Tuesday, October 12, 2010
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"Hall of Fame as a quarterback ... Hall of Shame as a father."


MikeinKC says NFL star Brett Favre, accused of sending sexually explicit text messages to a woman, has set a bad example for his children and asked how he'd feel if someone did that to his daughters.


Much of Tuesday's conversation focused on the story of 101-year-old Eulalia Garcia-Maturey, who came to America from Mexico as a baby and was becoming a U.S. citizen after all these years. Many readers praised her for going through the process, but some wondered what took her so long. The story also reignited the passionate immigration debate that's been continuing on the site for months.


There was also a lot of talk about Republican congressional candidate Rich Iott, who's under fire for wearing a Nazi uniform in historic re-enactments. Some readers defended Iott, saying it’s difficult to re-create a battle without enemy troops, but others said that dressing up like a Nazi for any reason is offensive.


Interesting conversations:

Woman, 101, to become U.S. citizen


Eulalia Garcia-Maturey


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I am happy for her... But she could have been citizen already for 50 years. Instead, she chose "not to ask questions", and avoid the issue. She was eligible for citizenship in 1960 as much as she is in 2010. So, it is her fault that it took so long.



Good for her, we are happy for her, some things are worth waiting for, even such a long time.



Nicely staged by the Obama administration. Press release, the whole 9 yards. Timely too.



I am happy that she finally achieved status. However, i doubt that his is the standard case and does not mitigate the fact that illegal immigration is a real problem. A country has a right to maintain borders and enforce its laws. If we don't like the laws we change them not disregard them.



I wonder who would have had to pay for her medical needs before she became a citizen, I know who will have to pay now.



It's amazing how many people could read this article and do nothing but bitter and hateful and negative. How miserable it must be to be you. Can't you just read this and be happy for her?

Congressional candidate defends wearing Nazi outfit

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This man is wrong and offensive! No one will understand unless YOUR family was brutalized by the Nazis!



It would bother me more if he dressed up as a Nazi for a Halloween party. I suppose someone has to play the Germans in WW2 re-enactments, or they wouldn't get very far. I support his point, and his right to do it without being called a Nazi lover. But still a little creepy.


Funny how the lefties only think you should be able to express yourself freely when it's convenient for them. Why hasn't the ACLU taken this guys side?



He has a right to dress up as a Nazi and I have the right to criticize him for it, its all fair.



If somebody dressed up as Mohamed Atta for a 9/11 reenactment, we would call him and aspiring terrorist. And we would probably be right.



Even if this guy is a Nazi, which I don't believe, does that really make him worse then a lot of politicians? Scams, payoffs, ethic violations, corruption, out of our public servants bother me a lot more then this guy playing army several years ago.


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October 12, 2010
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May God grant you a healthy and peaceful life and protect you from all the evils in this world.  Especially from the people who are leaving hateful comments, they are nothing more than cowards who say such mean things hiding behind their computers.



October 12, 2010
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viva la peace

October 12, 2010
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how can she live 4 soooooooooooo long well why she is finally getting her citizenship now she should of got them when she was 18 years old know shes 101 years old .well i hope she lives 4 101 more congrats 4 her


October 13, 2010
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October 13, 2010
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I am happy for her, but there is something I have to point out. who came to "America from Mexico." She was in America already she just came to United States,she was not in a different continent. Sorry just clearing things out.

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