Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Hey, remember the '80s?

Dude. The '80s were totally awesome. The hair, the leg warmers, the late John Hughes' teen flicks.


iReporter Jamie Silva, username MyKindOfTown , grew up in southern California, but dreamed of leaving the sun and surf behind for the idyllic middle-America town of Shermer, Illinois. He wanted to move to this semi-fictional Chicago suburb (really called Northbrook) and live the life of the characters from the Hughes films he loved. You might recognize Shermer from movies such as "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "The Breakfast Club."


As luck would have it, his eventual wife was from Chicago and attended Glenbrook North High School, which is the same high school that Hughes attended and the Shermer High School from Hughes' films. So MyKindOfTown moved to Chicago and recently got married. As the newlyweds consider a new home together, they plan to buy a house in Northbrook. MyKindOfTown says it's a wonderful place to live and he's excited about moving there.


We're thrilled that he shared his story on iReport.com as a tribute to Hughes, including photos of the Save Ferris water tower (minus the text) and the infamous steps of Glenbrook North . He also sent a picture of himself in the 1980s for a little contrast. You know how we love those old snapshots. Take a look at his iReports, bask in the memories and share your own either in the comments area below or as an iReport. We can't wait to hear your memories and stories.

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