Monday, October 18, 2010
What people care about this election year


With just two short weeks from Election Day in the U.S., thousands of people in the iReport community are telling us what they think about this year's midterms: the big issues, the political spectrum, signs of political life in their own communities.


It's all part of the iReport Election Project. So far the project has more than 3,200 contributors, many of whom are filing iReports that spell out their political philosophy in just 140 characters.


You can take a spin through all of the political haikus on these pages, where red badges are from Republicans, blue from Democrats and yellow from independents. So far here are the trends we're seeing (as of 5 a.m. ET this morning):


- No matter what their party, most contributors (65 percent) identified the economy as the most important issue in this election. Health care came in second.

- Of the people who identified themselves as Republicans, 78 percent called the economy their top issue, with immigration in second at 15 percent and health care in third place with 4 percent.

- The top issues for Democrats participating fall this way: 60 percent economy, 14 percent health care, 9 percent education.

- And for independents it's like this: 65 percent economy, 12 percent education, 10 percent health care.


    In the next few days, you'll see lots more analysis here of the results of the iReport Election Project. In the meantime, go get the app and tell us where you stand!

    October 18, 2010
    Click to view m5364's profile

    We care about having a decent, good, fair wage job, allowing us to pay rent, buy prescriptions, groceries, gas, utilities and occasionally purchase an ice cream cone with our kids, grandkids, or neices /nephews.  Additionally, we want to have health care!!!! Especially preventative health care and emergency care - sorry - contrary to what you think, hospitals DON'T treat you in the emergency room if they think you should be paying for it - they don't care that you road the bus to get to the emergency room, meaning you don't have money for a car or the weekly gas bill. 

    October 19, 2010
    Click to view sunethra's profile

    Unable to upload a video for this weeks boot camp putting the story altogether, as there is no option or category to upload the video in.   Please see

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