Tuesday, October 12, 2010
iReport Global Challenge: Two continents left!

We're happy to report that we are three continents closer to receiving an iReport from every country in the world! In the past two weeks, we've checked off the remaining countries on our list from South America, Asia and Europe.


iReporter starbuckb visited Grenada last month to visit her fiancé who just started medical school on the island. She found her first time in Grenada to be a beautiful, yet trying experience at times.


“I went grocery shopping to stock up my fiancé’s fridge, and that was quite an experience,” she said. “I was shocked at the prices, and surprised at how hard it can be to get some products, like eggs and produce.”


Tajikistan rounded out our Asia list with vanNieTravel’s photos of what everyday life is like in the capital city of Dushanbe. He described the fascinating juxtaposition of cultural traditions, relics of Communism and a growing Islamic influence.


“Its landscape is huge, beautiful, wild, rough, and I only saw so little. Traffic is wild and rough as well, that's just the way they drive,” he said.


Just this weekend, we saw a window into the world of Europe’s fourth smallest nation, Liechtenstein. iReporter Nige820, a freelance travel photographer, couldn’t resist the chance to visit the doubly land-locked country when he was touring Switzerland back in 2007.


“It was incredible because it's one of those places you don’t know what to expect. For a capital city, it feels like an English lakeland city. It’s quite opulent. It’s peaceful and very clean; it doesn’t feel like a capital city," he said.


We are so impressed that folks all over the world are coming together and helping us achieve our global goal. Thank you for making this possible, iReporters!


Putting celebrations aside for a moment, there’s still more work to be done. If you’ve been to Africa or Australia/Oceania, feel free to upload an iReport from one or more of the missing 27 countries. Happy iReporting!

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