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New allegations against a megachurch, embezzlement and PowerPoint are just a few of the topics that have sparked interesting conversations Friday on


Let's start with PowerPoint:


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"I am surprised that the CIA doesn't use them as a form of torture, forcing suspects to view hour after hour of clip-arted drivel embedded in a bilious design and then covered in enough text to rewrite the Dead Sea Scrolls."




As you can see, AzWildcat hates PowerPoint presentations, but Sydney78704 disagrees:

"I kind of like PowerPoint. The ‘deck’ goes up, the lights go down, the brain goes off and it's nap time."


Interesting conversations

Why we hate PowerPoints -- and how to fix them

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I work with corporate executives every day coaching them. I am continually amazed at the consistent spelling and grammatical errors in their writing, their poor verbal presentation skills and their general lack of education and knowledge ... something that is rarely seen in the executives of other nations. America's educational system is failing America.



Most of them miss Step 1: Have something to say. They have nothing important to say, and either their bosses or their egos demand a presentation about it, so they waste an hour of everyone else's time blathering on about nothing important, with slides to make it look important (or at least to look like other things that actually are important). The rule of "better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt" applies in spaces to PowerPoint and its clones.



PowerPoint has become a crutch for another problem: people who cannot speak in public. I am not interested in watching the back of your head as you read the slide behind you because you are terrified of facing the group. Memorize your slides, refer to them occasionally. I can read, as can most in the conference room.

Megachurch subject of sexual harassment suit

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I am a Christian also and respect all religions as well. I myself was a member of a "mega-church" in Los Angeles for several years. And although initially it fed my spiritual needs, at some point it became too "business" for me. I am not bashing "mega-churches" and many people are getting their spiritual needs fulfilled. I too feel it is totally unnecessary for a minister to drive a Bentley. I don't believe the God I serve wants us to be showoffs.


Any church member who gives money to a preacher driving a Bentley is an idiot. What is wrong with these people?



It's time to break up these Wal-Mart super churches. All you need is a Bible and the gift of gab and you can lead a flock of millions. These preachers read the Bible, then twist the ever-loving crap out of it ... twisting it to their desired outcome. Naturally they never practice what they "preach."



Disgusting. This doesn't sound like a church -- a congregation of believers -- it sounds like a corporation. I've always been suspicious of groups that erect these multimillion-dollar bible lands with state-of-the-art lighting and recording, and semi-professional bands. Some of them even hire bodyguards for the pastor so the members can't bother him. Foul. Didn't the first group in the Acts of the Apostles give up all they owned? Eddie Long never led a church. It was more of a theme park.

Dane Cook's half brother jailed for embezzling millions from actor

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Dane Cook is so unfunny. It astounds me that he had so much money available to be embezzled from in the first place. While so many truly funny and gifted comedians are starving.



Dane Cook has made millions? Life is unfair.



Who cares if he's funny or not funny?! That is not the point of this article. He was betrayed by someone whom he trusted and what his half brother did is unethical and just absurd whatever way you look at it. It's not something I'd wish for anyone.



Dane Cook should've taken Bill Cosby's advice to "always sign your own checks." It's sad but you can't even trust family. They're often the most resentful when you're more successful than they are.



If you blame God for these types of things, or if you blame true Christians, then you are wrong. Just because people call themselves “Christians” doesn’t mean that they are.


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October 15, 2010
Click to view joycrdzbail's profile

He's so not funny.

October 15, 2010
Click to view Snapple618's profile

Hah thats what you get! shhht happens its not like he's deathly poor.

October 15, 2010
Click to view Oglethorp's profile

Anyone can make money, anyone, only a thief will steal it.

October 15, 2010
Click to view DavidTheBald's profile

Dane Cook steals jokes from other comedians (Louis C.K.) + brother steals money from Dane Cook = Karma.

October 15, 2010
Click to view MargoZargo's profile

My brother stole a 6 figure sum from my mother while she was in a nursing home.  I was able to get him to pay it back with the help of a lawyer, but the lawyer told me that this happens a lot.  Families steal from each other when all they had to do was ask, and would have been given the money at a very low interest loan.  Just face it, all people jerks, with the jerk-est ones being their own family members. 

October 16, 2010
Click to view TundraHunter's profile

Maybe the brother took the money from the material Dane Cook stole from Bill Hicks and either gave it to Bill Hicks family or made a donation to finding a cure for cancer in Hicks name.


Dane is a thief to begin with. As if he is talented enough to create the comedy Hicks did. Two words to you Dane, KARMA BIATCH!!!

October 16, 2010
Click to view humorless's profile

Yeah, when I saw the headline I assumed this was about Dane Cook stealing more material from Louis CK

October 16, 2010
Click to view lanmitch's profile




October 16, 2010
Click to view monty78's profile

Whether he stole material or not, btw someone else steals them for him(he has "writers"), that's not the point.  You're all just mad because all you have is a computer to hate on others.

October 16, 2010
Click to view trader6677's profile

So much for blood being thicker than water.

October 16, 2010
Click to view Kaidensmommy's profile

The sad part about this whole thing is that you people are so sick and sad with your own lives that you have to come on here and say stupid things about someone who obviously has had more sucess than you. You are the reason why stupid people should never breed!

October 20, 2010
Click to view graybison's profile

I think sending him to jail was stipid. I mean he should have the right to get whatever money he wants

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