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Plover9Cloud had the readers comment of the day, which was actually a comment about yesterday's Overheard on Well the joke's on you Plover9Cloud - we've got a whole team (albeit a small team) of people who totally get paid to not only read user comments but to help put together posts like this one. Hey, we're trying something new here so your feedback - positive and negative - is appreciated. Keep it coming.


Our commenters are out in force Friday, giving us their opinions on a wide range of stories. The big talker right now is New Jersey killing a big project to build a tunnel under the Hudson River. This has sparked a conversation about fiscal responsibility, politicians doing what they say they’re going to do,  and government cost overruns. An interesting sub-theme: some commenters say this is the ideal time for big infrastructure projects like this one and think Governor Christie is dropping the ball.


Christine O’Donnell continues to fascinate.  Her interview with CNN reporter Jim Acosta certainly has people talking. And many readers today are congratulating the Nobel committee for awarding this year’s peace prize to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. But not everyone is pleased with the decision.


Interesting conversations


N.J. governor kills Hudson River tunnel project

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As a Jersey resident who is paying taxes up the wazoo I cannot express enough how happy I am that we finally have a governor that does not treat our state budget like 14 year old at the mall with daddy's credit card.



Finally a politician trying to hold true to what he promised the tax payers. of course cnn would try to make it look like a bad idea.



When is our country going to realize we need to vastly improve our public transit systems and stop relying on our cars. It's a national travesty. I just got back from visiting 3 countries in Europe the train system there makes our country look pathetic. It seems like a worthwhile project. I believe those tax increases sound like a good idea. If you don't have the money then you don't have the money but to cancel indefinately........ weak.



Clearly none of you are familiar with the cost overruns of the big dig in boston. I think his estimations of overruns are LOW.


O'Donnell to CNN: 'I've matured'

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"Today we found out that a third college Christine O'Donnell said she attended has no record of ever knowing her. I'm starting to wonder if she ever really went to Hogwarts." —Bill Maher



Apparently Ma'am, you have not matured. You are still telling lies like "Healthcare Reform is a massive government takeover" ...It is not and you know it. What you and your Republican friends want to do is to repeal it altogether, and then continue to keep kicking it down the road, or pass some even further watered down bits and pieces of nothing that once again empowers the insurance companies.



In my profession, someone caught fudging their resume the way she did would be ousted immediately. Thank goodness for politics so that the otherwise unemployable can get jobs.



The woman is a total nut. If - like the people of our (MN) 6th Congressional District who adore Michele Bachmann - the people of Delaware elect this person, they deserve everything they'll get.


Chinese dissident wins Nobel Peace Prize

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Congratulations too the Nobel Foundation for not given in the CCP threaths, you embodie the spirits of the free thinkers and Human Rigths.



Again the Noble Peace Prize has been hijacked by politics.



I'd like to think that politics has been thankfully hijacked by peace.



As a Chinese,I just want to say that we are going forward, and we are progressing. Thank you for your kindness, but we Chinese don't like this prize.


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October 8, 2010
Click to view burmafrd's profile

the chinese that say that are part of the reason why the Communists are able to stay in power. What is that old saying: "Those that sacrifice Liberty for Security in the end get neither"

October 8, 2010
Click to view margd's profile

My only complaint about your blog on readers' comments is that there aren't enough.  Sometimes they're the best part of the story.


As for O'Donnell:  one of the reasons there are so many comments about her is because CNN had 3 front page stories about her today. 

October 8, 2010
Click to view Vsaxena's profile

Where's my comments? Better yet, how much I gotta PAY YOU to highlight my comments? lol j/k. Have a great Friday.

October 8, 2010
Click to view yourfired's profile

You can't handle my comments!

October 8, 2010
Click to view BootsMegamix's profile

95% of CNN commenters have no clue what they're talking about. 

