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One story asked “Will your next car be a smartphone?” and blueberry5 stepped up with this:

Unless it's a DeLorean that has the power to take me to the future --- I don't think I'll be saving up for a car that has that much technology. Whatever happened to a car that just takes someone from Point A to Point B?

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Megachurch Crystal Cathedral Ministries seeks bankruptcy protection

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Declare bankruptcy, dump the creditors, and be "reborn" as a new fleecing operation...it's all god's plan!


All those religious zealots who contributed millions deserve what they get. You can bet the top guys are well set.


Amen. Jesus didn't ride around in a Bentley or fly around in a private jet. In fact, he even had to borrow the donkey he rode into Jerusalem, and got buried in another man's tomb.


Good riddance! Time to tax all these phony religions and 'megachurches'. They are all nothing but charlatans and snake oil salesmen. 'Send me money, God told me I need to buy another satellite'.


If a church is tax exempt they shouldn't have protection of bankruptcy.

Surgery mix-ups surprisingly common


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Knew a guy who went in for a right leg amputation due to infection and the doctor took off the left leg. Still had to take the right one the next day. The guy tried to sue but his attorney told him he didn't have a leg to stand on.


Should have seen that one coming. Ouch!


I'm an American living in Canada. I've had two knee surgeries and a gallbladder surgery. While being taken into the surgery room, I was asked by at least three nurses and two doctors, "What surgery are you having?" At first I thought it was getting ridiculous. However, I realized that it was a precaution. No one person was being relied on to know what the surgery was, except me, of course. All surgeries went exceptionally well. And I walked out of the hospital each time with no bills. Love it here.


Sadly that is a decent number that will be arranging their golf when they should be focused on a patient. I don't think it's just doctors, it's almost everyone's mindsets today. Rush in, rush out. It's a nationwide problem that no one cares about quality. When I get my knee surgery I'll write on the knee "this one" and NO on the other one. A lot of people are just careless or blame it on a bad day.


When my doctor knicked the nerve in my tongue leaving it partially numb, a simple " I'm sorry" would have been enough. Instead he called my a bad patient, a liar and a gold-digger. Because of his attitude, I sued him. An " I'm sorry" would have gone a long way.


I'm a surgeon and would NEVER, EVER rely on a nurse to tell me where my incision is going to be. And because I check the patient, the medical record, and the relevant scans/images before I start as part of my routine, I have yet to have any of these things happen to me.


I was intrigued by this quote: “If the lab mixes up the sample, the consequences may be worse than erroneously cutting off the wrong leg."  Exactly how much worse can it get - erroneously cutting out the wrong heart?

Do the dead greet the dying?

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Whatever this experience was, it was real to you and was probably life altering. My guess is that you feel more at peace now and you don't sweat the small stuff. I wish you a long and healthful life :)      WilliamGa

My wife was with her grandmother when she died. This woman had stoke after stoke until in a months time her brain was gone. As she lay dying, short breaths, ashy face, eyes closed, she suddenly raised part way up, opened her eyes, looked up into the corner of the room and her mouth opened like being suprised. Then she layed down, put her hands on her chest and died. How can a dead brain do that? Now im a science kind of guy but i cant seem to find any explanation for that. Also, for those who dont follow a religion, your bitterness and outright mean comments on here only goes to show that your hatred of all things religious, and the amount of deep throughts and emotions you put into debunking religion tells me your Hatred is your religion. I am not a religious person but but the hatred and judgements you show to those who believe in a god is worse than the bigotry you accuse believers of having.


George, how do you know? Did someone die and tell you that "we simply cease to exist?"


The difference being, I suppose, is that I'll never know if I'm wrong, and George will never know if he's right.


There is no logical explanation for the dying process. I am a nurse and I have seen people die that clinically never should have died, and I have seen miracles and people live that should have never lived. If you do not believe in a higher power and life after death than that is your personal belief. I always say if you are not a believer than spend some time in an ER or a hospice setting and listen to your patients. Your patients will know they are dying and will see and hear things that will make the most skeptical person a "believer".


I’m an engineer in software with a minor in mathematics. Yet, I laugh when people speak of believing only "facts" and "solid evidence based on science".

Here were some absolutes by top scientists: 20 yrs ago there were 3 rings on Saturn and Pluto was a planet. 15 yrs ago, humans had 200k genes, 10 yrs ago there was only bad cholesterol, 5 yrs ago there was no life in the depths of the ocean and the expansion of the universe was slowing down. All wrong!

Ask the top scientists to explain gravity, electromagnetism, and dark matter. They'll tell you how it works. But, they can't tell you physically what it is. It just is! Is that so different then trying to define life, consciousness, or sentence. A soul and a spirit. We take for granted the miracle of life because of it’s abundance around us. Yet, both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking are on record as considering that maybe there is miraculous life on Earth and grand order in the universe because of a Higher intelligence. A God! As a man of faith AND science I’d tend to side with the smart people rather than the skeptics posting here. Think about it.

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October 20, 2010
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I do believe there is something very strong after someone dies and that their soul will never die the body can RIP but the soul will travel to other levels and yes they can connect with their loved ones thanks Henry

October 21, 2010
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Ask any hospice nurse to tell you some of the experiences they have at the bedside of a dying person. The smiles that come over some faces,the reaching out for someone , the sudden smell of roses in the room , and a communication that is beyond this world that we sometimes get a glimpse of reinforces this belief. I was in it for 10 years . I was never afraid and there to help that passage and disconnect from this world to the next.

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