Friday, July 16, 2010
Good luck Fit Nation iReporters


On Sunday at 6:41 a.m., Dr. Gupta and six iReporters from around the country will dive into the Hudson River to start the end of their six-month journey to become a fitter and better people.


These six determined and very brave iReporters are part of CNN’s Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge. Over the past six-months, they have been training non-stop to prepare for the Nautica New York City Triathlon. Together with Dr. Gupta, they will tackle this Olympic Distance race consisting of a 1500m swim, a 40k bike ride, and a 10k run.


Coming from someone who just completed her first triatlon last month, it’s not easy, but when you cross that finish line, no matter what your time is, you really feel that you completed something big. You’ve made a difference not only in your life, but you have inspired others to become healthier people, sometimes even without knowing it.


Good luck on Sunday, future triathletes. Team iReport, and me especially as I take on my second triathlon Sunday, will be thinking of you as you tackle this awesome challenge. Don’t stop kicking, pedaling, running and oh yeah, stay hydrated! And please feel free to brag about your accomplishment to others and especially on iReport because you’ve earned it.


Help us cheer on the soon to be triathletes:

July 18, 2010
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tHIS IS NOT TRUE! You didn't even put the source or whatever you call it "reported by" you just placed it on there. And since when do we have to log in to post a comment on the CNN main page. I'm sorry, Dr. Gupta just came from another country and those other indiviuals as well. there's no way he's in condition to go diving under the water! Everything seems to be pointed at the media. I think some people have been held captive including Amy Walter, because she looks scared in that room and I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I saw Jeff Skilling in that room! She said "bad, ENron guy". So where is he? And, Nigeria, whatever..Penn Ave, walking tourching,Dog,(those young kids in that same room with Jeff)Fox constanly talking about MidTerm elections. What Midterm elections??? Mr. What his name is so ready to run...and that fake forum with the fox fox fox that the official podium?? No! Is that news- No, just fake news! Yea, you guys are throwing a nice show = ain't working! And the key word is Republican 2012 2012 2012! Stop using key words "the end of six month journey". You want ot kill them!!! End of story. It's all over facebook- hopefully!

July 18, 2010
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the key word is "satellite"!. Even if you have control of can't control the French's,Canadian's, and the Russian! (You better leave those countries alone too, cuz they have their own problems!) Because if it's dark on our side,it won't work! Did you turn off all the statilite??? (I don't feel like spelling statelite right right now!)I'm sure its not working! So it would be working on the other side! I saw that quick clip of Obama...where is he????? And Cheney too...TOOO QUICK! Both of them better be blessing the fish farm and getting access to care!

July 18, 2010
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WHATEVER FOX NEWS!!! THEY ARE NOT WHERE YOU SAY WHERE THEY ARE! From that short clip to the one that just played (on the boat) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! noooooooooooooooooooooo!! Noooooooooo! That was a quick vacation! If CNN is not reporting this, then it's not LEGIT!!

July 18, 2010
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July 18, 2010
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And the gulf is full of oil..pleaseeeeeeeeeeee tell the truth!!! It's sunday, you keep making news but it's wrong!

July 18, 2010
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No Tea Party until its registered/official. From what I last saw on the news report (they were trying to gain a certain amount of numbers to gain something) did that ever happen? Check Nov or Dec...i remember seeing it then, put on shelf until you have the most status update!

July 19, 2010
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Hi there,


I know what you guys are doing is awesome and I completely respect this endeavor. I didn't want to mix politics with something of this nature and yet after trying to locate the appropriate forum, I was unsuccessful.


Our President Obama is doing an excellent job, he passed Health Care, amongst other wins,  which no others could and he also stimulates integrity where no others can.


The GOP, including Candy Crawl Lady are racists and we all know this.  It does not require a rocket scientist to recognize that we are in a recession and where it will take time. The unfortunate arena for most folks is where they cry wolf and exhibit their anger and racism over their own individual insecurities. I feel sorry for the kids that adults bring up as a result of their lack of wisdom,education,experiences and self-respect.


Maybe, when adults look into the eyes of an innocent child and see the love and innocence, maybe they are telling us something, which is deeper than goose bumps...


I am so happy that Barack Obama is the President of The United States, as he will bring integrity back to the world and of course people will find wrong with this, as this is a result of all their wrongs that they conduct themselves with every day consciously. I thank God, that as a Canadian and a Human Being, that we cannot make everyone happy as when there is jealousy, racism and hatred for a lack of a worst word, we just thrive on venues of being self-centered


I know adults have to CHANGE as this is what Our President is working towards achieving. He will achieve his second term.


To be honest, I am disappointed in the Leaders abroad that choose their egos and insecurities over what is the right thing to do and obviously they are bringing up their kids this way and hence nothing ever changes.


Change is what we need. And to Barack...awesome job that you are doing...there is evil and there is good and the good always prevail as it is this that wins every time in ones conscience.


PS: Grow Up as Nature does, really now, think about it!




Perry Sawchuk

Calgary, Alberta


July 19, 2010
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err... what does all this incessant ranting below have to do with the NYC triathlon?  Get a grip folks...

July 19, 2010
Click to view JoyfulGypsy's profile did the triathlon go?  How did the iReporters do?  What were their rankings/experiences, etc...? 


Sure wish I had been selected.  I would have loved to have been a part of it.  Maybe next year, huh?

July 22, 2010
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it is one kind of funda although anyway while using it we should take serious so thanks for valuable information

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