October 8, 2010
Click to view thaevid's profile

You're not the only ones out there paid to make comments. Just look at the story "What went wrong for Democrats?" Every conservative-leaning comment sounds exactly the same. I got suspicious reading them because there are literally only a few words different and they are on identical message. To paraphrase: "What went wrong? It was Obamacare and the arrogance of Pelosi and Reid. But America will speak in November and throw the socialists out!"  Go check them yourselves and you will see: the Republican party has paid writers on CNN to slant the comments.

October 8, 2010
Click to view Wzrd1's profile

No, Dave. The republican party didn't pay anyone, they didn't need to.

They have enough mindless drones following every word said like it was a grand revelation from above, then parrot that nonsense here.

I've read the same thing happen in the articles on the "ground zero" Islamic center. All parroted comments from a select few religious noisemakers out there. The fine folks I call the Christian Taliban.

October 8, 2010
Click to view d1pd74's profile

these "tea party republicans need to quit hiding.

October 8, 2010
Click to view notFauxNews's profile

Dave, right on

October 8, 2010
Click to view mbi55's profile

Hi CNN!  I am an avid viewer who also throughly enjoys FOX and NPR.  I consider myself a moderate in terms of political views.  NOW to get to the point - I really want to like Parker Spitzer but come on you guys - (1) get a bigger table for them - he is just too big to be right on top of her and when you have guests YIKES!  Not enough $$ for a decent sized classic Harkness table?? (2) tell him to LISTEN more and shut up- we all know he is very smart and Ivy educated but it is a turn off (3) also she needs to not wear the same blouse twice (green) in one week and (4) we the viewer do not want to feel like we're at their cocktail party.  Lastly, please DON"T bring Rick Sanchez back to continue acting like a fool (coed with a schoolboy crush) with Brooke (last name?)  TY, Mary (Bronxville,NY )

October 8, 2010
Click to view WMesser58's profile

CNN always censors what people say. I disagree with it "PERIOD".  Yes there is inane comments from inane children but, it's still "AMERICA".


For the record on a question that I can't believe is a question except that it's 24/7 news and they have nothing better to report.


G.W.Bush is a war criminal stop comparing him with anyone except Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini.

October 8, 2010
Click to view notFauxNews's profile

ok, let's just stop pretending and say it how it is. this is coming from someone who's running a dot com start-up. this is referred to as "disqus spoofing". cnn outsources blog comment management to disqus (.com). they are a "blog" plugin, if you will. their "technology" (if you can call jscript and html "technology") has certain limitations. exploiting these limitations is "spoofing". things like, "liking" a comment from different IP's, for instance. one cen access the same article through different proxies (google it, proxy browser), and each "like" would appear to have come from a unique "reader". this is due to the fact that disqus does not require login for "liking" (unlike yahoo or others). anyway, don't want to bore you with all of this mumbo-jumbo, the point is if someone wanted to promote a comment (any comment), they could wrack up hundreds of "likes" within half a that the cat is out of the bag, I must disclose I have not used it my comments, but I do suspect that some of the "conservative tealiban" peeps do it daily. peace out and keep it classy, people. reject hate, embrace friendship.

October 8, 2010
Click to view notFauxNews's profile

I know, WMesser. I do believe even stupidity needs to be exposed for what it is. there is so much uglinness and pure anti-intellectual ignorant resentment, it's like "you wingnuts are on the internet, hello, try at least behave like you have evolved accordingly". right on.

October 8, 2010
Click to view rednip's profile

Something like three quarters of the comments on the NJ train story were critical of the governor, yet 3 out of 4 of the comments CNN picked were praising him.  One of them even likens the project to the 'big dig', which was a series of projects that totally changed the Boston landscape and was about re-routing a working city interstate without significant interruption, rather than a new train tunnel project.  The fact that it is already 600 million dollars toward done was a big reoccurring theme in the discussion, but that was totally missed apparently by you. 

October 8, 2010
Click to view WMesser58's profile

@bootsmegamix How's it feel being one of them.

