Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Moscow blanketed in smoke

As wildfires continue to burn in Moscow, the city has been shrouded in dense smoke while suffering from with an oppressive heat wave for about a week. The smoggy mess has brought the city to a standstill and those who venture out are careful to cover their mouths.


seeitnow appeared live on CNN with Rick Sanchez on Monday while wearing a dishcloth as a mask to keep out the dirty air. He took off the mask for only a few minutes, as it’s “very difficult to breathe,” he said.


Traveling on business from Vancouver, British Columbia, seeitnow has been sending daily updates from the “cauldron of hell,” as he calls it. He stood in front of Moscow’s Red Square but the smoke made it difficult to tell where he really was in one of his videos.


“One hour in the smoke of Moscow now is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes,” he said in the video. “So you can just imagine what an eight- or 10-hour day outside is doing to your lungs.”


iReporter Arseny says he had to wear a medical mask and sit in his car with the air conditioning running before walking through the dense smoke in central Moscow.


“Many people don't have air conditioners in their flats,” he said. “And they can't open windows, because smoke goes into the flat.”


There are still more than 600 wildfires burning in central Russia and the death rate is about 700 people per day, according to the Moscow health department. We appreciate iReporters updating us on such a critical story. Share your smoky images and videos from Moscow, but please stay safe and hydrated.

August 12, 2010
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I misread the title as "Moscow blanketed in snow" and was rather confused. But anyways...I'd hate to live in Moscow right now.

August 12, 2010
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August 21, 2010
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“I am the punishment God has sent you for having committed such great sins!” 


The Waters (by: Dlsiluk)


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