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The stories you're talking about: Wednesday, September 29

Eddie Long, Farmville, Shirvell's commenters were up bright and early Wednesday morning, and two big stories are getting the most attention.  People are really interested in Anderson Cooper's interview with the Michigan Assistant Attorney General intent on trying to discredit the gay president of the University of Michigan student body. Many commenters say his obsession with this young man is bizarre, to say the least. Many believe it borders on stalking.


The sexual coercion allegations surrounding Georgia pastor Eddie Long also has gotten commenters attention and has generated a fascinating discussion.


Here's a sampling of what readers are saying on the day's top stories. Some comments have been edited for length or clarity.


Michigan official targets gay student

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homosapien1: Whether on his own time or not, it's frightening that a person with his judgment, priorities, and obsession, has a position in the justice system. He shouldn't be allowed to mop the halls of justice let alone be on his way to becoming attorney general.


steuben: As the first openly-gay class president and student council president at Columbia University, I'm both amazed and repulsed by the bizarre fascination Shirvell has against Armstrong, a student he's never met and otherwise has no relationship with other than, as he says, a 'concerned' alum. To the most casual observer, Shirvell is cyberstalking this guy and, perhaps, harassing and defaming him under the state and federal legal statutes.


SoulardGuys: The world will be a much better place without people like Andrew Shirvell, assistant attorney general for the state of Michigan. I suspect Andrew is a deeply closeted gay man who has been fighting his internal homosexual feelings for many years. It's too bad Andrew just can't accept who he is and live his life for himself.


sdurham11: After seeing the interview on "Anderson Cooper 360" last night, I'd say Mr. Shirvell is frighteningly obsessed with gay college student Chris Armstrong. I got the feeling that Mr. Shirvell has some mental issues. When I heard he was stalking Mr. Armstrong by sitting outside his home and secretly video taping him, it reminded me of the movie "Fatal Attraction". If I were Mr. Armstrong, I'd retain an attorney and file a restraining order against Mr. Shirvell. What's even more frightening is that he's the Assistant Attorney General of the State of Michigan! If I were a resident of that State, I'd demand that he be fired from his job. He is clearly prejudice and has demonstrated that he's incapable of impartially representing and protecting the rights of all Michigan's citizens.


zivo24: Ok … I'm gay and I'll say it - let's stop with everyone labeling Shirvell as a closet homosexual. I don't even got a blip on my gaydar when I watch his interview.  What I do see is a very insecure, pathetic man who is obviously incredibly jealous of the fact that a gay man was able to get elected to an office that he obviously coveted himself when he was at UM but either didn't have support from others to win or perhaps even the balls to run for.  He is absolutely entitled to his First Amendment rights but he is already crossing the line into slander, libel and defamation of character, harassment and perhaps even stalking.  I loved it when Anderson Cooper said, "You're a grown man … " My thoughts exactly!! But he isn't acting like one.


He's very obsessive in a very immature way about this gay guy and I believe it's entirely due to his ingrained hate of people based on stereotypes that he has accepted as gospel. He should be fired from his job as assistant D.A., not because of anything he has said, but because he is clearly not able to put his personal biases aside in order to fulfill his duties of upholding the law and serving the public.


Accuser's message for Bishop Eddie Long: 'You are a monster'

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PCIncorrect: I watched the video and felt compelled. I am not aware of any young man that would risk his reputation, his families name, or his own masculinity over simple greed. This young man is courageous and scared for the rest of his life. I am personally proud of his actions - and disgusted by the man of 'God' tap dancing around with his BS response. Jamal - looks like you're more of a man than Eddie Long will ever be!!!


herewego2010: I want to address each and every person who decided to leave a  comment on this subject. Let me begin by saying that I am not in favor of the Bishop nor am I against him. I do not know what happened, I was  not there. I do want to say that if is guilty then he needs to seek the  proper help and prayer. We need to have an attitude of reconciliation not  hate or disgust. If he did it then ok, it was wrong, pray for him and  move on. It's not right to continue to drag people through the mud as if  we are perfect. If he is innocent then the young men that accused him also need to seek the proper help and prayer so that they may be restored. In either case, if you are going to be bold and post a comment, don't be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution. Pray that both parties can be restored.


