Friday, June 04, 2010
CNN + iReporters = Better oil disaster coverage

The oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico affects hundreds of miles of coastline and countless lives. We asked you to help us cover this important story and have gotten a tremendous response.


iReporters were on the scene within hours of the deadly Deepwater Horizon explosion  and have shared photos and videos as the gloppy, toxic mess washed ashore. This is a powerful resource that is helping CNN capture the scope of this disaster as well as the dread that so many Gulf Coast residents are feeling.


We've also checked out iReporters' creative solutions for stopping the leak and cleaning up the oil, and shared their anger about the way the spill has been handled.


When we get reports of oil sheen, tar balls or sick and dead wildlife, we send them to CNN producers who are tracking the spill and can compare the information to the latest data from the government, BP and our teams in the field. In some cases, CNN has sent crews to investigate iReporters' stories and do additional reporting. Once we confirm an iReport, we'll include that information in CNN's coverage. When we get interesting information about an iReport, we'll share it here in the blog and add a producer note, so you will know what we know.

June 4, 2010
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If they really want to plug the hole it should be easy to just drop the drill bit into the hole for about a half mile. then gradually increase the diameter of the bit until it gets stuck. The pressure would not be able to push the bit out, but against the sides of the bit. Plus the shear length and overall weight of the bit should be sufficient to completely stop the flow.  I suspect that they don't really want to lose the well and the oil it contains. In the long run, I would guess that the overall expense compared to the value ,they are making a big ,costly mistake.

June 4, 2010
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Don't know where to mention this, just another idea to pick up the oil.

how about using vacuum trucks that clean sewers. put them on a small barge and get in close to shore or out in the deep water and sucks up the oil. So it messes up a truck!! BP can afford a few of them.

June 4, 2010
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Lets unbolt the flange with the same machine that bolted it in the first place, and remove the blownout pipe section and remove the upper flange thats attached to the bottom flange.  Take a 12" open valve with a flange on it, and four bolt it to the bottom flange, tighten the 4 bolts, then shut the valve off. 

Problem solved.  After this is done, BP--- you can start cleaning up the entire Gulf of Mexico.    

June 4, 2010
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RB, I am not a conspiricy theorist or anthing. First off, I totally agree with your idea...actually been thinking the same exact thing.  However, I don't think BP really wants to cap the well.  Every idea they have used revolves around one thing: Getting that oil to a tanker.  It is obvious that they are not worried about the coast or the animals and people involved, they want that oil!  I guess this is just another "cost of doing business."

June 5, 2010
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For the locals in southern Louisiana I understand the need for some type of aid. But I don’t think the government should have to pay. Unlike Hurricane Katrina this is not a NATURAL DISASTER. It is a MAN MADE DISASTER, meaning the man or men responsible for the disaster (BP and their contractors) should be the ones to pay. The only things I believe the government is obligated to do is police the situation and insure EPA, MMS and other environmentalist agencies do their jobs properly. And if the government does help with the maintenance of the Gulf than they should charge BP for their services; as well as insuring BP accommodates the southern Louisiana fishing industries lost of wages. Then when or if BP goes bankrupt let them plea for a bail out…    

June 5, 2010
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  why don't the goverment take the feema trailors let volunteers com in and work this mess.  people would love to help but can't afford a place to stay.  they could put their name on a list and let them know they may be staying with someone they don't know and give them assignments. laying  straw along the beach would help slow it down.  thank brenda

June 5, 2010
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Hello My name is Akshayev Bekniyaz, I'ma oil and gas engineer. I have a idea for stop the oil spill in Mexico gulf. I sent my idea to BP and Deepwater Horizon response but no one chat with me.

I give a promises that my idea will successful, just give me a chance.

Pleas contact me, don't waste a time. 

June 5, 2010
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I feel that its a lot deeper than people think, I have being around the offshore for, discrimination among other un=fair  over 15 years. i have seen many incidents, spills, dumping among other things it would very hard to tell anyone because 9/10 u will be fired even if u would try to speak up then u will be fired and  black ball. its hard for u to say anything do to getting fired. mms they dont really inspect alot of times they jus sit in the oim office and talk then leave

June 6, 2010
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June 6, 2010
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What will happen when a hurricane happens in the golf.


BP is probably looking forward towards that happening and having mother nature push the oil inland and spread it out so as they won't have to clean up the mess.  That is why BP is stalling in their efforts to clean up. That is why BP is stalling to stop the flow and that is why they are still trying to collect the oil daily.  Every barrel collected from the well is one more barrel to their profit.  Think about it

June 7, 2010
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Between accidental oil spills in the gulf and deliberate polluting of the Pacific west coast, marine life doesn't have a chance!

After researching gray whale migrations following the recent wave of apparent starvation deaths, it became clear to these whale watchers what is probably happening. Since the beginning of time these massive creatures migrated along our coast feeding in and out of estuaries on mud and ghost shrimp. Today however, a powerful and greedy Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association somehow acquired a free pass since 1964 to chemically eradicate shrimp in Willapa Bay and Grays harbor, Wa. The shrimp populations have been decimated to near extinction! Take two large estuaries out of the equation and, well, your getting the pictures!(5 DEAD WHALES IN A WEEK)

Here's the kicker; The Wa state Department of Ecology is still giving out permits to aerial spray carbaryl for more shrimp control! PLEASE RESEARCH! We are not making this up! Save a whale and possibly yourself, DON'T EAT CHEMICAL FLAVORED OYSTERS! Oil flavored or chem-flavored?



