Monday, September 14, 2009
Same event, different iReports

You might think that two iReporters covering the same event would come up with pretty much the same iReports... But you’d be wrong.  BLAKEINHOU and EWillies1961 both attended one of the many tea parties put on by conservative activists on Saturday, but they approached their coverage in distinct ways and ended up with two very different stories. (View photo gallery)

BLAKEINHOU, who had attended an earlier tea party back in April, was taken by the preponderance of American flag imagery at this one, including a red-white-and-blue drink being served at the bar. He shared some very colorful images of the event in Alief, Texas.

EWillies1961, who has been outspoken in support of President Obama’s policies, had recently attended a health care rally where both sides were present. This time, he shared videos showing highlights of the tea party and interviewed many of the attendees, including an unemployed veteran and unverified descendants of Daniel Boone. He challenged them on some of their beliefs, especially on health care reform, but the conversations were very civil, and in some cases, he found common ground with them.

It’s great to see how iReporters can give a different take on the same event. If you’re attending an event at the same time as other iReporters, let us know (and don’t forget to say hello to your iReport colleagues)!

(Special thanks to ChrisMorrow for alerting iReporters to the event.)

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