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We're trying something new on our blog in an effort to give you a little more access behind the scenes at CNN iReport. Every day, the CNN iReport team sends an "iReport Highlights Note" to several hundred news and show producers across CNN platforms. This is our opportunity to brag to our CNN colleagues about the amazing images and stories your share with us every single day.


For years we've kept these notes internal, but we thought you might also find them interesting. So, starting right now, we'll be sharing them with you. The one below -- from yesterday -- was written by Christina.


This is a bit of an experiment so please let us know what you think, K?


iReport Highlights Note - Thursday July 1, 2010


Hey there world, from our continued oil disaster coverage to severe weather to the best of the rest, c’mon down to iReportland for great content you’re welcome to feature. Here’s what been approved today:


The latest post from our Gulf Journals delves into the life of a woman who works as a seafood processor in Mississippi and her love for the area. It’s a nice read. Props to Carly for writing!


Sixth-generation fisherman's tale
Geoff Livingston met a sixth-generation fisherman named Kerry at the Catholic Charites Community Center in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, yesterday. Livingston described Kerry’s emotions about the oil disaster, “Hearing Kerry’s story just broke my heart. Proud, good man it seemed, and though he was fighting the good fight, and tried to keep his chin up, I could see it in his eyes: The pain and just crushed spirit was undeniable. This way of life is completely altered or worse gone, now for thousands of fishermen.”


Gulf Coast music benefit/Mashable
Jill Foster (one of our D.C. bloggers on the coast)  interviewed Sloane Berrent about a benefit concert happening apparently nationwide in ~ 60 cities today. Jimmy Buffett's concert would have been today but now he's July 11. Her co-traveler, Geoff Livingston, was actually the Mashable poster.


Oiled pelicans in Pensacola
Repeat iReporter James Amerson posted these images of oiled pelicans. He has been following the oil disaster closely and its effects in his home of Pensacola, Florida.  were shot yesterday and today.



‘Without warning and from nowhere, it came’
Eddie King from Davenport, Florida, was visiting his mom when . "All of a sudden we heard a splash against the window and heavy wind. We looked outside and it was pouring, at times the rain was horizontal," he said. He shot this video yesterday.


‘Farmer's fields are flooded everywhere’
Lloyd Hayes got these on Tuesday in Polk, Iowa, showing the effects of flooding there. He shot them because of “the unusual event of high water everywhere. Farmer's fields are flooded everywhere. Local news was predicting that water from the Saylorville Lake was going to overflow the spillways and cause more flooding downstream soon. I had decided to drive out to the marina to see what was happening.”
“I just uploaded some additional photos taken at the same time. These show boats being towed out of the parking area, debris in the water, and a shot from the dock towards land. All shot on the same day and time.”




Big Apple BBQ block party
Clint Cantwell is a competitive BBQer, owner of the barbecue website, and iReporter. He went to New York's eight annual Big Apple BBQ block party and shot this awesome video. Check out his interviews with participants, crazy footage of some serious grilling, and shots of crowds packing the streets of Manhattan.


Fireworks safety tips, economic impact
Mike Stouffer of Wausau, Wisconsin, interviewed a local fireworks business owner about how the economy’s been affecting sales. Loren from Safe N Insane Fireworks in Medford, Wisconsin, says that things were rough last season, as many folks went without fireworks. At the end of the video, Loren tests out some fireworks on everyday objects to show what harm can come if you’re not careful. Did you know that those mesmerizing sparklers can heat up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit?


Yellow Day in the Philippines and jumping off bridges
Sherbien Dacalanio is quite enthusiastic to iReport events all around Manila, Philippines, including “Yellow Day,” for the inauguration of new President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino Jr. At 6 a.m. in Manila, he saw “huge volume of people is coming and most of them wearing yellow shirts, yellow balloons and yellow ribbons,” signifying hope for the new president to eradicate corruption.


Grandma's iPhone adventures continue
Antonio Lopez Herreros from Madrid, Spain has posted the latest in his series of short films about his grandmother and her iPhone. The music is completely original.


Midnight rescue in La Mesa, CA
Mary Anne Valdez was at the scene of this midnight car accident and rescue early yesterday morning in La Mesa, California. She had just parked her car on the street after work when she noticed a man sprinting by. He told her about the accident. “The paramedics were there within two minutes. The roof of the white car had to be cut and removed to rescue the woman. Many people came out of the apartment complex when they heard the screeching of tires and subsequent crash,” she said.


10-year-old's quest to fight obesity
Alex Reid has been sharing videos of her son’s challenge to fight obesity on CNN iReport. Marshall, 10, shows us his day 15 lunch of homemade guacamole and a sweet potato. Look out for the mother and son on CNN at noon tomorrow!

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See the entire Gulf journals series here.


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