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Just about any time you turn on CNN you’re bound to see iReports. They’re part of the way CNN tells stories from around the world. Today, for example, CNN International is showing iReports from Warsaw  about the ways people are mourning the Polish president. And on, iReports about bikes in a church, a dramatic apartment fire in New York and a flash mob of dancers in downtown Seattle dot the homepage.


But lately we’re also seeing CNN television shows build regular iReport segments into their plans. Here are a few of the times and places you can count on seeing iReports on TV:


John King USA
John King asks you to make your case on issues in the news. Each Monday the show announces a new challenge, and then plays some of the persuasive and interesting iReports in the show on Friday.

Where and when: CNN, Fridays at 7 p.m. ET

How you can be part of it: Upload a short video making your case on the issue of the week. Complete details »

Morning Express
Every day host Robin Meade shares a message to military troops serving abroad in a regular segment called "Salute to Troops."

Where and when: HLN, weekday mornings from 6-10 a.m. ET. The "Salutes” usually air at 10 minutes after the hour.

How you can be part of it: Post your own salute to those serving abroad on iReport. Complete details »


World One
The World One show on CNN International is all about the day’s news from all over the planet. Every day the show plays a time-lapse video from a different part of the world, and many of them start on iReport.

Where and when: Weekdays at 2130 CET, 1930 GMT on CNN International

How you can be part of it: Share your own timelapse. Complete details »


iReport for CNN
Once a month on CNN International, there’s a whole show dedicated to iReport. You can catch it on the third Thursday of the month on CNN International. Check the showpage for complete showtimes and past episodes

April 14, 2010
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Woaow that's the begin of fame... ;-)

April 26, 2010
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I want to comment about immigration. I am an African American that lives in South Texas. I am tired that our tax paying dollars are going towards illegal immigrants that are benefiting on welfare, public housing, food stamps and full medical help through Medicaid or the local county hospitals. They are getting jobs at some of our well known companies like Wal-Mart and can not speak a word of English. I am tired of going to a store and am in need of help and the workers just look at you like you are crazy because they can not understand you. They are getting all the construction and retail jobs and are getting paid over $10 an hour. They are so many places in every city where they can go and purchase a birth certificate and social security card as little as $100. Please do not be fool they are not getting or taking low paying jobs. They are just taking jobs from Americans.

May 5, 2010
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Safety versus security. It is the airline's

responsibility to take care of the safety however the government should and must be responsible for the security. Yes the airline can help, however if the control by TSA were done via scanning the documents the passenger can be stopped before he gets to the gate and most of all before he boards the plane. The TSA employees should be provided with scanners which could

verify the boarding pass against the ID through as well as verify if the passenger is on the no fly list or not.

May 6, 2010
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Say Tony,  on 24 Apr. 10  I was stop by Birmingham Finest  on my way home,on 20/59. They tried just about everything illegal ( talk about legal CROOKS ). When one lie didn't  work, they came with another.  So  they started saying well u got WARRANTS!!!  Arrested me,my wallet came in two  to three different cars,illegal searched, harass and made threats to me, phone hacked in to,went through all my personnel income taxes, car sent to the pound, they broke my hearing aids,lost over six hours away from my family for a no just reason, they never told me what  the warrants were for, they did not read me my rights,the WARRANTS got lost or they couldn't  fine them at the jail so they charged me with DISORDERLYCONDUCT anyway ( talk about super cops) !   But Tony, through it all I never lost my praIse !!! And would like legal directions if possible .Thanks !!! 

May 11, 2010
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