Monday, September 27, 2010
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Televangelist Eddie Long: 'I'm going to fight' sex allegations

The controversy surrounding Atlanta minister Eddie Long has generated quite a discussion with more than 2,350 comments on and 1,969 shares on Facebook. Long is accused of coercing young men into having sex, but vowed on Sunday to fight the allegations. Here's a sampling of the discussion:

nicki1980: We must take care to remember that this pastor is only accused of these crimes and claims he is innocent. I would like to see what proof of his innocence he has before I judge his character. Others have been falsely accused of crimes such as this, perhaps he has been too, we don't know until he has his chance to defend himself.
ken0068: It's Jim Bakker all over again.
livelikehim: Well said Nicki. Innocent until proven guilty. But the court of public opinion has said otherwise. The truth will forward soon. And the true liars will be exposed.

Tapes describe U.S. servicemen killing for sport in Afghanistan

693 comments and 166,493 recommends on Facebook


Navy Mom: Hello I can not even believe CNN ran this story. Don't they realize what our SOLDIERS are going thru over there. After being there for so long and seeing what they have to see happen to there brothers and sisters in combat this stuff is bound to happen. How can we punish our own especially when we are not over there to view what they view. Nor fighting for our freedom as they are. Who are we to judge exactly what happened. I highly doubt our soldiers who have seen their mates killed are thinking lets make sure we are courteous to them just incase this gets back to the US. OH YEAH THE COUNTRY WE ARE FIGHTING FOR. I bet the news reporter who got to read this story doesn't have any children over there fighting for us. Think before you sell out your own kind.


AF Guy: Well navy Mom I am currently serving and I have been deployed to Afghanistan twice..and find this deeply disturbing. How would you like it if an American murdered your someone in your family. Would be ok??? I highly doubt it. Murder is Murder.


Marty W.: Bad things happen in every war. Given the fact that this war is right in the middle of the opium mother lode for the whole planet, stories like these should shock no one. War is Hell. Even good people do bad things during wartime. Should we condone this type of action? Absolutely not. But do not be shocked with stories like this about war. They will never change. Again, War is Hell.



Recession's not over, public says

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mrbratt: Funny they (those who think all is rosy) seem to miss the point is that we traded 10 plus million jobs away and it is the lack of that revenue that is causing most of the pain. These jobs where traded in those so called free trade agreements. The only way we are going to get past these hard times is to get away from mega-producers and markets and buy local and get your work done by local folks. Folks want to work but there is no way to compete against the the big box stores and they don't want local made goods they only care about one thing and one thing only and that is its bottom line. Just my two cents worth.


PeterMo2010: This is the change we can believe it. Yeah, right. What a disaster this administration has created. November can't come soon enough..
kat40915: Obama didn't create all the problems that exist. Its been said for MANY presidential terms that the government is spending too much, we need other fuel sources, etc etc. Obama is not the root of all evil and he did not bring about these problems himself. Bush and his administration are part to blame. Clinton and his administration are part to blame, and so it goes on. And, the American people are partly to blame for the huge spending- part of our financial woes now came from living off of credit and not being personal and fiscally responsible for ourselves.  That said, I do believe Obama is steering our country on the fast track toward socialism. Its undeniable that he is. Socialism means more control for the government and less control for the people, and I can never support that.
johnny3jobs: You're right... the economic policies of the previous 8 years had nothing to do with the current situation "rolls eyes."

Patty2012: My husband lost his job of 18 years when his employer went out of business last year! Rather than go on unemployment...he took a job paying less that 1/2 what he was making...Our house and both cars are paid for.....yet, we are struggling to pay everyday bills! The stimulus bill was the FIRST major mistake.....and they're still asking for more!  Sorry, but yes, I resent the nightmare spending!



Katy Perry pokes fun at 'Sesame Street' controversy

Taylynn: C'mon people! Sesame Street is for educating the little children. I do not think they meant any harm towards Ms.Perry. I do believe that they should have told Katy they were not happy with the dress before she performed. Communication folks! Communication. Truth be told our children are being exposed to a lot of things we were not.
KellyB: Absolutely agree! Katy Perry would have been great on Sesame Street because she's so animated and the song is perfect. Why didn't they (the S.S. people) notice her outfit a little sooner???
J: I don't get it...don't they have a wardrobe department on set?

