God bless you now as he did here on earth! My final wish is that your family somehow creates a place where your fans can go and remember you and tell you how much you were, are, and always will be loved and missed. I, for one, will be there!

Love Always,


Jo-Ann (your friend, your fan)


P.S. I will be there with you today in spirit!


July 7, 2009
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In Response to CarrieEva:


I do agree with you to some extent but some of your comments were unnecessary and uncalled for.  Michael, for one, was not a child molester and he was found NOT GUILTY on 14 counts and aquitted.  Second, you put conflicting information - you're for Michael on one hand and bashing him on the other.  Thirdly, his family is having a private funeral for Michael, whereas, today they are having a memorial for Michael's friends and fans.  There is a big difference.


Writing a memorial is a final sendoff of fond memories you have or had of a person and should be limited to that!  If you have something good to say, then fine, but if you are going to bash Michael, you might as well work for TMZ!


There will always be those opinionated, uneducated people who have no brains.  To bash someone after their death and to continually condemn them for something they were aquitted of just shows you how narrowe-minded you really are...


Michael's Loving Fan

July 7, 2009
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It is a sad loss to the entire world, and not just the world of music alone.

However we have heard from most entertainers on their thoughts emotions and feelings towards the late great Michael Jacksons passing.


Has anyone heard anything from his 80's rival Prince, and what is his take or feeling on the passing of Michael, and does he hope to partake in the ongoing farewell tribute to Michael in some way, shape or form?

July 7, 2009
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July 7, 2009
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My favorite Mike Jackson memory is him going to the LA County PO PO Station to have his PENIS Photographed.  The photo VERIFIED the 11 year old boys DECRIPTION of the 42 year old Mans PENIS.   Things that make you go Hmmmmm....

Mike Jackson shelled out PLENTY of MONEY to get out of that one.


News Flash: NONE of his children are his biologicaly.


I blame his dad.  Poor guy never had a chance, but that does not excuse him for his perversions.

July 7, 2009
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I would like to Thank the Jackson family and others for allowing his  millions of FANS to be apart of the memorial services

July 7, 2009
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I got to say that I did listen to MJ growing up but didn't idolize the man or entertainer as a living god like most idiots mourning his death.  I do have to say, get over it, he deserved his fate however tragic it was.  His remeberance will be in the trashbloids for years and the scandels will never end.  That is not the way I would have liked to be remembered.  The public has fueled this spectacle to be a circus show.  The State of California doesn't even want to support it because of the cost, I don't blame them.  I will do my part and shut off all company TV's, PC's and radios during the entire day so they cannot support this farce.

July 7, 2009
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I am from Lima -Peru, and I am so sad that I can`t believe the king of pop had died, me and my husband have grown up with his music, plus my husband is totally devasted because june 25th is his birthday...he never can forget that day , it was aterrible day for him; a years ago MJ was going to arrive here , Lima-Peru , we got tickets, we were so excited for that, but it never happened...I love music of MJ , now most, my 6 years old`s daughter love it too, she download the music from itunes, videos ,she dances away with them.

MJ always will be at our hearts, we´ll miss him, love you Jacko from Lima -Peru forever and ever.

July 7, 2009
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I want him back! Can we all just wake up from this nightmare? I hate the media reports for the part they played in leading Michael to believe that Americans were no longer on his side. That is absolutely not true. I am one of the many Americans who never believed Michael molested children. The world is evil and Michael was a true kind and special man. It was part of his innocence to show love towards children and people in general. Sometimes what’s allowed to take place in America is completely disgusting and should not be allowed. That case should have been kept secret unless he was found guilty. Too much ignorant information was release practically convicting him...but who am I? No one, just a 35 year old female from Philadelphia with tremendous love for Michael Jackson and I can also say I too care too much about people. This sort of mess hurts. To add, so what if Michael did some things to change his image! He was conditioned to believe he is not beautiful enough from childhood. People were not ready to wholeheartedly accept a black kid with a large nose of African figures. And we all know that. Not to the extent that Michael was accepted. I remember pictures of him as a child where the photographers would alter his nose before printing so that it would not look so big. Why do you think he felt unattractive? He had a fan base and had to give the people what they want. What other black artist has done what Michael has? Michael was well rounded and did all kinds of music. Artist such as the Beatles, Elvis Pressley, and Frank Sinatra were all great but they never brook barriers nor (as far I am aware of) did they transcend their music as Michael. Michael understood rock, R&B, hip-hop, classical, and music from all over the country. He incorporated that in many of his songs. I have to believe that Michael is in a better place and I pray to meet him when I get there. I UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON. I feel so much pain that he was never able to recover from what was done to him. It makes me feel “what the point to living, trying your best to raise your children properly and generally have concern and love for others. Many of times I wish that I could reach out to him, as I am sure others. Since he died I cannot stop crying and honestly I wake up every morning since then somehow chanting his name if only mentally. Hopefully I can get through this soon but I am simply just a sensitive individual. Michael is still so much alive to me and I cannot fathom this actuality that he is dead but I have no other choice. If feel as if someone is forcing me into a different religion that my heart do not have faith in. I am forced to accept but don’t feel it wholeheartedly. I know his family and friends are suffering and my prayers go out to them all.


