Tuesday, February 23, 2010
The bread and butter of iReport


With all the assignments we have on CNN iReport, and all the great stories shared, we were reminded that the crux of what we do comes down to great storytelling. An iReport from first-time submitter acraigsnyder exemplified the spirit of what we do. He was on vacation when he heard about a fire at Philadelphia International Records. The label is known for recordings in the 1970s and 1980s.


"I was out around 6 a.m. walking around taking pictures, and saw a fire truck go by and went over and got involved in the scene. I stayed inside the fire line and just shot photos for about an hour."


The photos he submitted almost speak for themselves, telling the story from start to finish. CNN affiliate WPVI reports that arson is suspected in the blaze. Fire officials told the Philadelphia Inquirer it was “a little suspicious.” The paper also reported that the recording studio, once used by Patti LaBelle and Teddy Pendergrass, was undamaged right down to the shag carpet.


"The fire wasn't bad when I arrived; it was just smoke coming out of a third story window. When I got there, there was a guy leaning out of the window. The guy was helping him but was doing more harm than good. The guy did escape and had some lacerations on his forearm, and I read later that the fire was indeed suspicious."


acraigsnyder's high-quality photos, skilled storytelling and great quotes inspired us and we hope he will inspire you, too. So if you see news near you, share your story with CNN iReport.

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