Comment of the day


"I hope if I was ever in that situation, my story would be as uncool as possible."


jth543210's reaction to passenger Alessandro Albero's statement that he almost wished that Saturday's emergency landing at JFK airport was "a little bit more bumpier or something just so we had a cooler story."

September 27, 2010
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I think Eddie Long is but one in a long list of sick, hypocrites.  He is a modern-day Pahrasee.  I honestly don't care of he is innocent.  The man is a hate-filled parasite.  It kills me that anyone who claims to believe in a loving God would listen to his venom and vitriol.  Nothing brings me more joy than to see that man writhe in his own filthy lies and preverications.  God dislikes a liar. I'm sure he loathes a hypcrite. 


What I don't get is how these young men were coerced into having sex with him.  Didn't they listen to his sermons? At any point, didn't they stand up and say, "Uh, Bish., just in case you didn't notice, I've got a Johnson."  To me, gay men who sleep with overt homophobes are like minorities who sleep with Klansmen.  It's disgusting.

September 27, 2010
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Are you saved BY Jesus Christ?

September 27, 2010
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This case is about the universal law of Right from Wrong, Good from Bad. He knows universal law prevails. He's a man of the Bible but, yet, he did not follow the rules. He took advantage of these young men. He did it. God bless them and BJ Berstein for coming forward! You are our heroes be strong! Love you all!

September 27, 2010
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I do not beleive in organized religion and this is why. Its a commodity...something for be sold by people who supposedly have that special "relationship with the almighty" And the money just rolls in..... What, may I ask, does a pastor need with giant muscles? This is a bling-wearing rolls-cruising conman.  Go ahead and mail him your money.  He laughs on the way to the bank with it and I can just shake my head...and can be just another dummy.  If there really is a God (and, I beleive there is, of some kind) do you HONESTLY think these people who are always apologizing for their actions....crying on tv.....on their you think God would actually choose them as his mouthpeice?  Really????????????????

September 27, 2010
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Eddie Long Alledged Sexual Coersion

My first thought was to pray for all parties. The subject is to close. I've heard stories seen stories and written stories for victims of abuse. My best friend is a sexual abuse counselor, my sister was a child molestation investigator.Several family members have been abused.

I have found more than the act it is the sense of betrayal by someone you look up to, someone that God has annointed to lead. It is the theoverwhelming emotion that God has betrayed the individual.

A couple of months ago during bible study one church member asked for prayer because a young woman that she knew had been hit on by the youth pastor. She was trying to make the decision whether to tell the girls parents. I wanted to scream.  This young lady was a victim. Secrets perpectuate guilt.The old adage what happens in the church stays in the church have caused many victims to blame themselves for the incident. If nobody wants them to tell then they must have done something wrong

Many people will rush to protect Pastor Long, and prayfully many will seek to understand  these young men whether they are truthful or not,

It is difficult to come forth with these allegations and the simple fact is that people already know the truth. whatever it may be

The truth will be exposed but what will happen to these individuals. How will they heal emotionally? How will they rebuild their faith? In the darkest hour what will be their journey?



September 27, 2010
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so do you believe in nightclubs?

Bad things happens everywhere. The guy is wrong but it doesn't mean all the religions are bad