Please understand that I love America and this no insult on Americans but just a thought on how things are conducted and the effect it has on people.


July 7, 2009
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OMG do any of you people work? Do you  have anything else going on in your lives beside obssessing over MJ???

July 7, 2009
Click to view Scamp's profile

I am so sick of the reports and topics being reported on about Micheal Jackson, CNN and other media are showing no respect for Michael. It is hard enough to cope with his death, on day like today who cares about who owns the never land ranch, and how it was lost..... If you can not say anything nice try saying nothing at all. What the public would like to see and know is MJ life as a father and how he goes about his daily life.... and just for the record African American and black people on a whole has always support MJ..... It is has always been the media who ripped him apart.


For God sake the Man is dead the least the media can do is try and be nice… and stop this discussion about him be white, and black people’s take on him.


I am so surprise of Anderson Copper and Larry King…(both of whom I had liked)  on some of the distasteful questions the constantly keep on asking. And Larry king’s comment about he don’t know why he was given an invitation…. I guest the Jackson family made a mistake and invited him 


During his life he was ripped to shreds and now in death …. Only in America


I do and always will love MJ


July 7, 2009
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It's really sad that a person with such a deplorable past reputation with kids and financial mess would receive such attention.  It shows just how shallow people have become over the years.  The worse people behave the more people love it.  But this is so pathetic that they would make a media event of drug overdose.  What is wrong with people.  This is so reminiscent of the O J mess.  People by the throngs did the same thing for him - REMEMBER!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

July 7, 2009
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response to savannah0104 and CarrieEva and the senator


What a bunch of sad people the entire bunch of you are.... I guest all of you did not grow up knowing if you can not say anything nice don't say anything at all..... The sad think, knowing the Michael I know despite what you all think and said of him after his death he would have still show you all respect and  love because that is what is was about

July 7, 2009
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I will never forget June 25th 2009. For me it was a day in which I felt like someone was playing a terrible hoax on me when the news reported that Michael Jackson had died. Even after watching the memorial service it is still hard to believe that Michael Jackson is gone.  Like millions of others, I can not remember a time in my life when there was not Michael Jackson. I have so many great childhood memories of listening to and dancing to Michael Jackson's music. My greatest wish for Michael is that he may have in eternity what he could not find on earth and that is peace. Michael, I never can say good-bye.

July 7, 2009
Click to view dezderia's profile

I have never suffered the loss of a close, loved one, knock wood. Now i know how that feels. from here in Dar-es-Salaam i have loved Michael all my life and have felt his magic live on stage in Europe, I cannot believe how utterly devastated i am.

July 7, 2009
Click to view explorermad's profile

Well all in all the song sung today at M J's memorial was sad because he left to soon but by his own hand because it was not God's will it was Mr Jackson's will. He was born in 1958 and I was born in 1953 and untill God calls me after I do what God has in his plan to do then it is up to him to take me. And we all will be in front of that white thrown to account what we did for him not what we think we did to get credit. As for Mr Jessie Jackson and Mr Al sharpton instead of doing God's work they have time to involve themselves in politics and all else but God's work 0.

July 7, 2009
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You know this Facebook things is really neat.. I like how we can all share in this moment together... Makes the world seem a little smaller today.. I'm glad to be a part of this with all of you.....

July 7, 2009
Click to view explorermad's profile

I agree with all that Carrie Eva has said Michael Jackson did alot but one thing he did not do is teach the young people not to abuse drugs. And another thing is that how do they have the nerve to ask us to donate money for this circus after many of us have no jobs, homes lost to for closure and still pay for this funeral that it is there responsibility to pay for. Since people are out of work then what other thing is there to do than attend a circus and then help pay for it. Ask Mr Obama to ask for a stimulus package so we have jobs noone would waste thier time going to a funeral circus if we would be all working.

