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Happy Monday, readers! I trust you chatty Cathys had a prosperous weekend. We'll get to what's driving the conversation on today in just a minute. But first, let's rewind the clock to Friday so we can reward Sbeeswax6 and Nateo for boldly going where only a handful of readers have gone - to the top spot on the CNN Comments of the Day - for their exchange on space tourism.


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"I'm only ready for outer space when my co pilot is Spock."


"Your preconditions are illogical, Sbeeswax6."


As for today's top talkers - stories about legalizing marijuana, the hunt for Osama bin Laden, and new guidelines for administering CPR - let's get to it!


Interesting conversations





New CPR is spelled C-A-B

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In my opinion.... I think that all high schools should be required to teach a cpr & first aid class and that all seniors must pass these classes before they can graduate. If you are going to be driving a car you should be able to render aid.



I hate to bring this up... but a nurse trained in CPR who couldn't do breaths... on her husband? Can someone explain this to me? Lack of training? Some sort of medical issue? I understand the purpose of this article is to promote compression-only, but I don't see what led breaths to not be taken initially by the nurse.



i dont get it. after the police showed up to the scene and someone was availible to relieve cathy on the chest compressions why didnt they do 2 person cpr and have the wife give breaths and the officer chest compressions?



I am a water fitness instructor certified in CPR, AED and am considered a lay person. We are trained to start CPR until the first responders arrive. The theory is to get the heart pumping again and after every 30 compressions, 2 breaths and continue. The idea behind a layperson doing CPR is to get to the victim as soon as possible while waiting for the first responders to arrive. Most cases it is not that long however it can be a long time. We are protected by Good Samaritan laws only if untrained, lay persons certified are in a gray area that we may not always be protected. Unfortunately, since anyone can sue anyone for anything nowadays, there is a hesitation for some. NOT ME- go ahead and sue me for helping save your life, your alternative was better?

NATO official: Bin Laden, deputy hiding in northwest Pakistan

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For the love of God, CNN! Here's a fresh new idea - DON'T TELL THE WORLD WE KNOW WHERE HE IS. THIS GIVES THE BAD GUYS TIME TO MOVE ON TO WHERE WE DON'T KNOW WHERE HE IS! It's not rocket science! You think you could hold this info back from the entire freakin' universe!?


Change the headline, CNN. Bin Laden, deputy WERE hiding in northwest Pakistan.



Send the student loan collector's after him ! They can find you anywhere!



He's in the White House Backyard playing Croquet or is that Shopping at the Mall of America? We pretend to know where Bin Laden hides and quite frankly, if we "knew" his location, he'd be dead by now. More hyperbole and fear mongering to keep Americans paranoid.

Former surgeon general calls for marijuana legalization

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The fact that the Feds intend to enforce MJ laws in Cali if the law passes just proves that they aren't interested in the will of the people, which is the foundation of our government. Instead they are intent on imposing THEIR will ON the people which is the exact opposite of what the US Constitution demands.



Legalize it. If the government is going to start asking us to cut back on things like social security they should stop asking regular people to make all the concessions. Legalization of pot would save this country money currently being wasted in ineffective prohibition enforcement. Not to mention incarcerating drug offenders or housing them in jail. When the Republican party recently asked people for ideas on its website this was the number one request. So it is bipartisan as well. Get it done!!



As a paramedic for a major municipality, I have to agree. Nearly every single tragedy I have witnessed is somehow related to alcohol consumption. In 25 years, I can honestly say, I have never seen a marijuana related tragedy. They have the wrong thing legalized.



I am a middle-aged mother of four, and I smoke it I have never been arrested or in any legal trouble. I am not addicted but it does help me sleep at night, and is better than the over the counter chemicals. My son on the other hand was arrested, because of alcohol. He got stupid drunk and went out walking at night, it was just asking for trouble and yes he was of legal age! I would rather he would have been smoking pot then he wouldn't have had the urge to go out and get into trouble.


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