September 27, 2010
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I KNOW THAT PEOPLE ARE TAKING THINGS THE WRONG WAY BUT I PROMISE YOU, BE CAREFUL JUDGE NOT THAT YE BE JUDGED NOT. THIS MAN OF GOD WILL WIN WITH JESUS ON HIS SIDE. HE IS MORE THAN A CONQUEROR! I could tell ALOT OF YOU who comment on things like this don't really know the deepness of God and being in church. You probably judging on the outside, but see I've been a person of promiscuity and been a person delivered. I was raised in the church and grew up without my natural father. In order for a man of Bishop Eddie Long to be gay he would have to cross on spiritual and biblical by-laws and this would have had to happen way before 3 to 4 years. This would have had to be a thing that he was struggling with for years.  SECOND PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND BUT A PERSON THAT IS HOMOSEXUAL IS REALLY IN A REPROBATED MINDSET MEANING GOD HAS ALREADY TURNED THEIR MIND OVER TO THE DEVIL FOR THE DEVIL TO USE THEM IN ALL UNRIGHTEOUS ACTIVITIES THAT GOD DID NOT MEAN. THERE IS AN ANSWER TO EVERYTHING IN THE BIBLE IF YOU READ AND RESEARCH CAREFULLY BUT I COULD TELL YOU AND OTHERS DON'T READ YOUR BIBLE GOOD ENOUGH AND GET AN UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT PROCESS THIS TAKES. I’ve been very promiscuous and I knew when I was masturbating being that I was saved  it was hard for me to stop. Because of the fact I was rejected and hurt by so many men over time I reverted to masturbation to fill the place of loneliness in my life and rejection. I began to watch porn and thought about stripping and selling my body because that was only way I thought I could feel better about myself.  Doing all of this, is when I began to look at porn and as I looked at porn I wanted to look like the women I saw in porn and began look at in the way not realizing the spirit of homosexuality and other spirits was coming up.  Eventually gay females like never before began to approach me and want to be around me.  The secret life I was living allowed spirit of homosexuality to attach themselves to me without me even knowing it.  I promise you it would have to take Eddie Long being rejected by a woman (which he hasn’t for a while because he has a beautiful wife) or been rejected several times and he would have to had dealing with this for more than 3 to 5 years.  He showed no signs of this before so that’s why I can watch the deepness and background of a person and how they fall into different behaviors and understand if they did it or not.   MOST OF ALL, DURING THE TIME WHERE HIS OFFICE WAS BROKEN INTO THE YOUNG MAN THAT STOLE THE THINGS HE STOLE ALSO STOLE HIS CELL PHONE AND DURING THAT TIME HE WAS SET UP…THE DUDE MORE THAN LIKELY GOT THE PICTURES OF THE CELL PHONE AND SENT THEM TO HIMSELF AND THE OTHERS AND PROBABLY TEXT MESSAGES DURING THIS TIME. I KNOW BECAUSE I’VE BEEN SNEAKY BEFORE AND THOUGHT ABOUT DOING THINGS LIKE THIS.  AFTERWARDS WHEN THEY FOUND OUT WHO IT WAS HE ASKED FOR A PLEA BARGAIN IN EXCHANGE OF GIVING THE THINGS BACK JUST TO PLAY THINGS OFF BUT REALLY HE KNEW  ALL THE TIME HE HAD DID SOMETHING TO EDDIE’S PHONE BUT ONLY PRETENDED THAT HE KEPT THE STUFF AND NO ONE NEVER THOUGHT THAT WHILE HE HAD THE STUFF HE PROBABLY WAS DOING THINGS ON EDDIE’S PHONE. ALL OF THE ACCUSER S PROBABLY GOT MAD OF A DECISION EDDIE DID OR SAID TO THEM THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH A RELATIONSHIP. A LOT OF TIME WHEN PASTORS CHASTISE PEOPLE WE DON’T FEEL GOOD. WHEN A PASTOR HAS TOLD ME ABOUT MYSELF I DIDN’T FEEL GOOD WHEN HE CORRECTED ME.  BUT WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO REALIZE IS IF YOU PICKED THAT PASTOR TO BE YOUR UNDERSHEPPARD UNDER GOD THEN YOU HAVE TO LET HIM CHASTISE YOU AS WELL. THIS DUDED OBVIOUSLY WAS MAD ABOUT THIS AS WELL AS THEY COULD HAVE BEEN HURT FROM PAST CHURCH HURTS WITH PASTORS AND WANTED TO TREAT EDDIE THE WAY THE OTHER PASTORS DESERVED TO BE TREATED.  THEY PROBABLY THOUGHT HE WOULD COMPROMISE WITH THEIR SINS. GAY OR NOT THE DUDE THAT HAD A BABY OBVIOUSLY IS GAY SOMEWHERE BECAUSE AIN’T NO MAN IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD HAVE SENSE TO SIT THERE AND LET SOMEONE MOLEST THEM AT THE AGE OF 16 THRU 18. YOU ARE OF AGE THEN.  ME AND MY TWIN BROTHER GREW UP WITHOUT OUR FATHER AND MY TWIN BROTHER NEVER LOOKED UP TO OUR SAVED MINISTER UNCLES FOR ANYTHING. MY BROTHER IS HARDCORE AND HE DON’T PLAY THAT. HE LEARNED HOW TO BE A MAN ON HIS OWN THRU THE STREETS AS WELL SO I DON’T GET THAT. YES I HAVE LOOKED UP TO THIS PASTOR BEFORE AND THINKING HE COULD PROTECT ME IN THIS INCIDENT THAT HAPPENED AND HE DID NOT SO I WAS HURT BECAUSE I LOOKED UP TO HIM BUT THEN I WASN’T SURPRISED BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY HEARD WHEN I FIRST CAME TO THE CHURCH THAT HE HAD TOLD THIS GUY BAD THINGS ABOUT ME TO KEEP HIM FROM DATING ME. BUT I’M NOT BITTER ABOUT IT ONE BIT. I LEFT THERE AFTER 3 YEARS. SO LET ME HELP YOU OUT.