October 8, 2010
Click to view BearPoet's profile

Oh Christine you should have at least monitored some of the college courses at all of those intuitions you didn’t attend. Then perhaps you would understand that maturing and getting older are not the same thing.   On the other hand with your communications skills you may have confused Mature with Manure. In Witch (spelling intended) case you are correct you are More Manure  

October 8, 2010
Click to view Brainskip's profile

Free Marc Emery!!! ¡¡¡ʎɹǝɯǝ ɔɹɐɯ ǝǝɹɟ

October 8, 2010
Click to view Brainskip's profile

Free Marc Emery!!!!

October 8, 2010
Click to view thaevid's profile

Wzrd1- that prospect is even worse.

October 9, 2010
Click to view Eherman's profile

Anyone have an idea why I have been blocked from posting for about two weeks?  I don't post rude, obscene, or inappropriate comments.  CNN never gave me a reason -- I would assume that they could send an email if they purposely blocked me.  But I am unable to post on most articles, for no reason I can fathom.


Any ideas, or suggestions as to how to fix it (or at least find out why)?

October 9, 2010
Click to view thaevid's profile

notFauxNews - I saw this happen before on the Seattle PI forum.  It's a clone game.  One or few individuals with multiple accounts. They want to make it look like a bunch of conservatives are writing. But the thing is, one person can't write so differently over the course of many comments that it isn't obvious to a reader looking for it.  And if you consider that they are spending multi-millions on TV ads to sway the public, paying a few bozos to troll CNN and any other forums isn't at all a stretch.  Especially with Karl Rove in the mix.  Anything. Absolutely any untruth, smear or dirty trick is on the table. You can count on it.

October 9, 2010
Click to view Eherman's profile

DaveZ0:  I'm not sure it is a wise tactic.  Rove is ruthless, but he is also a brilliant strategist.  The nasty, stupid comments make me mad -- not at the administration, but mad at conservatives.  Over the course of a few weeks they make me furious -- enough to not only vote, but donate time and money towards candidates who is not conservative.


If I were unique in this, I don't think it matters, but I doubt I am the only one.  Nothing energies a party like blatant lies from the other side of the aisle.  The one thing the GOP does NOT want is massive numbers of democrats voting.  So anything that might mobilize them is a poor tactic.


Basically, the republican base is already fired up.  It is not necessary to attack Obamacare or Pelosi over and over again -- they will be voting.  The CNN comments are more likely to convince democrats to vote at this point, I think.

October 9, 2010
Click to view fatty619's profile

my comment about how internet people are garbage because they hate on nobel peace prize winners was not posted ftl.

October 9, 2010
Click to view lenoirlady's profile

If we all develope selective amnesia we will fail as a nation and will cease to be the great country we could have remained.  The GOP is not conservative any longer. It is now the FAR right religious movement that has hijacked the entire party.  We are being sold Mormonizm by Beck and Hatch - and others.  A vast, and growing, right wing cult, so step right up!  Three shots for a $ !!!  You to can take a ride on the White Horse of the Apocalypse.

October 9, 2010
Click to view jrambo778's profile

We need jobs for American people now.Please focus on how to create jobs for America before talking about other issues!!!

October 9, 2010
Click to view icenvon's profile

O Donnell: We need to focus on the issues. I believe that is her strength. Her opponent can't do that because he has nothing new or good for Delaware

Nobel Prize: The Nobel Prize is nothing more than a political tool

New Jersey: Well done, Governor

October 9, 2010
Click to view supwer's profile

Thomas Jefferson said "Those who sacrifice a litle liberty, for a little security, will gain neither, and lose them both" Good quote for this situation burm

October 9, 2010
Click to view jaydipbh66's profile

We have 800 billion to rescue the investbank fat cats, billions more on misused funds on governments and countries that directly support terrorism,  but not 10 billion dollars to spend on infrastructure and schools - when will our politicians relaize priorities ?