June 7, 2010
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I sent in a "Funnel Plug" design (minus the methanol hoses, as it wasn't known THEN that ice crystals would from)to BP's website on 4/23/2010 and again on 5/20/2010, you have to give your name and other contact info etc., as well as designs. My design (a rough draft) would have already 'FULLY SEALED AND CONTAINED' the oils, and gases weeks ago. I've looked at many web sites on the history of the topcap/hat design and it appears it was jus rushed 'out of the blue' idea that lead to the thing being used (while fluids continue to pollute)just for this spill. BP has STOLEN my design(it's not even being used in the proper location), changed it's name from (Funnel Plug, to Top Hat/Cap), and cannabalized it to to be the 'failing' cap that is being used. So please BP perhaps you should go into your idea website, and send me my check for my design. I cleary stated on it a price to be paid if used in whole or in part. You are obviously 'using' my idea, but in the 'wrong' demensions, and location.

June 7, 2010
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Gulf Coast look Back to the Exxon Spill for insight of the future!


As the oil spews from the Gulf Coast oil disaster, people, businesses & fishermen should look back at what happened in Alaska, during and after the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The templates for litigation, public relation & payouts....along with efforts have already been written in stone.


It took 20 years for the many court cases to transcend the the appeals and charges of big oil.  Every obstacle imaginable to stall or dilute was used by highly paid lawyers, while the funds of complainants dwindled.


When the time came to pay-up for the disaster, it had been reduced to a trickle by bureaucratic red tape. Many of the complainants had died or settled for less.


June 7, 2010
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The question is, will this idea work?  As you can see no one will answer this, I wonder why.  Here

is who I have sent this idea to, and none of them have replied.  On May 15, 2010, June 1, 2010, and again on June 4, 2010, I sent out to B.P. (Deep Water Horizon) a plan to cap the oil well.  I also sent it out to Fox

News Room on June 4, 2010.  I also sent it out to CNN New Room and Anderson 360, on June 4, 2010.  I would like for the two largest News programs FOX & CNN, to put this out to B.P. or at least asked someone who knows about drilling oils wells if this idea would work.  To this date 6-7-2010, more than 22 days ago no one has advised me that this procedure would not or could not work.  Like the President said, “Plug the dam hole.”  This plan is to make/or design a Kevlar Balloon or bladder made of rubber 2" to 4" thick and  to coat the outside with kevlar.  Using the material kevlar would do two things, kevlar is cut-proof, tear-proof, and could be designed to be flame resistant.  The kevlar balloon or bladder approximate size: 100' to 50' long, and have baffles inside of it every 10' to 5', and 2" to 6" thick.  The dimensions can be changed to fit this procedure/and application.  Remember this is just an idea, and I am not an engineer.  My idea is to cap and to stop the leak.  The baffles inside the balloon or bladder create compartments that could be filled with gas, air, or a liquid.  Taking into consideration that it (the kevalr balloon or bladder) will be submerged at a depth of one mile or more.  The kevlar balloon or bladder would have attached or mounted to it, a tri-pod clamp on the end of the balloon or bladder going into

the casing/pipe that can be opened and closed.  This end would be the first part to be inserted inside the

casing/pipe.  The clamp would have rubber attachments to the end of it so that it can be secured and opened and closed to the inside of the casing/pipe.  The clamp when opened will create an anchor for the balloon or bladder to the inside of the casing/pipe, so that it could be inflated.  The clamp is needed due to the flow and pressure of oil coming out of the casing/pipe.  Once inflated inside the casing/pipe it would stop the flow of oil.  This idea is like using a cork in a wine bottle.  The kevlar balloon or bladder would be placed into the casing/pipe using the ROV (remote operated vehicle).  B.P. (Deep water horizon) has already cut the casing/pipe, and all we need to do now is to insert the kevlar balloon or bladder inside the casing/pipe  and inflate it to cut off the oil leak.  I have the drawings

and diagram of the balloon/bladder.  This will work.  I can not believe this has gone on so long, and

I sent this out on May 15, 2010.  Once we have stopped the leak.  The relief wells already being drilled

can utilized while we put our efforts and ideas into capping the well head for GOOD.  This idea is better than any of the ones they have tried and are doing

now.  They are attempting to capture the oil and bring it to the top.  The utilize oil ships to bring the oil

to port.  Their idea is about money $$$$$, they don't want to cap the well because if they cap it, they will

not be able to re-open it or dill near this site again because of all of what has already happened.  My plan will work.  Kicker of this is, I was watching CNN this morning (5:30a.m.) at work and I saw where CNN was doing an interview with a very young female (She has an idea to stop the oil leak) and during the interview she presented an idea to B.P. which was similar to mine.  But I have not even gotten a response from them, and I

e-mailed them on May, 15, 2010, 22 days ago.  The B.P. people asked her where she got the idea.  She advised them (B.P.) that it was her idea.  No one at B.P. has

mentioned mine idea.  Maybe it is because I am not a Prdige or celebrity like her.  Or maybe it is because my idea is to stop the leak and her idea is to contain it and continue refining the oil.  I am just someone trying to stop the leak.  Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.  Rey Garcia, Beaumont, Texas.   June 7, 2010  7:15 p.m.         

