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Don't know much about religion? You're not alone, study finds

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Munch: The premise of this story seems confused. To have faith, to believe in God, to follow a particular religion does not require knowledge of what people on the far side of the globe or even what people down the block believe, does not require knowledge of other religions' tenets or history. The article confuses individual belief with Social Studies. I do not need to know what religion the Dalai Lama practices to be a devout Catholic.


Larry: I was force fed religion for my first 12 years of school. Learned a lot, but am now an agnostic. I think agnostics did well on the test because of early training. Too much to soon soured me on everything religious.


Kt: This was shown as Southern Bible Belt believers didn't know much about the religion. Which in fact it didn't hardly have anything to do with the Bible. Most Southern Bible believers study Christ not Luther and Mother Teresa.


Food allergies make kids a target of bullies

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FLCan2531: If the same kid waved a knife at this child, or even threatened to bring one to school, he would have been dealt with severely. For some children, peanut allergies TRULY are matters of life and death. If you have never lived with this or known someone who has, it is difficult to understand. And to those who are saying this child should stand up or get into an altercation with the kid (punch him in the face, etc.) need to remember this child had an allergic reaction to just touching peanuts and breathing in peanut particles. Smacking the granola bar out of his hand would be like getting in a fight with someone with a loaded gun. This stuff is not a joke, people. Kids DIE from this crazy allergy. My kids don't suffer with this, but I certainly feel for those who do.


autumnwind3: Believe it or not, my niece has attended school for 17 years with a young man so allergic to peanuts that if you eat a peanut butter sandwich and then breathe in his face, he will end up in the ER. She has seen it happen to him twice. Mostly because he doesn't make a big deal of his allergy, so sometimes new acquaintances aren't aware. His parents understand that he can't live in a bubble his whole life, so he must learn to cope with the real world, trips to the ER and all. He's never been bullied about it, to my knowledge.


1amwendy: I don't want to come across as politically incorrect, but I fear that we are potentially breeding an entire generation of children that will not have developed inner strength to deal with difficulty. IMHO, there is no human system - physical, emotional or intellectual - that does not weaken without appropriate challenge. I am not condoning bullying, but guys, kids need to become strong and resilient. They need to challenge and exercise their emotional resilience as well as their minds and bodies. By providing an emotional cocoon we are doing them no favors.


missadr: This ridiculous. A food allergy is a weakness. Kids pick on any weakness. If you don't want to be picked on, don't show a weakness. really, a peanut-free-table?! That's insane. That's like saying "oh here I'm a wimpy boy with a weakness. Please highlight how weak I am." I seriously doubt that breathing near a peanut is going to make him dangerously sick. If it does, he shouldn't be in school at all. His mother should quit drawing attention to it because she's just making it worse. And I think the "breathing near a peanut" is something she made up because she's over-protective.


UFOs eyed nukes, ex-Air Force personnel say

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jryan: The truth will eventually be out there to all people. There are 100's of military and ex CIA and others who affirm the existence of ET's. These are just a few who had the bravery of setting aside ridicule and the name calling they will endure to tell the public the truth.


M_Edwards: At the end of the video when Robert Hastings makes a political statement about nuclear weapons as a supposed "message" by the supposed UFOs makes me doubt the validity of his claims. If these events did happen, how could Hastings possibly understand what the visits mean? It may range from a measurement of how well we could counter an invasion to simply being a measurement of our evolution as a society.


bob: While I don't disbeleive other life is out in space, it a big place and to assume we're alone is dumb. I do believe that if another life is out there and can travel in space, they are way far more advance than the human race. We're still fighting war among ourselves and don't try to take care of each other. I would take one look and go away too.


douglas: My question: Why does it matter? If these ET's are so advanced we cannot even track them, then they can just come and take our lunch whenever they want to right? So why do we worry about them. I mean, our most sophisticated weapons can be shut down by a floating disk? We might as well keep fighting ourselves, because we stand no chance against ET's. Time to stop worrying about aliens and worry about Earth.


Reality: People want to believe in UFO's. What is more terrifying, the thought that we are not alone...or the thought that we are?


Comment of the day (Times 3)


froogle100:  Nightmare on Sesame Street eh!


Chillaxophon: I want to sign up for some Elmo Self Defense classes


kommoncentz1: Other prisoners.."What are you in for.?"...I got beat up by Elmo....And then things go down hill.


CNN.com readers' reactions to the report that a man attacked a performer in an Elmo costume and ended up losing a fight to the "Sesame Street" star.

September 29, 2010
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I reports and comments are not getting posted, I just uploaded an ireport, but it has not got uploaded, something is wrong with the site

September 29, 2010
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