September 27, 2010
Click to view Ladielibra73's profile

While some are judging Rev. Eddie Long and within their heart finding him guilty of a crime he has only be "accused" of.  Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  Whether he is innocent or guilty. God has the final say in all of it. My prayers go out to his family and membership at his church.  This must be a very difficult time for everyone of concern.

September 27, 2010
Click to view newyorkjsw's profile

this man IS gay and has been lying to his wife and his brain washed group of sheep.


he may not be a bad person nor stupid but his taking advantga of these boys is

grounds for him steping down. many will want to fill his role.


as someone on msnbc who is both gay & black said today:  the church has been the platform black people have often built their life's around from before the civil war!


as seen here in some of these posts: religion will make people blindly loyal to its leaders to almost no end. built into the chruch is the whole forgivness concept.

eddie is ride that horse to it drops or rides on!!!


the church is a man (litterally)  man creation and has little if anything to do with the actual higher poer of our soul & universe.


religion buy its nature, gives full power in which you don't question it!

throw this moron out of the building, others will take up the needed words in this

community in need of such.

September 27, 2010
Click to view FakeGod's profile

This sick pedo have been spreading hatred to make a living from gullible worshipers. Now it is time for such an evil to go to hell. Amen.

September 28, 2010
Click to view snookum's profile

Sometimes, God has to reveal the sins of our "so called" ministers because otherwise, if their sins were not found out, they'd corrupt countless many others.  Only God and the victims knows the truth.  Whatever God wants made known will be brought to light.  It doesn't matter how we as individuals feel about it one way or another.  We need to continue to pray for all people everywhere because satan is out to destroy mankind any way he can.

September 28, 2010
Click to view Sidetalk10's profile

The people are missing the point in this case of Mr Long.  Just a quick view of his lifestyle will tell you this person its not fit for the Word.  Tax free self-indulgence life style recieving "donations" to support his million dollars status does not go with Christ life.  It also does not justified ANY deed he might had done for any other person.  Sexual encounters with parishioners its a consequence of that lifestyle.  I saw one video of one of his sermons "Cross it up", it was good for entertain but very far from the holy Word.  The fack that were parishioners throwing money at the platform, putting a price to the Word ??!! its a disgrace, and it has nothing to do with God.  Jesus in one ocassion kicked out salers from the Temple, this will be the exact same case.


No human is perfect, but when you are the leader of the floc you must respond to a higher stardards.  You have to look the whole picture, its not only mr Long, its any religious leader that sustain the same kind of lifestyle does not belonge to the Word, it will be an insult to imply that.  This goes with any church that is mixed with excesive money, sales, profit, extravances and politics.