July 7, 2009
Click to view explorermad's profile

Oh and before I forget it was a sadder day when Jesus died for us and we still ignore it. He said do not cry for the dead they are gone to wait for that day. But cry for those who are left and still alive.

July 7, 2009
Click to view RohitSharma's profile

What a fitting memorial ! just what the King deserved, I commend those who shared some anecdotal accounts of their personal experience with this most charitable man, alluding to those (in the media and particularly the tabloids) who were bent upon tarnishing his entire life, career and integrity for lots of $$$, we know what they did with Princess Diana and others. Without the "proof" we may never know the "truth" about the allegations but one thing is clear that he was not just the greatest entertainer ever but the most charitable ever too, more than $3,000,000 donated from the Dangerous tour alone and so much more he did for various charities and causes, including Aids, Africa etc..

GOODBYE MICHAEL..... goodbye.

July 7, 2009
Click to view explorermad's profile

Rohitsharma do not let the left hand know what the right hand does and puff your self up and tell the world what Micheal did or did not do God will ask good but what did you do for my sake.

July 8, 2009
Click to view Chavious's profile

Michael, you will truly be missed but God makes no mistakes. You are in a much better place now. May you rest in peace. We love you.

July 8, 2009
Click to view Tunk1979's profile

I'm not trying to say that Micheal wasn't a great performer he was. But he also had a lot of problems & alot people that hated him. For the past couple years it seemed when you turned on the tv there was something on about him and alot of it was very negeitive saying that he was a Child molestor, he was Weird, or people calling him Wacko jacko. Where were all these people before he died saying how much they loved him and backing him up in his corner defending him?. I mean the ones that truley loved him not just trying to make a quick buck. I am a fan of Michaels and will always be. The media loves to play both sides of the fence one day they are bashing him on tv and when he dies they say the love him? More & more i am disgusted how people can treat one another in this world.

July 8, 2009
Click to view getreal12's profile

Why is everyone treating him like an icon. Yes he was a great artist but has everyone forgot about how sick this guy really was. I am embarresed as an american to know how many people came out to morn this guy. All news stations should be ashamed of there morals. When is this going to stop and the real americans stand up and use there freedom of speech to speak out against this kind of behavior. Lets morn the men and women who gave there lives defending our country instead of some sick sick man. 

July 8, 2009
Click to view getreal12's profile

  To Chavious, Your right god makes no mistakes that's why he will burn in hell for what he has done to children during his lifetime. He may of bought his way out of trouble and prison time but god now will provide the punishment he well deserves. 

July 9, 2009
Click to view Wolfonnie's profile

Michael was not only a icon but he was Gods child and he try to do gods work and stop all this racist garbage ,he was innocent of all charges of a all white jury.He just had a giving heart and wanted to take all the hurt from all sick or abused children because of his childhood and he had the means to do it, and  greedy people seen a way to make alot of money and tarnish the place he loved so much and where he was a peace with himself. I HOPE AND PRAY THAT HIS FAMILY WILL LET HIM REST THERE .Because it don,t matter what all of these so called Freinds, Reporters Congressman, Etc, it will be Michael,S FAMILY AND BILLIONS OF FANS HONORING him.  He did more for his people than the Great  DR. Martin Luther King or any civil rights group.and did more for all races than anyone has every done or will ever do.Just name one person that tryed to help ( All Races) and gave more money to the needy than anyone has ever done!!! he bridge the gap for people to love each other.GOD BLESS YOU MICHAEL JACKSON.AND HE WILL REST IN PEACE EVEN THOUGH YOU MONEY GRUBBERS OR GOING TO KEEP GRUBBING !!!!MICHAEL WILL ALWAYS BE LOVED.

December 4, 2009
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December 21, 2009
January 12, 2010
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January 18, 2010
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February 11, 2010
I will never forget June 25th 2009. For me it was a terrible day when the news reported that Michael Jackson had died. I would like to personally thanks the Jackson family and others for allowing his millions of FANS to be apart of the jakson funeral. We all love you Jakson. World will never forget your gift which you have given to millions of people through your songs. apartments
April 14, 2010
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April 17, 2010
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