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"Superman wears Herschel Walker underwear."


Henslecd was one of the many readers who were blown away by retired football star Herschel Walker's fitness routine. The 48-year-old is training for his second professional mixed martial arts fight and looks like he was carved out of something hard and solid. There was a lot of talk about Walker's diet and training methods, which led to a bit of a debate on who would win in a fight between Walker and Chuck Norris. However, JAFOAgain felt that 96-year-old Jack LaLanne would whip all of them.


New York gubernatorial candidate's comments on homosexuality generated a huge debate.


There was also a lot of talk about Google's efforts to develop a car that drives by itself. Some readers felt the car would drive better than most people, but others feared a computer crash would make the "blue screen of death" a bit too literal for their taste.


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Renaissance jock Herschel Walker breaks fitness rules

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Herschel "Texas Ranger" Walker does not sleep, he waits.

When Herschel Walker does push-ups; he lifts the earth, not himself.

Hell waits for Herschel Walker to freeze over.

Chuck Norris is Herschel Walker's sparring partner. A long time ago Chuck Norris threw a punch and Herschel Walker blocked it. The resulting force exerted caused what we now commonly refer to as The Big Bang.



The guy's a machine! At almost 50 he can out perform athletes half his age. That's an accomplishment that 99% of the population can not achieve.



Glad it works for him, but that is no way to live for the average person. The average person would become very sick, working out that hard without food. Your body needs something to burn during a workout.



Apparently he's "lived" that way for nearly 50 years. I think he can do worse than the average American cheeseburger and pizza diet.



I might buy the 750-1500 push ups and 2000 sits ups every now and then but not every day. You do reach a point of diminishing returns where you are actually breaking down tissue. And I totally question the 7 hour workout after not eating for 3-4 days. It can't be done without damage to the body...It's totally crazy.

Paladino: Homosexuality is not 'valid or successful option'

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People of New York, do we really want this person in our state government? Someone who is narrow-minded, ignorant and a liar? Let's not let promote those things by electing him to office on our great state.



Why is every article on CNN about gays?



Such a good point: if you are tired of hearing about gays, then don't read about them? But I still fail to see why anyone would care what another person does. It must be some deep-seated insecurity you possess. Also, it's a fact that many homosexuals are highly successful professionals, making a big impact on Corporate America. You, the bigots, are the ones that are going to lose! And I'm straight; I just hate ignorance, prejudice and racism. When you are bothered so much by someone else's.



Mr. Paladino, everyone has the right to his or her own opinion, but not everyone's opinion is valid. In a western democracy in the 21st century your opinion is not valid. It is archaic and bigoted and has no foundation in fact, biology or social science. You are free to think it, but that ought to disqualify you from holding any public office where civilized people make decisions about the lives of other citizens. You are free to consider employment catching dogs, or writing parking tickets.



Homosexuality is not a successful option? And how often are heterosexual relationships successful?


Google is testing cars that drive themselves

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My luck my computer would blue screen and I'd be killed.



sPdMoNk I think you missed something in the article. This is Google, not Microsoft, developing this technology; blue screen shouldn't be an issue. Apple's OS would be totally inappropriate for most people, as it only take you to places Steve Jobs approves of, not necessarily where YOU wanted to go.



I would rather see a computer developed by Google driving a car than 99% of the yahoos I see on the road.



I think this is a great idea. It would save a lot of lives by removing the drunk drivers as well as the recklessly aggressive drivers that are responsible for so many accidents on the road. It would be nice not to have to deal directly with rush hour traffic or dangerous roads caused by inclement weather. I really look forward to when this becomes a reality but the Local & State Governments will have to come up with a new source of revenue as they would no longer be able to depend on traffic tickets to fund their departments anymore.



Let's take it for a spin, 'I'm Feeling Lucky' today.


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October 13, 2010
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October 19, 2010
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Why are you guys at cnn not reporting the incident with the student at PACE U. in wescheater county?

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