Sexual encounters of a priest behind doors its an old news among the aberrations occured infront of the parishioners in the church and they accepted them as good.  They are insulting God everyday and they don't even realized about it.

September 28, 2010
Click to view lynn4you's profile

This is a very sad thing for everyone.  So many people put their trust in man and not God.  If this Pastor is guilty a lot of people will turn from God.  So let us all pray for everyone involve. 

September 28, 2010
Click to view StraitPaths's profile

I trust Carlton Pearson & All Others Will Read This ... The problem with correct Biblical interpretations with those who embrace homosexuality in the church is this: All unrighteousness is sin! The Bible has clearly included all types of sexual impurity as sin. Romans 1:18- gives an entire discourse on how God feels about the sin of homosexuality. Therefore, we cannot embrace it as good or right before God. It matters not what the government or man's law allows – it's still a sin, just like lying and stealing ...etc. So the correct view for all who embrace this is simple, in God's eyes it is an evil that transforms His prize creation (MAN) into something it wasn't created to be/do. We still must love the sinner, but hate the sin – and homosexuality is a sin. I can't condone lying, cheating, and stealing any more than a homosexual can condone this immoral relationship before a HOLY GOD. To want God to embrace either of these sins and accept us eternally in that state, negates our need for a Savior – Jesus the Christ!

September 28, 2010
Click to view rgj's profile

I listing to Pastor Long comment on Sunday.  Due to the fact this is accusation.  I strongly believe he have some contact with these young man.  He stated that not perfect man this is the key stated.  When you used the term not perfect you're guilty for some action.  Pastor Long is not telling his congregation and the viewer the true fact.  No man will send those type of picture to another man unless he is gay?  I used to listen to his ministries, but turn off.  I not please of his action, but I strongly believe he was involved.  Why are you taking young man on plan trip to different country and standing in the hotel.  The Bible stated God will removed the cover, people face the fact.  God is shaken up these mega church, because sin is being implemented in the House of God.  He shall step down and repent.  Hiss congregation is so blind, but done want to believe the truth.  Who are they believing God or Pastor Long.  Let the truth be told.  When Long fall his empire with fall.  Wake up New Birth Wake Up sin is in front of you and you can't see.  Long is going to paid greatly.  He need to stop using the word of God to hid his sin.

September 28, 2010
Click to view leraemixon's profile

Eddie Long


The Word of God tells us to judge nothing before the time.  I think everyone needs to pray for the man and stop judging.  Many of us "Christians" are doing and saying things we have no business.  We all have sinned and are sinning, God just has not exposed us yet. If the allegations are true let God handle that.  We are not God.  Pray and intereced for all parties involved.  I do believe that if the allegations are in fact true he needs to sit down, not forever, but for a little while, as well as some of these other pastors/evangelist that have found themselves falling into the traps of the flesh.  Show some respect for the seriousness of the situation whatever it maybe and sit yourself down for a season until you get yourself together.  Quit doing these things and jumping back up in the pulpit so quickly, show some respect for God, his word and the people you're trying to reach.  As my spiritual mother use to say.  "SIT YOH CLYDE DOWN AND GET YOH SPIRIT RIGHT!"

September 28, 2010
Click to view StraitPaths's profile

I agree wholeheartedly with leraemixon, and I certainly don't want anyone to think my comments earlier were meant to accuse or condemn Eddie Long. Our job is to pray that all become better Witnesses/Christians through this situation. Nevertheless, the scandal is sure to be another notch in the devil's belt with the mud slinging (regardless).

My only concern was the correct Biblical view on the issue/topic of homosexuality. I see the ploy of Satan in using key people to promote and embrace this sin against God's original design, whenever such issues come to light. "NO ... not Eddie Long, but instead, those who say Homosexuality is NOT a sin."

