Monday, July 26, 2010
iReporters at Comic-Con

I got the lucky assignment this past weekend of going to Comic-Con and rallying a little army of people to help us cover the enormous convention. The stories that came back are amazing -- check 'em out here -- but my favorite part of the whole crazy adventure was meeting so many iReporters in the flesh. And, of course, coaxing them into a photo op with yours truly. (These are the photos I had on my camera -- if you have others, please post them on iReport and put links in the comments!)


Clearly this was a good time! That's new (and awesome) iReporter Cherry Davis on the left and long-time iReport pal Zennie Abraham in the middle.


Brand new iReporter Ashleigh Mayes shows off her special CNN iReport Flip MinoHD video camera at one of the iReport meetups at Comic-Con.


iReport superstar David Kronmiller came by! After years of talking with him about his iReports over the phone, I was thrilled to meet him in real life.


Lynda Correa stopped by the CNN iReport hub to upload an iReport. When I asked her what she thought of Comic-Con, she said "It's craaaaaazy!" New iReporter Andy Ngo, left, uploaded iReports from the hub, too.


Lou Srygley shows off his custom-made vampire teeth. He brought them out for the day's vampire-themed special iReport assignment.


Henry Chamberlain and Jennifer Daydreamer are comic book artists who sketched their way through Comic-Con.


Both Quintin Barry, left, and Al Mealey are old hands at iReport. They collaborated on a few of their Comic-Con iReports.


One more thing: Chris Morrow got quite a few of these moments on camera, too. If you haven't already, check out Chris Morrow’s take on the first iReport meetup at Comic-Con!

July 26, 2010
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Lila, lovely pictures! Everyone looks so happy. Lucky you, for getting this plum assignment. :) Saw you on CNN yesterday too via the skype interview. Great stuff!

July 27, 2010
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i love how almost everybody in these pictures has plastic-rimmed hipster glasses. ireporters are just that cool. :)

July 27, 2010
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What a great time it looked like!

July 27, 2010
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Hi Lila, did you happen to get any pics of me at Comic-con. I always forget to get in front of the camera :)

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