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Gulf journals: Murals give voice to fury over oil disaster

“About 28 days into [the oil disaster], I decided I needed to yell as loud as I could,” said tattoo artist Bobby Pitre, owner of Southern Sting Tattoo Parlor in Larose, Louisiana. “I figured I could yell 24 hours a day if I had a street side sculpture.”

So after placing that sculpture in front of his store, he enlisted the aid of a fellow tattoo artist, Eric Guidry, to start expressing their feelings about the crisis in the form of several large murals.

“I knew the fishermen were extremely upset about losing out on their shrimping season and quite possibly, their way of life,” Pitre said. “I felt I had to paint a vivid picture in the public’s mind to get them to truly understand the severity of this horrific tragedy.”

Part of his mural portrays BP as the “grim reaper,” with the phrase, “You killed our Gulf … our way of life!”

Pitre said, “Everything we do leisurely has something to do with the marsh. We enjoy fishing and swimming. It’s everything that I’ve learned as a kid, growing up on the water.”

Pitre’s family has lived on the marsh for as long as he can remember. His parents lived and died there. His uncle is a fisherman there as well.

Guidry also grew up in the area, and the mural pictured is one of the first paintings he has done of this size.

“I use it to relieve myself from all the crap that’s going on around here,” he said.

Both painted a version of Shepard Fairey’s well-known 2008 portrait of President Obama, with question marks surrounding it and the words “What now?”

Pitre did not vote for Obama, but Guidry did. “In my honest opinion, I do not believe that our leaders responded to this disaster quickly enough,” Guidry said.

Guidry said he thinks that their paintings express the true feelings of many in the Gulf: “People don’t know what to say and might be too scared to say it.”

Pitre and Guidry’s murals have been seen all over CNN iReport. Pitre posed next to his paintings in a report on, and a sign next to those was featured on the Political Ticker, and on a CNN TV report on Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s presidential prospects. (“He knows what needs to be done and it’s a matter of him getting the power he needs to get it done,” Pitre said of the governor.)

In the past few weeks, Pitre and Guidry have been inspired to create more art, moving it inside the tattoo parlor. BP CEO Tony Hayward is portrayed as a donkey with the words “Burro of bad news” above. Pitre painted it in reaction to Hayward’s recent yachting trip, soon after testifying before lawmakers about the oil disaster in Washington. “My question is, ‘How will BP, or anyone else ever make this up to us?’ ”

Editor's Note: This blog post is part of a series of profiles of Gulf Coast residents and visitors directly affected by the oil disaster. If you'd like to share your story, you can upload photos and videos to CNN iReport.

July 2, 2010
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Didn't CNN do a story on these a few days ago as well?

July 2, 2010
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I find it interesting that the Gulf states have supported Republicans who have pushed for Drill Baby Drill and allowed the building of 10 times the number wells during their admin without safety equipment or plans and there is a mural of Obama on the wall. Where is the Drill Baby Drill mural.

July 2, 2010
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@ DarkStarWNY 


someone didnt fully read the article :P

July 2, 2010
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Drill Baby Drill is for oil drilling off shore, in other words just a few hundred feet deep and a few miles away from shore at most. if drill baby drill was allowed the way they want it then there wouldn't be a leak 2 miles deep genius. it would have been capped by a diver in 10 minutes. So maybe the reason they support the Republicans is because this wouldn't have happened if they got their way when it comes to oil.

July 2, 2010
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<palin voice>How's that drilly baby drill stuff workin' for ya?!</palin voice>

July 2, 2010
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@jvs21 Sorry the facts don't fit your argument. The Ixtoc in 1979 was in 200 feet and it leaked for a year. They tried the same teachnique to stop it and they failed back then.It's not the depth it's the pressure. What do you think a diver just has to put his hand on it. I am tired of you uneducated Republicans with big mouths and no clue. Drill baby Drill.

July 2, 2010
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I don't see what good sitting around and typing jabs at one another does. It disgusting that this is happening, but I'm sure we are all dependent on oil and would have a difficult time adjusting to a world without it. Fact of the matter is both side of the political landscape back drilling for oil.. What is more disgusting is that we live in a country where big $$ oil companies can pay for "laws"... Now it's a class D Felony to take photos within 65 feet of oil polluted areas.. Think about that for a second. USA politics is scary.