June 7, 2010
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I am a SEMA award winning designer, and 4 weeks ago I designed a clamp/valve that will stop the leak in the gulf.  I have designed and made a scaled down prototype of my clamp,  which could be dropped down to the preventer by cable from a ship, and the ROV's could guide the back half of the clamp so that the stop groves align on each side of the flange, just below the 22 inch pipe that was recently cut off.  Once the clamp is aligned, an ROV would turn and tighten the bolt on the clam which would bring both sides in alignment and locking groves on the clamp to both sided of the flange.  On the inside of the clamp there would be a rubber seal which would seal around the outside of the flange when the clamp was tightened, where the clamp would seal off all the oil completely, and the clam would be so tight to the flange that it would not be able to move.  Once the clamp is tight, then the flow valve at the top could be shut off, which would stop the leak completely, or the valve could be opened in-order to transfer oil to a tanker.  Either way, this clamp design would seal off the leak completely.

June 7, 2010
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im robert from canada,u really think bp going to stop leak until new well is drilled.if they stop leak government wont allow them to keep pumping,when new well is finished they will say we need to keep pumping to keep pressure off damaged well.there not going to lose this well .ps america hows canada dirty oil looking now

June 8, 2010
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cant they pump oxygen down there and burn the oil as it comes out?

June 8, 2010
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What about a large balloon type item that would fit and seal around the tip of the oil pipe,(made out of some type of material that could withstand heat,ice,etc....maybe some kind of material that they have used in space?). this day and age...there would be such material? The Balloon could have an attached hose from the top of the balloon where the oil could be released up to the oil platform to be dispersed accordingly. I think the balloon would give the oil a little more breathing room to get to the hose to escape more smoothly..instead of trying to put such a small cap on it all at once! Think about it...

June 8, 2010

I wish MORE i-reporters would go to the gulf coast and shoot video. I would love to go to Biloxi, Miss and do some filming.. Too bad I don't have the funds:(

June 8, 2010
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First thing we have to do is tell BP this is OUR country and you've been lying from day 1 about the spill so they can drill the other wells and use it to make more profits, that's the whole story in a nut shell,

They even have the audacity to spend over $50 Million in damage control propaganda and are on one mission, to stall us from becoming so outraged, that results in getting us off our butts and start marching and protesting so our representatives can SEE our anger instead of all these useless posts on the internet. We helped stop the war in Vietnam so if we had been in the streets since week one of this spill we'd be seeing a different scenario right now. I'm amazed that people in Iran protest in public knowing full well they will be arrested and executed for treason ! Have we become so lame that we can't even fight anymore for our rights which have eroded over the past three decades ?


1 - BP should be taking orders, and the FCC should ban their advertising.

2 - STOP adding toxic dispersant to the ocean. It's going to wind up as rain that will fall over us all and our water supplies especially in the fall hurricane season.

3 - Look for the videos show using skimmer boats at the source, hay and organic compounds we see every day on the news that work to soak up the oil and then can be collected and used as another source of energy and floats so it will gather in the gulf to be picked up when found.

4 - Don't relent until we start finding and holding   those responsible accountable, even former government leaders. Why won't the Supreme Court allow it's citizens to know what Cheney and the oil company executives met for 100 days in 2001?

June 8, 2010
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There is an extreme conflict of interest in BP's involvement in the oil spill "clean-up."  Their priority is obviously recapturing as much $$$ as possible.  Their goal from the beginning has been how to retrieve the oil, NOT how to stop it from flowing into the Gulf.  Decades of damage have already been done.  The government should recruit any and all parties to STOP the flow, not those trying to make a profit.  The fact that BP has denied the formation of plumes; and now has bought Yahoo and Google search terms having to do with oil spills, should give us a hint that they are NOT going to do or say anything that will not put money in their pockets.  God help us all.

June 8, 2010
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   This old guy has been around the block a few times and it makes me wonder why there isn't as much attention to corraling the oil at the source instead of worrying about cleaning-it-up when it gets to the open water and beaches.

   I know there are flexible pipes/hoses available. Take one of these...slightly larger than the well-head, place one end over the well-head and "ALL" the oil will go to the surface for collection.

June 8, 2010
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   Maybe I missed something on todays news but I saw a up-date across the bottom of the CNN screen that said, "bp bought Google". If this is true and we all know the millions of dollars exchanged.... Why ?, when very little $$ has made it to the fisherman, businesses and folks that are sick from the oil ?.

June 8, 2010
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Lets KISS the oil leak.....

A custom over sized flexible fire hose clamped over the well head, opened and none restricted at the ocean surface. The oil can then be vacuumed, and contained in one safe and manageable area, away from the coast and fishing areas. Could it be that simple?

June 8, 2010
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In ordinary circumstances, when soil conditions are such that the weight of a proposed structure cannot be supported, one effective solution has been cryogenic stabilization.  This involves circulating a refrigerant through the unstable soil to freeze it. Applying this to the GOM spill would obviously present novel technological and logistical problems.


Injecting a pair of smaller pipes (U-shaped) to some depth into the present well bore and circulating refrigerant through them might have a chance of solidifying the outflow mix and stifling the leak. The injection riser would need heavy insulation - probably the least of the potential difficulties here.  Once the flow is interrupted the well bore below the frozen section could be cemented. 


