Monday, August 31, 2009
'It looked like an atom bomb'

The Station Fire in Southern California creeps towards the Rose Bowl over the weekend. The fire covers 45,000 acres so far, and it's only 5 percent contained. "A tragic scene," says talsterlind of the photo she captured.


"It looked like an atom bomb," said MarieSager in Los Angeles. She saw these great plumes of smoke reaching up past the clouds on August 29. Now, she says, there's so much smoke that she can barely see when she goes outside. Her neighborhood is under advisory to stay indoors as much as possible.


The fire burns ominously above La Cañada Flintridge, California, on the night of August 28. California's famed Santa Ana winds have yet to start blowing, so firefighters are puzzled as to why the fire is spreading so quickly. marybetht thinks the hot, dry weather has something to do with it: "It has been scorching, over 100 degrees, all week," she said.


Power lines stand in the fire's path on August 27 in Los Angeles. Now, the fire is approaching a bevy of communications towers, from radio and TV towers to fire and police communication equipment. If those towers burn, it could have major consequences for both officials' ability to fight the fire and public safety. Pixievision stayed out in the smoke taking pictures like this one "until the ash started falling into my eyes."


Once again, iReporters are enhancing CNN's coverage of a breaking news event. We're continually impressed by your talents (and our weather unit keeps gushing about how incredible these photos are!). Please stay safe!

August 31, 2009
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I took a picture and posted it, it looked like a volcano erupting to me.  Check it out.

August 31, 2009
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reachel8 thanks

September 7, 2009
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Well I’ve also seen this to some local news report and feeling sorry for the fire victims. Just imagine how much cash advance they will surely need to build there properties from coal and ashes to regain back its solidity and beauty. I just hope South California community leaders and government will help their people. Let’s be more careful and try to check your house for fire safety tools to prevent fire.
September 8, 2009

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November 11, 2009
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These pictures are really scary, this dark cloud really looks like an atom bomb cloud...terrible!
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December 4, 2009
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December 21, 2009
March 6, 2010
It's a good reminder of what it's like in an atomic bomb. Hope we will do all we can to stop another atomic bomb. Hypnosis
March 16, 2010
April 3, 2010
April 14, 2010
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April 17, 2010
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April 17, 2010
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