July 2, 2010
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@Notoj...excuse you, obviously we support "responsible" offshore drilling you idiot, it's a large part of our economy. You probably think it's funny watching people and animals suffer and die...anything so you dumbocrates can say "gotcha" huh?

July 2, 2010
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Notoj, you need to learn actual history and not the history that's fed to you by your leftist counterparts.


Obama has always supported "drill-baby-drill." During his campaign, he pushed for DBD and a windfall profits tax to pay for green energy development. He wants the world to run out of oil quickly, and he wants the government to use the windfall tax and cap-n-trade to redistribute wealth from people invested in oil companies to Al Gore and George Soros.

July 2, 2010
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PAPilot, you need to realize that the information you have is just as biased and untrue at the info that Notoj has been spoon fed. Everyone, please, stop making this a Donkey vs Elephant thing and make it everyone vs Oil thing.

July 2, 2010
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Hey Booby and Eric, graet art!! Great way to express yourself. Everyone else, I think this article was about the "art of expression" more than the actual politics--go get your own forum!

July 2, 2010
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Sorry Bobby--mispelled your name- no offense!

July 2, 2010
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Why do people insist that it's Obama's fault that there is an oil spill? Like he went down there and caused it himself. I could blame you for the spill just as easy as him?! Americans are stupid willing to blame anything that goes wrong on their President. Fair-weather fan USA.

July 2, 2010
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Great report, nice painting but you have not put all those responsible in your portrait.  What about people who choose cars over walking or riding to work or around town?  How about those people that think global warming is a lie and that they have no effect on their environment?  We are all to blame for this tragedy in the gulf even me who does not own a car, I never voiced my opinion against fossil fuel or drilling anywhere.  No one cared that this oil rig sat out in the gulf drilling for oil that could pollute the ocean if it ever spilled.  Where are the faces of all of us that made no fuss about this drilling practice?  Now we are all angry and angry at BP and Obama but where was that anger when the rigs went up?  We Americans like to blame every one else for our problems instead of looking at ourselves to see what role we play in the fray.  I will stick to my bicycle for now, might I suggest some of you angry folks to perhaps instead of pointing fingers and throwing stones find a way you can help the environment.

July 2, 2010
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I only have one problem with our total blame on BP, and that is, that if we, as massive consumers of their products, share some blame on some level. If we cared more about the environment and our habitat than we did oil and profit, we may have been able to shut down drilling before it began. They were looking at the South East Atlantic Coast some years ago. NOAA was testing I think. No more drilling if we can work on alternative energies. The earth has become to fragile. It's like continuing to smoke 4 packs a day of cigarettes when you have emphysema and heart disease, when you could find something healthy to replace a destructive addiction.

July 3, 2010
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If i remember correctly and i may be wrong, even though he wasn't 'the' repulican party bush didnt want off shore drilling. And when Obama was running he was talking about exploring nuclear power more, but then once elected he said no to it. and yes our cars dont run of nuclear power but it's another solution to a problem we have. but in the end the parties dont matter what matters is fixing the issue.

July 3, 2010
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Oil is the problem now.Nuclear will be the problem the next time something goes wrong (remember Three Mile Island?)It seems the most benign harvesting of energy is solar and wind but they have other non environmental issues.How about we all use less. There are ways to reduce consumption that will have very little effect on our precious standard of living. A little forward thinking could go a long way.

July 3, 2010
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It's very unfortunate when both lefties and righties use this disaster as another excuse to bash at each other.  It's time for the rest of use to call on middle way away from both rigidly thinking ideologies!  Making this a polical excuse to degrade each other is past political immaturity.  The rest of us really need you to grow up, join us in our deep regret and concern. Let us all start thinking about ways we can change and push the system to prevent this from happening again.

July 3, 2010
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liberals cry about bp but they don't say a word about our incompetent president. obama has done NOTHING but make this situation worse than what it started off as. thank you mr. president, i should have known though that this man is a complete moron, when you make a statement that there are "57 states in the usa and you need to visit another" and let us not forget that obama cannot spell the word "syracuse" as well. i think that sums it up for me. btw he's a lawyer and all lawyers are scum.