Disclaimer -- I am not an engineer!

June 8, 2010
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Before the disaster we then and still consume oil. We enable companies like BP to do what they are doing. We are all responsible. Everyone should stop pointing fingers and work together to find the sollution fast.

June 8, 2010
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Jeff Stephenson, senior construction Mgr. with 40 years in the Petrochemical industry, observed, in a Letter to the Editor in today's The Commercial Appeal Memphis, that BP is not an expert in cleaning up oil spills, but that there are two U.S. Companies which are: Boots and Coots and Wild Well Control.  Both specialize in capping blowouts, yet neither has been consulted. Stephenson also points out that the use of local fishermen to place oil flotation booms is gimmicky window-dressing. BP owns many pipe laying barges which could much more efficiently place the booms. Finally, Stephenson asks if anyone has reviewed the materials used to build the rig, which must comply with ASTM International Standards. ASTM A106 pipe is used for most installations, but ASTM A333, a much thicker pipe (and much more expensive) should be used for very deep water.  This is a guy you should get on camera.  He seems very knowledgeable and ready to throw BP under the bus.




June 8, 2010
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Have not had the time to read all of these good ideas, plus add mine to this growing list.  No, I am not going to add mine because CNN only reports what they want and will make them MONEY.  Just another MONEY hungry company out there like BP is doing.


An idea put forth by "topflite13" and passed all over to some that should have listened.  Problem is they are all deaf and do not want to read long explanations.  The only additional suggestion that should have been placed in "topflite13's" report is "make a cap that would fit over the flange where the two pipes are connected and that would anchor the bladder of rubber/Kevlar to the well head with a rubber seal."  Also have a line that will handle the amount of flow from there to the surface so that they (BP) can capture the crude.


BP, British Petroleum, should be removed from this disaster and NOT Washington but our local oil companies take over.

June 8, 2010
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As I watch CNN I get more and more pissed off. How is it that BP can do this to are water and are land without doing everything they can to stop the oil? Why isn't BP's CEO's helping clean off the oil covered land, birds, water and everthing else that is being fucked up due to BP oil spilling out an amout that none of us can even fathom. This is only killing are planet faster than ever but also the future of everything it comes in contact. We should get mad, get pissed and get answers that get results!

June 8, 2010
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I saw on CNN today, that the BP Corporation his hiring unemployed workers to help clean up the oil spill. I spent over an hour trying to apply. No such item listed. I also found out that only the states that being effected will hire people there thru the state unemployment office. I live in Tennessee and was willing to go there for work. But can not. I do not live in the right state, even tough, BP said they are hiring. I need a job badly since my layoff in September 2009.

June 8, 2010
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I have yet to hear any one state an obvious event that is extremely likely to occur.  What happens when a Hurricane hits the oil spill?  It is the start of Hurricane season and there is a significant chance a Hurricane will hit the oil spill as it moves through the Gulf of Mexico.  I realize at this point there is nothing that can be done to prevent the chance of this happening, but I am interested in the effects that would occur from this event.  If any one has any knowledge about how weather patterns work in Hurricanes and whether there is a possibility of the oil raining from above I would be interested in hearing about it.  Also is it possible for the oil to ignite from lightning and rain down fire?  That would be a sight.

June 9, 2010
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  If they would insert a rod, with a pontoon shaped balloon mounted to it, lead by a colapsable barb, to keep the oil from pushing it out.  And then carefully inflate it. The oil would stop.



June 9, 2010
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I dont see why they cant drop a hose and fill it up with concrete. instead of mud . Bp seems to be more concerned with cosmetic ,( cleaning beaches and wildlife ... ) than with getting to the root of the problem. Do they intend on salvaging this rig? I cant figure out why the president is just on the side lines letting bp run the show still after this long. Im seeing few efforts to actually stop the spill, its heartbreaking.

June 9, 2010
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The reason that BP has not implemented any ideas is that they do not want to cap the well and shut off all production from it. I had a idea that I submitted  to the BP suggestion line for the last 2 weeks, about a duel (side -by-side) shutoff valve and as I suspected, no response. (I think they all end up in file 13, waste basket) This is the step-by-step procedure that maybe one of the news anchors can forward if they read this.**(1)-Remove the cutoff piece of pipe at the flange. (2)-Install a double (side-by-side) shutoff valve to the lower pipe flange. If a single (double valve) unit is not available to mate with the lower pipe flange, one can be made by using a short "Y" connector pipe the same diameter as the lower pipe. (3) A shutoff would be installed on both sides of the "Y" connector prior to installation of the pipe. (4) Next the shutoffs would be in the open position, and be lowered down on to the lower pipe using the proper seal between the flanges, and secured together. (5) next, slowly close the valve on one side. Once closed, the distribution pipe can be installed to the top of the valve and extended to the surface. (6)Once to the surface, that valve can be fully opened, and start sending all of the oil to the surface. The opposite side will then be closed and the distribution pipe installed. Once completed, "ALL, yes ALL" of the oil will be sent to the surface, and only then will progress be made on the cleanup.  With this repair in place, BP will have the best of both worlds. They will have the oil stopped, they will benefit from having the profits of all of the collected oil, which will probably more than what their penalties will be, and once again their generous bonuses will flow among their CEOs and management. I hope that when they get their bonus checks that they will be reminded of the many people whose lives were completely devastated by the spill. The environment, birds, fish, and other wildlife completely destroyed for many years to come .*******BP- PLEASE TELL ME WHY THIS REPAIR WILL NOT WORK!!! P.S.- You will have the oil stopped, you will get the profits from ALL of the oil. ***NOTE: WILL SOME NEWS ANCHOR WITH A PAIR PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO BP

June 9, 2010
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Where are all the stars and big businesses that usually make headlines by donating to causes?  With the oil spill it seems to be the "little people" who are trying to help or really small businesses like that's giving profits to help with the Gulf cleanup.