September 28, 2010
Click to view bigkev196's profile

When did we as a black race become so ignorant when it comes to religion. How did we forget the simple rules of right and wrong. We should take a long look in the mirror and realize that we need to get back to the old time religion and the old time church beliefs. To see all those followers of that piece of garbage Eddie Long is so sad. That coward is a preditory animal that has a hunger for teenage boys. Those brainwashed followers serve thier kids up like a buffett.  You cannot tell me that nobody knew that eddie long was a pediphile, hell that so -called first lady knew!!! Her husband is taking all these trips with these young boys and she said nothing. I condem her as well as his staff for letting the animal out of his cage. People at N/B. Save your children. save your church. Save your dignity!!!

September 28, 2010
Click to view newyorker55's profile

i'm not sure if this GUY is guilty but !

1  thing i do beleive this PRINCESS81 is a screwball(NUTS)  read her post

September 28, 2010
Click to view davidwill96's profile

Here's the thing about this issue. Don't Judge as it is not our right to judge as Humans, only God has that right. Yes if he did do it there will be punishment to him from the courts, not the public.


My issue with Eddie as a Christian is more than if he did it, but look at his lifestyle as a Pastor really, you need the houses and cars and the 10,000 dollar suits to be a Pastor..... If I went to this Church I would never give a dime to the collection plate. Someone is paying for those suits, trips, dinners, cars, and houses. Beleive me the way he presents himself is not in a Christian way forget the issue at hand....

September 28, 2010
Click to view bigkev196's profile

Well first of all. To join that church, you have to present your W-2 as proof of your earnings. So now do you see how he has all that expensive jewelry and cash. Take a look at his house and judge for yourself. JESUS DID NOT RIDE AROUND ON STALLIONS!!!

September 28, 2010
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what amazes me is that we a individuals have so many opinons about what everyone else is doing , how they are living, there mistakes, there triumphs,,,we have an opinion about EVERYTHING!! The truth of the matter is that yes...we expect leaders to have a standard, we hold them to high expectations. But in the end they are all lust men and women. In corporate america as well as the church, we hear of rumors all the time. If we spend more time focusing on us and not on the allegations or rumors about everyone else, we can develop and be better people. We all have issues problems, and things that are not as the should be in ourlife..(porn, cheating on taxes, overeating) we just pick out the things that we thing are worse than others so converstaions about Eddie Long, or Ted Haggard are pointless and meaningless. He will have his chance to prove his innoence. His only responsibility is to GOD First, Family Second, Public Opinoinm (not included).  I have heard hundreds of stories of people accusing someone or wrong doing some true, some not. We need to focus on our selves and check our  systems of beliefs and be faithful to those whatever they are....and leave the Bishop and his church to handle this..

September 28, 2010
Click to view MINISTER414's profile

@ PRINCESS. I dont think you understand what a reprobate mind is. It certainly has nothing to do with being a homosexual. Lesbianism is a spirit, which one can be delivered from. It is a desire within some people's fleshe. It certainly does not indicate that one is destined to hell, if we re not careful we will find our selves on the outside looking in with gay people walking right throught those pearly gates. WHy? Jesus came that we may have forgiveness for our sins. He knew that without him God would have to punish his children, and because we hav free will or we are grown in the spirit as I like to call it, we do things that may not please him. Now every parent has a child that doe some dumb stuff and Eddie Long is no different. If he did do it, he needs to start with repentance and those of us who may be watching need to pray and shut up, what if God exposed our mess, aired our stuff out like dirty lanudery. Now I'm a mother and I have boys and I also have the spirit of discernement, dont put it all on Eddie without making others who knew this may have been going on sit back and say nothing. I said all that to say this. God is not playing with us. We have to get his church in order, this is why some people dont go becauwe we are always in thenews ith some foolishness. We have to be about our Father's business and stay on our knees. The church has a different system of justice than the world. Thi shoud have been handled with the deacons who would have researched and if it were true they would hae sat the pastor down. Now all the good things New Birth has done are going unnoticed all of Eddie Long's good deeds are going un noticed and why, because he's in the news. Now for the accusers, Im really sorry if this happened to you under the car of the church, however if this was so wrong, why would anyone keep taking gifts, money, and consent to these acts if it was so immoral or did you actually like it Repentance is due all around. We are not perfect and we need to let GOd have his way before He exposes our dirt.

