Monday, July 26, 2010
CNN iReport highlights

Happy Monday!

We're starting off the weeks with really interesting, original stories from iReporters around the world.

Here's a sampling of the stories we've shared with CNN's producers, writers and reporters:


Salute the troops: Kissing sailor from famous V-J Day photo

Rene Armstrong, of Dickenson, Texas, uploaded photos of Glenn McDuffie, who is supposedly the sailor in the famous kiss photo taken at the end of World War II. Armstrong drives to see McDuffie in Arlington, Texas, every couple of weeks.


Candles, memorials fill Love Parade tunnel

iReporter Holger Bauer of Duisburg, Germany, visited the tunnel this morning where 19 people died and hundreds were injured in a crush at the Love Parade techno festival on Saturday. "There were many people morning, lots of candles and flowers," he said. Bauer said it appeared that the tunnel was too small to handle all the festival attendees. "It's not big enough to handle all those people,” he said. “It was horrible.”


Storm topples trees in New York

Beth Alice of Riverdale, New York, was in her 18th-floor apartment Sunday when a powerful storm ripped through the neighborhood. She thought it was a tornado. She documented the rain and wind whipping the window and got some great footage and photos of “gigantic” trees crushing cars and blocking roads afterward. “I’ve never seen this, and I’ve lived here all my life,” she said.


Severe storm in Washington D.C.

Evan Payne from Washington D.C. was shopping at National Harbor yesterday when a storm hit the area. He said the heaviest part of the storm lasted for about 15 minutes with heavy rain and strong winds. Payne took cover in a parking garage and waited for the storm to pass. He later heard that there were tornado warnings but he did not hear of any touching down.


D'Iberville, Mississippi: Saving the Marshes

Karen Baker took these photos of workers getting ready to place boom around a mile-long marsh in D'Iberville Mississippi. The marsh is home to crabs, herons, egrets, seagulls and other wildlife.


Perdido Key, FL Oil Spill

PhotoJournal took this photo on July 19, from Palacio Condos in Perdido Key, Florida. Peter is from Connecticut and has been in Perdido Key for the past two months helping with the clean up efforts.


Hot air balloons fill Jersey skies

Lulis Leal shot these lovely, colorful photos of hot air balloons this weekend in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. She says it’s the largest hot air balloon and music festival in the country, with about 175,000 fans attending.


Puppet interviews cartoonist

Matt Skyy, and his puppet Ted Krasdale, interviewed David Silverman the director of "The Simpsons Movie" and many episodes of the Simpsons TV show.


Comic-Con? Yeah, we got that


We've gotten so much great material from the San Diego Comic-Con. It defies imagination. Here's a sampling:

Actress goes behind the scenes at Stargate panel


Stabbing at Resident Evil 2 panel

Krystyl Baldwin took a photo of police leading a man away from the San Diego Convention Center in handcuffs Saturday evening after a stabbing at the Comic-Con convention.


Here's more from San Diego


Here's what we're looking for:

Crowdsourcing the war in Afghanistan


Track the oil


Katrina 5th anniversary project


Africa 50

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July 31, 2010
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Dear Cnn,



the debate on arizona reform with the rep from arizona, they talked about how the law helps the police with issue's resultig with illagal immagrints, now i saw them arguue, and there is a Big misunderstanding there, yes i believe EVERYONE has the civil right not to be jugded, now if there is a little jugding going on, and ALOT of kidnapping's, thieft's, job loss for Americans Not (just white's) going on i think to my self what is more of a issue, should we sue our self's and punish arizona crying for help becuase a little judging is going on? i think we should Help secure arizona, Punish the one's hiring illagals and OBAY THE LAW!


There Will Always Be A Bad Apple, FOOLSIH to think there isnt.

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