June 9, 2010
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I submitted what I feel is a clear solution to plugging the well by capturing a junk shot, but after listening to James Cameron on Larry King, where he revealed the pressures are 18,000 psi and stopping the flow would create other problems, I am willing to bet the blow out preventer and casing are not designed to withstand these pressures. This makes me think the reason why there is a 6 month hold on deep well drilling may be to address the equipment in place right now and what pipe schedules and equipment need to incorporated for further wells. There is a huge difference from the early pressures discussed at 2,200 psi and the 18,000 James Cameron mentioned. Don't forget, he had said he had solutions to stopping the flow, but seemed to no longer be mentioning them anymore. What surprises me is there are no reporters digging into this pressure issue. I think it would open many eyes to the dangers of deep well drilling. I do like the idea of sending down drills increasing in size. 

June 9, 2010
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I work in the nuclear industry and wonder why the government has not turned to us. The nuclear industry has technology and expertise second only to NASA and we specialize in underwater robotic repair. Entergy corp in Louisiana is one of the largest nuclear utility with direct ties to the industry. It is true we donot have equipment thousands of feet under the water but our repairs often have to be innovative and always perfect given the consequences of failure.

June 9, 2010
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Ken,I am not a reasident of the golf coast,but I would like to know what happened with the sea food that was caught two to three days after this spill,and is there any way to know if the food has been sold,and has it been checked for contamination. And if anyone knows, what region of the US may this sea food appear?

June 9, 2010
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Although I am very pleased to hear that more and more barrels are being sucked up from the gushing pipe each day, I have not heard how many barrels are being scooped up out of the sea or on the shore. BP said that they have 1000 boats and I am sure the US government and army have even more that would be capable of sucking it up from the top of the sea. Why are they not doing this? All I see are a few booms and people dipping their hands or a stick in puddles! Simple question - how many barrels have been recovered from the sea's surface?

June 9, 2010
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I'd like to see videos of all the wells - are they all "leakfree"?

June 9, 2010
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Why is there NOTHING on the Spill Response Group Holland not being summoned to help out? NPR has the story, but CNN WON'T touch it? This is a major screw-up on the response effort towards clean-up.

June 10, 2010
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The containment vessel should be large enough and structurally strong enough to absorb the energy of the spewing oil,water and gas. It should be equipped with control valves and instruments to allow the oil,water and gas to be separated and stratified inside of the container with each the oil and gas emitted fom the container to the surface through separate conduits, the produced water, de-oiled, will settle into the ocean.

If the out-flow of thr blow-out does not exceed 50,000 B/D then I suggest a size of 40 foot diameter x 300 foot long constructed of one inch thick steel closed on one end (the top, when sunk to proximity of the out-flow)and open on the end over the out-flow. The container would weigh about 900 tons, with a contaiment volume of approximately 67,000 API bbls, and a bouyancy of over 20,000,000 pounds (10,000 tons)when filled with a gas and the container weight could be neutralized for lowering and raising it by displacing water with gas and/or oil.

June 10, 2010
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And so am I. I want to rip somone a new *******.


BUT....then I thought about it.


Their stocks are dropping. The public is beating up on them.


Yeah, they are snakes. They did the wrong more than one way. They have caused immense pain and suffering and we SHOULD be pissed!


BUT.....please keep reading and just consider this!


They need to be punished.


BUT...please don't encourage people to boycott them or to trash them too highly!!


Why? Don't they deserve it? YES! But WE DESERVE to have them alive and well so that they can continue to step up to the plate and to pay for this mess.


We citizens NEED for them to survive! We need them here on Cape Cod! Why? Because the oil is coming up here too! Who is going to pay for it? Who is going to pay the Fishermen??


Please!!! I get it, I know we are all pissed. (now one more note...keep in mind that the Fed. Government has something to do with this too. They allowed BP to lapse into a coma on their safety issue. How dare the government sign off on this ridiculous safety check book!!! )


And now, Obama is using this as a pathway to Cap n Trade and will end up killing BP and advancing HIS fake sales of AIR. Obama is highly invested in CCX (Chicago Climate Exchange) and would be poised to  make TRILLIONS if Cap n Trade is passed.


Obama is OKAY with trashing BP and having all of his citizens suffer alone with the cost after putting BP out of business so he can further his Cap n Trade Tax.


PLEASE.....we can make sure that BP is punished. We can make sure that the over-site of BP is up to, let's not kill the people who will help us through this mess.


Just my thought....


Karen R.