July 3, 2010
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you liberal queen

July 3, 2010
Click to view jnaniankura's profile

I am sick and tired of the GOPers being totally unwilling or unable to take responsibility for the consequences of their de-regulation mantra.  They demonize Obama, yet it was the GOPers love affair with big oil, GOPers insistance on de-regulating the oil industry,and their Drill Baby Drill chanting crap that got us into this.  Would just one of those jerks tell me what Obama was supposed to have done differently and how that would have changed this scenario.  GOPers are utter idiots.  The party of "personal responsibility" won't take responsibility for ANYTHING!!! Jerks.

July 4, 2010
Click to view goatboy's profile

jnaniankura wrote:


I am sick and tired of the GOPers being totally unwilling or unable to take responsibility for the consequences of their de-regulation mantra.  They demonize Obama, yet it was the GOPers love affair with big oil, GOPers insistance on de-regulating the oil industry,and their Drill Baby Drill chanting crap that got us into this.  Would just one of those jerks tell me what Obama was supposed to have done differently and how that would have changed this scenario.  GOPers are utter idiots.  The party of "personal responsibility" won't take responsibility for ANYTHING!!! Jerks.



Wow, you're a bitter one, aren't you?


Okay.  Since he is the President, you freaking moron, he could have waved the Jones Act immediately after the spill began with the stroke of a pen so international help could have been available.


He didn't.


Since he is the President, you freaking moron, he could tell the EPA to step out of the way so that barriers could be constructed to provide protection to fragile coastal wetlands without weeks of "administrative review".


He hasn't.


Obama characterized the Bush administration's response to Hurricane Katrina "unconscionable incompetence".  I wonder how he would rate his administration's response to the oil spill.

July 4, 2010
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Actually, I think the solution is quite straight forward if you really want to solve this specific problem of leaking oil from this broken well. The water is to cold so you can't pour concrete on it and have it harden. However, you could place caissons with notches on them about two hundred foot from the well. Then band them together with a steel cable or two. Afterall, they put that equipment down there didn't they. Then you attach an upside down flexible cone to the caissons that have floatation bouys attached so they will cause the oil to go up and if they want to go all the way to the top then just make the cone longer than the ocean is deep. Then, you have the Saudi tankers that can skim oil off the top so it minimizes the impact.  Kevin Costner's centrifuge would work perfectly in siphoning off in this scenario.

Have you submitted your thoughts to CNN?- they are asking the public to respond. It sounds like a good idea. I was informed by a source more in tune with political agendas that this was exactly what the Obama admin wanted to get their cap and trade legislation finished. FYI, it goes into effect next year. We should see the cost passed on to the consumer and energy prices for homes going through the roof.

July 5, 2010
Click to view catsplace's profile

Lots of gripping and complaining but so far not many ideas on how to fix it. We all have to understand that one man alone cannot fix this issue, it will take many, and even then it will be years before people actually realize how much damage has been done. Until we all get over the idea that the universe revolves around ourselves nothing is going to get done. We need people in government who realize it isn't about the money, it is about the people. Until then, we have no hope.

July 5, 2010
Click to view gusto211's profile

All you stuff your lives with oil products so anyone that is against it is ling to themselves.  We all are guilty and we are all paying the price for it now.  Quit whining and get on with whats left and look forward in a positive way.

July 5, 2010
Click to view haiz's profile

hi  my name is hazel luna from philippines , i just wanna share to you the about the oil spill happened in philippines few years back.. as i remember  we clean the sea using human hair, u  try that it might work..


July 6, 2010
Click to view XavierM's profile

Our goverment and its leaders are just as responible for this mess as BP.

July 7, 2010
Click to view jubei3's profile

for some perspective (opinionated as it may be)

Look, The Oil industry has for years been pampered by both GOP and DEMS...but moreso undeniably by the GOP. The south makes a lot of money off of oil and that revenue stream needs to be tended to. Lax-regulations, incompetent saftey measures and a general overall cowboyish drive towards metered goals lead to both the coal and oil industries or have we forgotten already? Our fat cat energy producers are finally feeling the effects to the previous administrations allowed actions run amok.

So now the next administration, and guess what If you think Obama has been slow to negligent in handling this....Imagine if you will a Republican in office who main ideology is to allow "private business" to police themselves and handle their own mistakes. The little help your beleive is occuring now would be non-existant, nOw thats just an observation based upon the default theology of the parties. SO far we have the most blatant office of imorality corrected "MMS" we have the coast guard and BP promising to pay above the 75million, and we have a 20billion  fund negotiated by a private company and the federal government to handle costs. The GOP could not negotiate that and listening to them bash Obama wouldnt do anything to help anyone because it goes against the ideology. Sometimes people dont think before they spout  out at the lip.

