Friday, September 24, 2010
Ultra-fast Rubik's Cube solves


People love the Rubik's Cube so much that it turns out that one blog post isn't enough. The response to our last entry, featuring justinashar's stop-motion video and gregreesehd's footage of a cube being solved in about two minutes, drew numerous comments from people who said they knew of people who had solved the puzzle at much more lightning-ish speeds.


We also received three video demonstrations of the unscrambling process, with pwnage51 clocking in at 15.76 seconds for his filmed solve and cpelley at less than 23 seconds. iReporter numerguy came in at about 1 minute and 23 seconds, which is still a lot faster than I can do it.


Although the videos appear to be sped up, they are in real time. iReporters cpelley, numerguy  and pwnage51 shared some insight into why it looks that way. These speed cubers say they lubricate their cubes with WD-40 or silicon oil and tweak the inner workings to allow the mechanisms to work faster.


One commenter on the blog post, iRichard, brought up the question of whether the cubes were mixed up strategically to make solving easier. It was an interesting thought, so we posed it to our iReporting cubers. They said that in competition, computer algorithms determine the scrambling sequence for the cubes so everyone is on a level playing field.


Additional uploads shed light on how addicting the cubing hobby can be. cpelley shared photos of his intriguing Rubik's Cube-esque puzzle collection, which he said includes a total of more than 100 cubes and cube-like things. He has configurations of up to seven squares on each edge (a standard cube uses a 3x3 configuration on each face) and several related sorts of puzzles made from different polygon shapes. And numerguy posted a video of himself making his Rubik's Cube into patterned designs.


Thanks for the Rubik's Cube love, everybody. This is a shout-out to you. Be sure to post any further thoughts you have in the comments area below.

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September 27, 2010
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wow how cool thanks nsaidi

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