Thursday, October 14, 2010
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"Castor Oil or Chocolate covered deep fried pig snot? I think the choice is clear for Senator. Both pretty nasty, but one is good for ya. "


CNN's political team asked commenters to share their thoughts on last night's Delaware Senate debate and let us know who they thought won. Most commenters weren't impressed by Republican Christine O'Donnell's performance, but ArtInChicago didn't think highly of Democrat Chris Coons, either.


There was also a lot of talk about rapper T.I. helping police persuade a man not to jump off the roof of an Atlanta high-rise – even though some commenters didn't believe the story.


Readers also were still excited about the rescue of the 33 miners in Chile. Commenter RickCain called it the "Best reality show EVER."


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Christine O'Donnell: How'd she do?

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Bachman and Palin set the bar pretty low and she did not clear it.



At least she managed to prove one point she's been trying to make. She really is just an average person. Now the question arises of whether an average person is the right type of individual we need to lead this country. Considering George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other great leaders of their time were anything but average, I'd say she may be a bit lacking.



It was obviously a CNN biased event. Most of the questions were impossible to answer. What does evolution have to do with running a state? I'll still vote for her and all other TEA party members to help save America.


Its not about who's the smartest, it's about who will do what the people want them to do.



She tried but a lot sounded like rehearsed GOP talking points and not her own opinion. She messed up a lot, kept wandering off on other topics and taking jabs at Coons instead of sticking to answering the questions asked of her, especially the questions about her finances. She had that deer in the headlights look on a few questions. She's obviously green (a rookie) and has a lot to learn. Maybe she should start with some local office experience first. I honestly don't think she's ready for Congress.


Rapper T.I. talks man down from hotel roof

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I smell a publicity stunt. C'mon, T.I. appeared ''out of nowhere''... really? Do you mean like a superhero? And I suppose it's just a coincidence that this was right as a judge is debating on whether to revoke his probation. I'm calling BS.



TI is arrested and public opinion immediately yells that he's guilty, guilty, guilty.

TI does something amazing and heroic and public opinion overwhelmingly yells that it's a set-up.  Unbelievable. When did the world get so cynical and angry?



He appeared out of nowhere?! Sounds like someone set up this scenario in order to gain some positive press.



Does anyone else find the fact that he is due in court tomorrow to avoid drug related charges kind of convenient? Total PR stunt.



That's a great story. I have a lot of respect for T.I. for doing this.



I don't care what Rapper T.I. does for a living. It's just good to see someone willing to get involved and help someone out, having some caring for a fellow human being. I wish more people would get involved and help others in trouble.


Live from Chile: A camera made the world a bit smaller

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Chile has pulled off the rescue of all rescues. I equate what they have done to walking on the moon. In fact it was better because common everyday people with special talents came together from around the world to make an effort to save the lives of people they didn't even know existed until the cave-in. Congratulations to each and every one of them.



I'm not really concerned about whether the government made this into a media circus..... the world needed to see some good news for a change. The world needed to come together for something positive. The importance of human life was shown instead of running a story of 33 dead from a suicide bomber. This was like a flu shot for the planet.


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October 14, 2010
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praise the lord that the miners are up and living. I mean seriously, they have been down there for a while

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