ethannc: Can you imagine a boy of 17 who has no father and this man that 25000 worship comes to you and pays you special attention, lavishing you with gifts and taking you on trips? These boys would do anything he requests and fully believe him but finally come to realize they were taken in by a master manipulator as they became 20 or 21. For Catholics, this would be like the pope himself. It takes a lot of courage for these guys to come forward and admit these abuses and to let everyone know they were in a gay relationship.


barnes: "I am not a perfect man" and yet you stand in your pulpit and rain down hell and damnation on people YOU decide are sinners. The picture of him with his wife standing behind him speaks volumes. Let's ask the preacher's wife.


buckycat: 25,000 fools allow this man to live like a king and do the things he has done to these young men. Shame on the preacher and shame on the 25,000 weak minded members of this church.


gobo: To clarify for folks not reading the article: this is a civil  suit. He didn't break any laws, and isn't being charged with any crime. Is Mr Long a disgusting, hypocritical creep? Absolutely. But the young men involved were of the age of consent and no laws were broken.


Froglily: Actually, in this case, the accuser is David and Long is Goliath. With his church behind him, he can't possibly appear as the more disadvantaged party. The accusers have no one (but their families) on their's brave that they're standing up and speaking out.


nuzejunkie: I feel the evidence surrounding this situation points right to this pastor obviously abusing his post. People don't find themselves making such accusations without merit very often. These KIDS trusted this man and he used their trust for his own benefit. What makes this situation even more pathetic is, if this is true and I feel that it is, he is hiding behind God and a pulpit and his trusted followers. In the year 2010, it is sad enough at the number of youth turning their backs on God and the Church, without the help of cowards like this Man giving them personal reasons not to trust in Churches.


I am a homosexual male who is sickened by Men who cross this boundary in the first place, but for them to cross it as a Man of God, it is repulsing. The fact that he is now calling them "liars" is even worse. In order to be forgiven for your sins, you must first admit them and ask for forgiveness. I hope for his sake, he does. As far as these young men are concerned, I hope you are awarded the proper ruling in your case. God is good, no matter what and this coward will pay for his sins.


Why the no-fun 'FarmVille' is so popular

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mulldacity: Maybe these people should try running a farm in their community instead, so they can actually benefit humanity. But I guess that's just as easy as saying that I should go mine some iron instead of spending time playing Minecraft ... well, okay, farming is EASIER, alright!?


ENicolas: The social obligation is part of it. I was addicted to Farmville for about a year. The sense of progress and immediate gratification are what suck you in. Also the developers are constantly adding new features that tend to inter-relate, so the farm you've built up seems to take on a life of its own.... more The social obligation is part of it. I was addicted to Farmville for about a year. The sense of progress and immediate gratification are what suck you in. Also the developers are constantly adding new features that tend to inter-relate, so the farm you've built up seems to take on a life of its own. In the end, though, the excessive loading time, the amount of time you sit in the game paused as it does stuff, and the incessant push to spend real money on it get to be so annoying you give it up. What was surprising was how much of a decision giving it up was. I literally thought about it for a solid week before I quit.

Someone can make money selling "I Survived Farmville" t-shirts.


RoscoeC: My Facebook page was filled with comments about Farmville. I finally had to defriend 2 people so I could actually see real messages. I also did not want anybody to know I associated with people who had nothing better to do than play Farmville.


DeeinJersey: I don't agree with this article at all. I play FV, and I am not ashamed. I do not play because of heavy advertising, and I do not play because I feel guilty about other players' farms. I play because it is FUN. It is fun to decorate my farm and plan how I will plant my crops. It also can be competitive, which I like. Do these authors honestly believe that MILLIONS of people would play a game that they do not enjoy?! Give me a break.


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Comment of the day


"Take your index finger and poke yourself in the eye, now count to three, and do it again. Repeat for a while...isn't this more exciting than Farmville? And no ads!"


BoyHowdie may not have the last word in the Farmville discussion, but his comment was one of the funniest.


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September 29, 2010
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Farmville is a serious time sucker! And a quick message to you Farmville players who blurt out your wants and needs for your farm to all your Facebook friends....please stop....we really don't care and you are then wasting our time.

September 29, 2010
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Maybe we can solve this whole problem by imprisoning Eddie Long in Farmville with Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell. Long can be his "Daddy".

September 29, 2010
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On the very day of Happy Aquarium's 1st birthday, you talk about Farmville?????   HA!!

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