Friday, October 15, 2010
Liberace's colorful legacy



The giant piano keys adorning the façade of the Liberace Museum are attention-getting even by Sin City standards. The Las Vegas, Nevada, landmark museum is set to play its last note on Sunday, October 17, and the closure has stirred up a lot of emotion for those who see it as the death one of Vegas' key landmarks. Liberace himself opened the museum in 1979.


NakedBoyNews, reporting with local mazine QVegas, spoke to the crowds going for one last look at this glitzy Vegas treasure. The resulting video begged the question of whether the monument to Liberace is still relevant after all this time. It's been years since the flamboyant piano virtuoso last tickled the ivory.


Tourists used to make the pilgrimage off the Las Vegas strip in greater numbers, hoping to see the museum's shiny things and costuming almost beyond the imagination. Ultimately, low attendance became the primary factor in the decision to close, Liberace Foundation President Jack Rappaport told CNN. QVegas wanted to examine Liberace's relevance and whether the museum might actually gain a cult following that could grow in the future. Hardcore fans are still looking for ways to revive it.


If you want to peek at some of the whimsical finds inside the museum, take a look at the sets of photos from nattydotorg. She was in town for a roller derby convention and stopped by the Liberace museum along the way. Her photos show the external facade, the remarkable interior and even some photos of trying to look the part with glittering costuming of her own.


Have you ever been to the Liberace Museum, and would you ever go to see it? Will you miss it when it's gone, or would you try to save it? Share your thoughts in the comments area below, and please share your images and video from the museum if you have them.

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