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This one comes from from jjtapia on the story, 20-year-old woman becomes top cop in violent Mexican municipality.


This could end very badly for her, but she makes me proud of the human race.


There are several fiery conversations happening today: Anita Hill is grabbing headlines after a nearly two-decade absence, Facebook's new photo policy is doing its very best not to make you terribly sad, and seemingly everyone has an opinion on the latest "don't ask, don't tell" policy debate.


Interesting conversations


Anita Hill: No apology coming for Thomas testimony

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Why should she apologize, she should have asked her husband for an apology. It been 19 years, she needs to get a life and move on and stop harrassing the innocent!


Whether you're Democrat or Republican, the one thing that everyone can agree on is the scandal defined both Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. There were no winners


Wow. Just read the text of the voice mail. That was some "olive branch" extended by Ginni Thomas. LOL. Nothing in that message sounds even remotely conciliatory. Sounds like Mr. Thomas and the new Mrs. Thomas haven't gotten the large void that Anita Hill obviously left in his life. Sad.


My condolences to the other justices, it's humiliating enough to have him associated with their august body when he doesn't even show interest in oral arguments, this is beyond the pale.


Good for Anita Hill. She told the truth!


Fact: Only 2 people know what happened and 1 of them is lying. The rest of us are engaging in pure speculation. let it rest.


Facebook stops showing you photos of your ex

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Don't need Facebook. My exes are all where they belong. In a neat little pile somewhere in the corner of my brain where they can do me no harm.


For everyone bashing Facebook ... if you don't like it, don't use it.

yukman69 hate all these networking things. pick up a phone and talk to people!


Why, when I can avoid the small talk?


Yet you read this article and just HAD to write on the Wall didn't you?


U.S. appeals order lifting 'don't ask, don't tell' policy

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Land of the free, home of the brave... Unless you're gay.


I am a vet, for crying out loud, let it go...gays have been in the military even when my dad was in! It was the same thing when they didn't want women in the military or on the does not make a difference part of the crew is part of the crew, what you do on your own time is YOUR OWN TIME!


I have multiple friends that are homosexual. I consider myself a tolerant person. However, my experience in the military was that I had no choice with who I shared a room nor a head with. I do not feel as though it is fair to force neither a homosexual or heterosexual person to live in the same quarters. If we are worried about rights and infringing on a persons privacy I don't think it is correct to expect people of different sexual persuasions to live together. The military does not have me living with women so the same should go for different sexual orientations. I should not have to be forced to have the possibility of walking in on my homosexual roommate while he and his partner are in a compromising position. At the same should be said for him.


DADT forces you to be in the same room with gay men, because you won't KNOW they are gay. At least if they are allowed to be openly gay, you know where you stand, right? nick2

As Winston Churchill once said - 'Americans can be counted on to do the right thing, but only after they have tried everything else.'


@NAV13- That's what I've been saying all along. When I was in the service, everyone did their job, and did it well. I never cared what or who the guy next to me banged over the weekend. My focus was on my duties, as it should be. The only real problem here is not with the gays, but with the homophobes.


Thanks for your service brother. They are your fellow man/woman. You don't have to condone their choices, but shouldn't we all have the right to live our lives how we see fit. The military has led our society by integrating our military in the '50's and giving women the same roles as men, so it really makes sense to end this. We have so many more pressing issues than this.


Discharge the homophobes who can't or won't serve with openly gay service members. Problem solved!


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October 22, 2010
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