June 10, 2010
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   I would suggest that a custom made type "Screw or bolt" rubber boat plug be custom made (may Good year tire could help make the plug) to fit the inside diameter of the pipe. Note as the screw or bolt is turned the boat type rubber plug expands against the inner walls of the pipe just like the in a boat that is used every day. Note robots could turn the screw or bolt to expand the rubber seal. 

June 10, 2010
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  I ment to say Maybe!! (Good Year Tire and Rubber) could help design and make the plug. Please note the plug would require brass screw or bolt type fittings that would help to expand the rubber up against inner walls of pipe. The rubber plug would need to pushed as far as possible inside of the pipe so space is left for a seal that will last forever.

June 10, 2010
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While the ideas I see posted on this list all have merit, I think we also need to work on a solution going forward.


We have the technology to make these amazing drill platforms work - we can drill down 90 degrees miles under the ocean.  This is amazing progress, fueled (no pun intended) by the profits that can be made.  However, the safety side lags behind because the penalties don't match the profits.


A financial company that loses your personal information must pay for you to get free credit checks for a year - total cost of the report and the administration to set it up is about $100 per customer.  One recent loss at a financial company was 3.3 million records.  If only 20% of the victims of the loss choose to get their report, the company will have to pay 66 billion dollars.


That's before fines...just basic cost.


Fines for environmental catastrophies like this are capped at 75 million.


I think as we get the collective intelligence of our country together to stop this spill, we need to put similar effort together to make the penalty as high as the profit to force these companies to not only figure out how to do something, but how they can do it safely.


Just my 2 cents.  :)


June 10, 2010
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To Rick Sanchez.

I've done drilling work before, I'm also a diver. I contacted the DEC, and then the US Coast Guard Station, 8th District down in Lousiana. I e-mailed them and asked: "Why can't the drill rods be re-inserted into the leaking oil well?" Now lower those rods down to some point past the ocean floor. Like halfway between the oil field and the ocean floor.


Now instead of a drill bit on the end of the rods, a heavy duty inflatable plug (made out some heavy material) that deploys like a divers BC, or a cars air bag.


When the drill rods get to the proposed depth, the instantly deployed plug, blocks the oil from coming up the pipe. The weight of those steel rods should be enough to off set the oil pressure coming up from the oil field from dislodging the plug.

Also! Attached to the drill rods is another pipe just above the plug that as soon as that plug (stopper) is deployed, it starts pumping mud on top of the plug. This should stop the oil from gushing from the well until those relief wells can be drilled.

June 10, 2010
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June 10, 2010
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I am wondering why No Reporters, even talked about the Oil Spill that has been pouring Oil in the Gulf of Mexico since 2004 from the Oil Rig called " Ocean Saratoga "because of Hurrican Ivan, which is owned by A Private Owned Oil and Gas Company called Taylor Energy.


And also on another very unsafe Oil Rig called " Atlantis " which is owned by BP and it is the Largest and Deepest Oil Rig in the World and it is a lot deeper than the Deepwater Horizon which has many safety issues theat been reported by Whistlebowers and also lawsuit to try to shut it down until these issues are addressed.


My heart goes out to the people of all the southern states along the Gulf Coast and also the wildlife and other animals and sea life as well. But more so of all the familys that lost family members in this catastrophic event that hurts us all as Americans.

June 10, 2010
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We have dominion over the animal kingdom, but it appears the passion for the sea is led by greed. As disastrous as this is, BP is still greedily pumping oil into

tankers. No one is talking about the 11 people who lost their lives and their greiving families. Animal life means not a damned thing and it boils down to lack of caring for human life, as well.

We can fix this thing by having solar-powered cars, but that will mean someone want be getting rich. I know some kind of solar technology is waiting to be put in mass production out there, but who is willing to stand up for it. You can't drill on the sun; it can't be plugged, or turned out; and how in the hell can you overcharge someone for the use of the sun. I think this is the crux

of the matter.

We will have to suffer and sit watching beautiful wildlife get stuck because those evil, greedy, noncaring fat cats are plugging their pockets full of money. Oceanic and BP should be fined 10 million dollars per day, and I bet that robot will start working for the greater good. The robot was doing everything else but putting a sleeve over that hole. We can't let them get

away with this.  Stamp this poop out with SOLAR POWER! SOLAR POWER! SOLAR POWER!

Put the regulatory board, BP, and Oceanic behind bars. Does Haliburton have their greedy fingers in this, too? Then, they need to go, too!  PRISON! PRISON! PRISON!

June 10, 2010
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As far as I am concerned like some of the CNN has already reported I also agree with the CNN Reporter that all the CEO'S AND stockholders of the board of directors should be made to be Dipped in there Own OIl Spill to show them a serious personal insite on how Oil feels on them , just like the Marine and other wildlife has been effected by their inncomtance in the whole affair in the Gulf of Mexico. as this is my 3 and 1/2 cents worth. LOLOLOL

June 11, 2010
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hy i am living in Romania Bucharest. i have an invention that will clear the gulf water fast and effective , and i may have an viable and fast solution to stop the oil spill , who do i must contact? i have the solution if it is realy wanted to clear the water i have the solution!!!! pls contact me

June 11, 2010
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As I watch the news and hear how much oil they think is comming out of the well I begin to wonder. They have hit the oilfield, and were pumping oil up. Thus somewhere along the line they knew the amount of oil to the drop what was comming through the pipe. The percentage of natural gas to oil to the percent. I believe the people have been lied to from the getgo.This well would make billions of dollars and they didnt know what was flowing. Come on wake up people. Demand justice, its our land to protect.