September 28, 2010
Click to view ThinkHigher's profile

This is serious people! The warfare against principalities is alarming. The end is approching and the Evil One is getting more enraged. LET US PRAY AND INTERCEDE! It's time to put down all the things that are weighting us down and draw closer o God, the MIGHTY ONE. Jehovah-Teskanhu(sorry if it's mispelled) God the RIGHTOUS will take care of it all. PRAY PRAY PRAY. SAVE US HOLY GHOST!

September 28, 2010
Click to view prophetj's profile

...I can tell that some of the bloggers are so late!!..I use to belong to NEW BIRTH before i relocated... uhh never was asked to show W2..matter of fact never was asked any financial questions...also my 3 children still go there...facts lets state what we know not what we have heard

September 28, 2010
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September 28, 2010
Click to view Hobbsie's profile

I am a 33-year old Christian man.


Whether the allegations are true or not, it would simply reaffirm for me that no one is above sin.  Only by the grace of Jesus we are saved.  Everyone is equally tempted, and tried, and equally without a right to enter heaven.  No one is worthy or righteous on his or her own.


One of the general things that I see as I read many religiously charged blogs is how people have a lot of anger toward God in these times.  I think it's because God's presence seems to be ever absent from our suffering. I understand this and have felt it myself, and why we all struggle with unbelief.  We store up our disappointment toward God and the church, and we carry past hurts.  We see the weaknesses in our church leaders be it often pride, arrogance, choleric rudeness, or whatever, and yet some of these pastors (it should be all of them) persist in preaching the truth of the gospel as though they live up to it.  Well let me tell you something, they have to preach the truth, even if they aren't living up to it.  I would have to preach the literal and plain teaching of scripture even though I don't live up to it if I were a pastor.  Try and find a human being on this earth who could live up to God's standard for morality given in the Bible.  Nobody does.  It is a set of goals to strive for.  So despite the sin of the sinner, you have to let the truth be preached and let God be the judge in the end.  I do hope that Long is not guilty of these sex crimes though.  We don't need more people in this nation doubting the church.  There is still a lot of LIGHT left in the church of America folks, despite all the brokenness the media focuses on.  There is a lot of good being done, and people caring about each other.


Our society since the 60's generally hates any type of authority figure, especially when it's a man in this anti-male feminist age.  They really lie in wait hoping for him to fall.  It's a shame that we have a propensity as humans to be accusers, instead of trying to restore our fellow men and women when they fall down.


Keep striving to live for those high moral standards, honor God with your best, and realize that you will fail at times, but don't stop trying.  Admit that you are trying, and that it is a struggle for you.  Let your children and the people around you see you work to hold yourself up to these things, but never think for a minute that you deserve to judge anyone else because of your conviction for doing so.  We have to maintain our effort at Godliness and goodness, so this country doesn't collapse into a hell on earth.  There is so much anger, hurt, and hatred that needs healing.  Give the people at your church near you a hug; especially your pastor.

September 28, 2010
Click to view ThinkHigher's profile

@ hobbsie. I couldn't have said it better myself. People, we need to READ the Bible.

September 28, 2010
Click to view yoda121's profile

I think they should be able to get married in the church doctrine. i mean they are ruining christianity a religion that i have studied most of my life. the bible does not say anything about raping your communion. i think he should be punished to the fullest extent. he has broken the laws of the entire church.

September 28, 2010
Click to view tommy21183's profile

No printing money and giving out all these stimulus packages is not helping the economy.  Does anyone have a brain in this country anymore?  Put me in office I can have money printed and make our dollar worth less, hell anyone can do this.  Doesn't the president have something better to do than trying to prove to people that he is a christian?  Why does lady gaga have such an impact on politics and why would a senator want to talk to her about some military topic?  We might as well all go jump off a bridge because this country is doomed, this new generation has no clue.

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