Tuesday, October 05, 2010
Getting to know Brunei


Ever heard of Brunei? The man behind BruneiTweet hopes to change that.


We discovered BruneiTweet, who asked to remain anonymous, in our quest to receive an iReport from every country in the world (we're calling it the iReport Global Challenge). Brunei was one of the missing countries on our list, so we reached out to the prolific Twitter user for some help.


Instead of sharing his own story, BruneiTweet reached out to his Twitter followers with a simple ask: Share a photo that sums up your life as a Bruneian. Within nine hours, he had more than 80 snapshots from 20-plus people.  brusurf sent a shot from the 8-kilometer trail he runs each day; 4mywong snapped a photo of a shiny red sports car; orchidrow shared the best place to get chocolate-mint ice cream in town. Together, the photos create a unique portrait of Brunei.


Brunei homemaker Sarah Therese Alvisse also shared several reports from the southeastern Asian country. In one, she highlights the local sights and landmarks, including the Parliament building, a famous mosque and popular foods such as barbecue and crabs. "I find Brunei special because the people here are so charming and life here is simple and carefree," she said.


Teaching others about Brunei is exactly what BruneiTweet hopes to accomplish. Through his Twitter account and website, he says he aims to “help the world discover and rediscover this place they call the Abode of Peace, through the stories of the people.”


There are dozens more countries we’re waiting to hear from, particularly in Africa. Check out our Global Challenge list here, and if you've visited or know someone living in any of these places, please spread the word.

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