June 12, 2010
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Why have the other major oil companies NOT stepped in to provide expertise, equipment, manpower, and money to get this thing stopped. Sure BP may be to blame, but many cultures PRIORITIZE FIXING THE PROBLEM as opposed TO wasting time assigning blame. Come on world, this is an environmental disaster . . . it is no time for Shell, Exxon, and the others to wash their hands of this . . . and leave it up to BP. WHO CARES WHO GETS THE CREDIT OR THE BLAME. This oil spill is not comparable to ANY other oil spill. "Not my problem, let them fix it" is beyond short sighted. What does it say about public and business ethics and morality when those who can fix something stand idly by watching disaster loom, happen, and continue? Please, please, please make this a team effort. Thank you.

June 12, 2010
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1.With 6-10k p.s.i. and 10-15k b.p.d. any attempt to try to "insert a pipe into it," "place a valve or fitting on top of it," will be an excersize in futility.

Its like trying to shove a wet noodle through a brick wall.

2.Bauxite, interprop,sand,rock,and God knows what else, is being flowed back from the well (because it is currently being run "full bore") will "wash out" any fittings or valves that would be placed on the riser.

I suspect....again I SUSPECT, there has been an underground blow-out.

IF this has happened the well cannot be "just closed in."

An underground blow-out would mean that the concrete around the caseing,the screens, the concrete at the zones and probably the packers are gone.

The blow-out, (which I also suspect is the culprit of this disaster), has also distorted the rock formations, the original perforations and fractures that were done to produce the well.

If you close in the well, fissures in the rock will push the oil to the ocean floor,and then to the surface... you'll have leaks in 100 different locations all around the well

The only solution is un-fortunetly the relief wells...Providing that there still is a caseing to drill into..

If there is no caseing, or it has been compromised, you can say good-bye to August....closer to Christmas would probably be more accurate.


June 12, 2010
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i have worked in oil for a long time in texas i am telling you all i can fix this oil leak in 3 hours for one million dollers

June 12, 2010
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take all the bolts out of it then then put one bolt on a blank flange with it  open bolt it down snug then beat it over and it will spin  over the top of hole then bolt the rest of it down. hell i will do it

June 13, 2010
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My big question to the media is "Where the heck is 'HALIBURTON' in the news? Why the blackout on any info about the 'Cheeeeney' business......hiding in some undisclosed location? Its downright fishy IMO.

June 13, 2010
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I just want to have someone at CNN begin to advertise about  There are tons of people who want to send money.

This is a way for us to help the people themselves.

June 13, 2010
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   Without a doubt, the oil which is still leaking  into the water in the gulf of mexico is destroying the substance of life and, more of it each minute that passes.

   Whatever the method which has been attempted or now is in use for containing the leak, has not worked or is not working to an acceptable standard.  In my attempts to sumbit a plan for actually stopping the flow of oil with the capability of pupming from it later, I found it frustrating to acheive my goal of submitting my plan.

    Though I searched many websights, It was difficult ,( and impossible at some ), to figure out how to "get my idea out".  Even here at cnn I had to join the club before I could report my news or thoughts.

    I believe I know where the engineers went wrong in some of their attempts and I am convinced that I have designed a system which will stop the flow of oil completely within a few days yet, allow B P to reconnect at a later date.  This system can be fitted on every underwater oil well around the world to ensure a spill like this never happens again.

   In order to install a canister system around the blow out preventer, we must connect the the well casing..install a bottem plate..then the canister system which will work when using the procdure of filling the canister with oil after it's submergered under the water surface and keeping it full ,(not allowing ice to form), as it is lowered into place over the blowout preventer.

   Like the old 2 cylcle detroit diesel engines had holes in the sleeves for the exhaust, so too will my system have holes which will close as the canister is secured in place.

   I think I am looking at this problem from a different angle then the engineers and have the answer they're looking for. Oh, and I don't mind sharing!

    Don't get me wrong, I joined and hope to share some interesting thoughts as time goes by BUT,... the oil is still leaking as we gab.  I'd like to call 911 and hope they can respond before they make their report.

    It's my hope that all the news organizations will put a big red box on their internet home page for those who might not be so pc savey but have something important to say.

    I believe I have something important that the whole world is waiting to here and my question is:  How long will it take for you to get this letter into the hands of someone who can do something about it?

   No matter what, when you give an old country boy a problem he's gonna think of a different way to fix his truck than an engineer so, why not hire me to come down there and give you some ideas?  What do you really have to lose ?


June 13, 2010
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CCN:SUGESTION for oil spill clean up: Why don't they take a vaccum of some type and suck up the oil at the end of the broken pipe right as it comes out. Makes sense to me.

June 14, 2010
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In stead of consistently tracking their damage why not oust them and put legitimate governments in place with independent people's police to investigate them?

June 14, 2010
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If CNN would proliferate the air waves to get Richard Fine out of jail we could stop the persistent chaos.

Is it not curious that they do not go to the root of all societies problems?

Oh ya ... It's the money thing right?

