Friday, September 10, 2010
San Bruno fire rattles neighborhood

A deadly gas-fueled blaze rocked a neighborhood near the San Francisco airport yesterday evening, razing dozens of homes and shooting orange flames up into the sky. At least four people are dead and dozens are injured, emergency management officials said.


Several iReporters were on the scene minutes after the explosion and helped CNN tell this story through powerful, up-close footage and images of the burgeoning fire. Their personal accounts of the scene painted an intimate picture - it's news coming straight from those who have been affected.


Sergio Campos was driving to class last night when he felt the ground shake and heard a loud roar.


“It sounded like a big ongoing roar,” he said. “A lot of us were confused because we didn’t know if it was a natural explosion or an airplane crash."


Within 30 minutes of the explosion, he says he drove within a couple blocks of scene of to see if he could help people running through the streets.


“There was so much confusion,” he told CNN’s John Roberts and Kiran Chetry this morning. “Many of us didn’t know whether to run toward the fire and help people or run away from it and take cover from any more explosions.”


Professional photographer Chris Honeysett captured the harrowing sight through heart-stopping black-and-white images of firefighters battling the blaze. He said the area was “shrouded in smoke.”


Dina Boyer was out covering a protest in San Francisco when she noticed smoke in the sky. She captured powerful footage and photos of the raging fire.


“When I arrived on the scene somewhere around Bay Hill Road, people in neighborhood were in a state of panic,” she said. “I was literally right on top of the inferno.”


Our hearts go out to those affected by the fire. If you're there and see the fire or are affected in some way, we would like to hear from you. Share photos and videos of your experience, but please stay out of harm’s way.

September 10, 2010
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Wow! What powerful shots and hoping for the best out of this tragedy.

September 10, 2010
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I have personal knowledge of this tragic fire and  the following questions need to be asked.

1- what repair materials were ordered and or requesitioned; several weeks ago for that region; why; and for what?

2- How many times were complaints from area residents answered with " we are aware and are looking into it"?

3- How many times were other utilities unable to access underground due to air quality hazards?

4- Why would PG&E be using the word "accident" in this incident?

September 10, 2010
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My mom was a block away when the explosion happens.  Ironically I'm supposed to give a briefing about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing (drilling for natural gas) next Tuesday at work.  Now, I definitely will have something to talk about.

September 10, 2010
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The ireports that I upload are not showing on my profile

September 11, 2010
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Hope the victims are going to be ok. jlpt
September 11, 2010
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amazing photos. my thought and prayers are with those that are suffering.

September 11, 2010
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well as a fire chiefs daughter and a former junior firefighter for weltonville which is by owego in new York i think once they discovered it was starting they should of tried to get it out and paging other departments even thought they did they should get more department and if you disagree what ever because they should of done sooo..... they know to do it but they dint Caz they apparently wanted to see a big fire and apparently theydint know that it would be this BIG SOO.............DO SOMEPTHING ABOUT IT DO EVERTHING YOU CAN.

September 12, 2010
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You think you are all alone, but when i see you and I know you then you see me and then I see you, and then I help you and then I think of you as you think of me, and then we see each other and then you see me with my other and then we are all alone and then we are all together and then you see this whole mess is actually because i am . <-- a delusion. i am not special.

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