People want to say America take partial blame? NO, for Years alternative energy means have been developed but by both GOP legislation and Oil companies those ideas have been shelved. I wouldnt put it past anyone to have done this on purpose to show America it cant survive without oil...thats the conspiracy freak n me kicking in by the way :)

July 7, 2010
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Deborah "Lucky" Benton from Gulf Shores, AL - in the middle of the Gulf oil gusher - I say gusher, not spill.  We are all to blame, not just BP, not just our government, all of us.  What scares me the most, now, is that we are still not being told the truth about the dangers from the oil and dispersants.  If you want more information, the true information, then check out Dr. Riki Ott - .  She is a well known scientist who lived and worked in Cordova during the Valdez spill - and knows more about what we have to face than anyone.  There are precautions to be taken by the workers, very necessary, that BP will NOT allow.  And sad to say, our local citizens are now having ill effects from the posions in the air and the water.  We need help!

July 7, 2010
Click to view Classagent's profile

We have the opportunity to recover from this spill IF BP can get it contained and soon.  But I have my doubts about BP.  Our fishing industries, shrimping, crabbing, oyster beds, etc. will be a mess for many years to come.  But I have to believe that nature has a way of repairing itself - I HAVE to believe that in order to continue getting up every day, trying to do my job as a Realtor.  Do I think BP will continue to pay for the damage - NO!  They will eventually shut off the money spout and see us all in court.  Exxon took 21 years to settle the claims in Valdez - and many of the locals had to file bankruptcy AFTER the settlement.  The debts over 21 years wiped them out.  So, we pray for the well to be killed and the hope that we can have a normal life on the Gulf Coast.  As for my job, it's tough and I may have to move on, but I'll fight till the end!  Shame on all of us for being so complacent and relying on a big company like BP to do the "right thing".  They didn't do it before and they won't do it in the future without force/rules/laws.

July 21, 2010
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             North Bay ‘News on the Hour Story by Jeff Prue     


     Troy Hurtubise is a Natural Resources Technologist and an inventor, having graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College.  In his second year of study in 1989, he and all in the environmental college witnessed the Exxon spill her oil in Alaskan waters. Mr. Hurtubise started then with a Professor on an innovation that would hold the proper keys to cleaning up future disasters.

     Twenty-one years later, the eccentric inventor, as seen in Paramount Pictures summer comedy, “Dinner for Shmucks”, finally achieved the daunting task, through the innovation known as the ORS (Oil Recovery System) or, Oil Shark, for short.

     Mr. Hurtubise’ Oil Shark can recover 126 thousand barrels of surface oil off of the water, as well as return the recycled water back into the ocean at a 98% purification rate. All this, every twenty-four hours, at which time, the Oil Shark is shut down for three hours to have its ‘blanket system’ changed. 

     Mr. Hurtubise’ problem is getting those that can make a difference to take a closer look at his Oil Shark, which might one day find itself being mandated to every off-shore oil rig, in case a disaster like BP occurs again.

     Mr. Hurtubise’ innovation has recently been covered in detail by Canada’s CBC Radio host, Bernie MacKnimay. Mr. Hurtubise believes that through his extensive research and ‘test trials’, in the end, the Oil Shark will clean up the Gulf disaster in under 2 years time: instead of the full generation most experts are predicting using today’s outdated technology.  For further info, please email at



July 22, 2010
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need your help.


here is a story that maybe you dont know about.


i live in angeles city philippines.  i prefer keeping my identity secret.


the reason why, 4 americans and there families have been massacred in angeles city within the last 10 days.


the husband, wife, kids and the filipinos living with them have 1 shot in the head.  they kill all.


the new mayor elect hasnt done anything to stop this.  The major at station 4 is very well known as a killer and still a policeman.


i dont know who to go to, they are targeting only foreigners families.


this is happening in very well established subd in angeles city.


maybe if this gets out then someone will do something.


please help!!!!!!!  my email is, this is very confidential


July 22, 2010
Click to view robjaw123's profile

doesnt anyone care, hello out there.  much going on here in the philippines


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