June 14, 2010
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Dumping of rocks & / or rubble over the well would eventually counter the pressure of the oil to stop the leak. You'd have to make plenty of runs but eventually you would have capped the problem with a "mole hill" of rock. The rocks / builder's rubble would have to be of a reasonable size to build the mole hill asap, but small enough to keep gaps between each rock to a minimum to reduce oil seepage.The releif wells would reduce the pressure further at a later stage. (August 2010).

June 14, 2010
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   It’s already too late. Hurricane season  began June 1st and ends November 30th. One to three hurricanes typically enters the gulf region each year. (categories 3 to 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale). Seeing we are at day 56 into this oil spill, and no predictable change in the oil flow for the next two months, the catastrophic inevitability is upon us. This oil will be washed up on shore. It’s a fact. Our government knows it, BP knows it, but the press and others haven’t reported it yet. Now is the time to plan for this, that is if anything can be done. It is absolutely imperative that BP stops this flow immediately, and cleans up as much as they can.

   Forget the politics, who’s paying for what, and looking for someone to blame anymore. All parties, agencies, and corporations have to do all they can now. This truly is the greatest environment disaster that will hit our soil. It’s already ruined our gulf environmentally, financially, killed countless wildlife, and ruined a way of life and livelihood for many. It’s time to hit the streets and yell at the top of your lungs, “PLUG THE DAM LEAK

June 15, 2010
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Here is what the government could do that could go a long way.  They should have something like a gov sponsored party like "mardi gras" for all the affected states for the month of August.  All americans like to party and it would bring much needed money and tourism to the area.  They could easily sell it by saying by partying here your helping area.  I am sure you could get a lot of artists to perform for free.  I know i would love to go LA to party and knowing that I am also doing a public service.

At the very least they should at least advertise tourists spots to get more willing Americans to visit those areas

June 15, 2010
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Is anyone concerned about how the ocean floor will hold up with all the pressure from the ocean water on top of it? Think about it, in a typical oil rig, they normally pump water into the water cavity to take the place of the oil coming out... My guess is that if nothing is used to take the place of the oil, then it may be highly likely that the seafloor could callapse with devastating consequences, of earthquake proportions... Im no rocket scientist, but the sea floor could very collapse like an egg shell from the weight of the ocean water if nothing is there to take the place of the oil....Something else to think about!!!!

June 16, 2010
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Could someone tell Pres. Obama that If it were up to me, I’d offer companies with oil tankers an opportunity to turn this disaster into a profitable clean-up process. Oil tankers could be equipped with 2 huge siphoning pumps. One to suck the oil up out of the water and the other could be used to remove any water from the oil tankers that gets captured in the process. Since oil is lighter than water, and floats on top, this process would be in theory feasible and relatively in expensive (in comparison to what they will spend) The oil tankers could then ship their cargo to a processing facility to salvage the oil. BP could then buy the recycled oil from the companies, thus helping to off set the expense incurred by the clean-up process. It’s cost effective, would save the environment, oil, and help pay for the oil spill with from all the oil salvaged.... After all there are plenty of products that could still be maid from the oil captured!!!  Tell them to contact me if He likes the idea because I have no problem in heading up this solution!!!!

June 16, 2010
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The only possible way to plug this leak is at it's source. You can't just stick a plug in the pipe because it will just get shot out like the mud was. You have to go deeper to where the pipe actually goes into the oil field itself and then inflate a kevlar balloon with drilling mud to plug the hole much like a urinary catheter. The only other solution is atomic and it is not a great choice. I'm not convinced that the relief wells will help at all. I don't hold out much hope for any results or solutions. I think this is much worse than any of the citizens realize. I wish it could be plugged with all the BS from the government and BP. It would seem there is enough of it available to do the job for the next 10 oil disasters.

June 16, 2010
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Due to GREED and NEGLIGENCE, BP has a uncontrollable well.  Most of these ideas with solutions through plugs and other control devices may sound like a fix, but as I have read in many of the articles online is that a blowout may have occurred well below the BOP slab and the last safety device (the BOP), failed to close sending all the product, along with sand, rocks and debris up the present BOP pipe and into the gulf under extreme pressure, and it is only a matter of time before the present pipe will be washed out.***This is not a simple fix, but it might be a step in the right direction. The present BOP should be encased with a silo-like form built on the surface with a oversized flange to be incorporated at the top of the form and lowered over the existing BOP. The bottom would be opened and also the top, with the exception of the area where the flange is. Ajustible outrigger supports could be secured to the outer form area as needed to keep the silo form vertical. Once lowered, secured, and poured with the high pressure concrete , a working replacement Heavy duty BOP with additional safety devices built into it that work, would be in the open position and lowered down to the poured mating flange.  By incorporating the larger flange (24" or 28") for instance, would reduce the extremely high pressure coming up the well.  Once installed the BOP would be activated and hopefully be able to close the well.  The heavy  concrete silo will hopefully control the faulty slab under the encased BOP and prevent fissures of oil seeping up around the well pipe. Next, will these relief wells really work?  They are in the same area as this well that had numerous problems with gas pockets hindering the drilling operation. IF these problems cannot be contained, then we may have twice as much oil without no hope of containment. I know that the above idea will definitely be costly, but now is not the time to worry about how big all the next upper management bonus checks will be, but worry about containing the spill. 

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