October 9, 2010
Click to view Fixer2010's profile

I personally think that people need to research socialism.  It is a term I see used multiple times by

posters who are angry with the government, but I'm not sure they really know what it is. In fact, I would say that 9 in 10 people use/have used programs brought forth to this country by socialistic values.  Irony at it's best.  People need to quit listening to hogwash and inform themselves. 

October 9, 2010
Click to view missmcq's profile

My favorite collection of comments for a CNN story were those posted about people's guilty food pleasures.

October 10, 2010
Click to view superdave008's profile



I'M NOT A REPORTER now but I did have a radio show for 6 years..and it was call in live  when you got it wrong you got an ear full.  You must be clueless !


I read your results for attendance at both rally's and then watched Orielly on fox to check your ability to report clearly ..


FACT;            You said 87k at the 828.

FACT;              You said 87k at the 1 nation rally


Are you dumb , mislead or stupid?


Fact  orielly said 450k and no litter at the 828

fact   orielly said   85K and litter all over the grounds.


I was pretty upset on the vast difference .  Who can you trust?


I went to the internet pics of the 828 and the 1 nation side by side.


Now I know why Orielly is #1 and you guys have no credibility period!


the pictures speak for themselves .  who picked up all the litter at the 1 nation rally.  thanks for nothing what a waist of time watching cnn

October 12, 2010
Click to view larryaday's profile

As for your reports on the Medical Marijuana issue, there is a group of people(only 4 left alive) that actually receive their medicine FROM THE GOVERNMENT. This issue needs to be addressed. Additionally, the late Jack Herer wrote a book on the historical perspective of marijuana in the United States that should be discussed


Larry Aday

October 15, 2010
Click to view Quixotica's profile

@WMesser58 If bootsmegamix is part of the foolish segment, so too are you.


Case in point- war criminals are defined by the victor. To state that GWB should be compared to the fallen Axis leaders demonstrates a blithe, ignorant and idealistic mindset consistent with someone as ineffective as a child.


Right or wrong, reality is that he is not a war criminal because he didn't lose a war. And not winning a war is profitable, so you should try to understand why things ended the way they did and avoid such irrelevancies when trying to bolster your avatar.

October 17, 2010
Click to view Bay83's profile

Directed to Ali Velshi: You have been commenting on the need for jobs but no actual formula to make this possible. May I suggest you consider the following:




On the one side we have republicans who do not want new taxes and want the present tax breaks for the wealthy to continue. They claim that by giving the rich a continued tax break new businesses will spring up creating new jobs. The result of all this activity will mean more revenue to the government due to additional working taxpayers and company profits.


The problem with this approach is they assume new jobs will be created but they cannot guarantee it.


On the other hand we have the democrats that propose taxing everyone up to $250, 000 and eliminating the present tax cuts to the rich. Of course anyone making more than $250,000 will pay taxes on the additional income.


Democrats propose this will bring in new businesses thereby creating new jobs and additional income to the federal government by the new job taxpayers. The problem with this approach is they cannot guarantee new businesses will develop. Paying taxes does not create business.




The federal government establishes a tax assessment based on the actual numbers of new jobs and new hirings made. This is a fair approach to large and small busnesses alike; it is based on results not political rhetoric.


This program would run on a year to year basis and tax credits would be issued on proof that new jobs and hirings were made.  This would encourage small and large businesses to expand. New jobs would mean new tax income to help lower our national debt. Everyone would be treated on an equal basis. There would be a fixed amount for each new job or rehiring eliminating the present discourse that one business or taxpayer is getting preference.


My proposal would be to base the tax credit on the income level of the business. This would mean the taxpayer in a higher tax bracket would get a ‘job” credit allowance higher than someone in a lower tax bracket. Our present income tax system is based on income levels. This approach aligns itself with our present tax structure.


I hope some senator sees the merit in this approach and presents a completely bi-partisan proposal using this tax per proven new job idea. This program is based on performance not promises.


Hope Ali gets to read this.  Thank you.   Nickolas Bay



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