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Wow. Something about the French really brings out the best (and worst) in our fired-up readers. By far the most discussed stories on today were related to pension protests in France.


No surprise that it generated our comment of the day - this one from LiberalOne:


"To the France haters: France has 1,500 years as a nation. How many do we have? A little respect, please, since we would still be a colony if it weren't for their help."


Frankly it was really hard to pick just one comment to highlight. In fact, we dedicated a special breakout version of Overheard on the topic. Go read that, then come right back, because there were plenty of other big talkers today - the firing of NPR political analyst Juan Williams, the secrets pilots won't share, and a feel-good dog story. Here's the good stuff!


NPR analyst fired over Muslim comment

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Thats what it's come to today... one ill advised sentence, a personal opinion and an ever watching employer with an agenda. After the recent rash of firings (Nasr, Thomas, Sanchez) you have to wonder if anyone in the media is really willing to speak their mind anymore.


NPR was simply looking for an excuse to part ways with Williams. This weak and flimsy excuse is not fooling anyone.


I get nervous whenever someone in 'conservative' garb gets on a plane because i know they're planning on hijacking the American economy and flying it right into the ground.


Give me a break. Who doesn't get nervous when they are on a flight with people who are dressed in Muslim garb?.


It's gotten to the point where if you are not politically correct by someone elses definition, your a bigot. This is a totally hypocritical position. This country is based upon freedom of expression about controversial ideas.


Secrets pilots won't tell you

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I've always been surprised that airports (at least the major ones) don't include some type of accommodations for pilots. It seems to me that if they could just step off their flights and head straight to a room with a bed, they'd have much more time for rest. I'm sure the rooms would be sparse and there wouldn't be many of them, but at least it would be a secure spot for them.


A smooth landing isn't ALWAYS in the pilot's hands. There IS adverse weather sometimes. THAT is when you separate "the men from the boys".


Dear Mr Pilot, Thank you taking off and landing. If your my pilot reading this before I leave for New York from LA on 11-3, you can stay at my house and get some sleep. I really would like you awake. Oh and please fill up the tank so we don't need to pull over early. Thanks


As a commercial rated pilot w/ 33 years experience in the cockpit I will say this, pilots fly these airplanes because it's a job you love, not a job you must do. Little in this world is as challenging and satisfying as being PIC (pilot in command) of an airplane whether it be a small 4 place or an A320. We fly because we love it. Salaries vary greatly from the low paid guys doing short hops or starting at a regional position to the higher paid fellows moving boxes around at night. But make no mistake here, pilots become pilots because they love flying. And as to the autolanding question, very few aircraft have autoland. Your pilot does the landing and it is his hands and skills that do or don't spill your coffee.


Man saved by God, and by dog who says grace

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There is a reason GOD and DOG are spelled with the same letters. they are the only ones who give us Unconditional Positive Regard!


It doesn't matter what you believe, it's hard not to be as moved as we are sometimes moved by animals. What we believe is not the point in my book, so long as you believe in Hope. I know that sounds cheesy (it is), but it's also quite true

Chase Johnson

This article has brought me to tears. It is wonderful to see that someone in our world today still focuses on positivities and being selfless. God bless this man, and all who read this article! Peace!.


What a beautiful, moving story. I have seen the video several times. And it's wonderful to read the story behind the dog. God bless you Steven. I hope things get better for you. You have no idea the joy you brought into my life by posting that video. Thank you so much. You both are a blessing to the world. Hugs.


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October 21, 2010
Click to view JusticeToAll's profile

NPR should be fired

October 21, 2010
Click to view itisme2's profile

Kinda like hiding your purse in fear when you see a black man coming your way?

October 21, 2010
Click to view jesussucks's profile

People are sick and tired of religious wackos like Juan and others Bill O spreading their hate speech, I glad this lowlife got was he deserved, just Rick Sanchez and any other religious bigots on Fox, CNN, MSNBC. 

October 21, 2010
Click to view theclearest's profile

why exactly do the french feel entitled to these programs? The world is a harsh place unfortunately, work is a part of the daily routine. There isn't enough money in france obviously to support these bozos so they have to start making a change.

October 21, 2010
Click to view Desaved's profile

I think CNN has NO ROOM at all to talk about tolerance!  They fired Sanchez just as fast if not faster.  To give this airtime and discussion on CNN is a FARCE too!  Laughable even! Rehire Rick and then talk about tolerance.

October 21, 2010
Click to view ben92's profile

This Juan Williams guy should have been fired for his insensitive, unprofessional comments. A reporter should keep his or her personal opinions to himself. If Williams was seriously injured, then rushed to the hospital and needed emergency surgery to save his life, would he get nervous or refuse treatment from a Muslim physician who was dressed in Islamic attire? Is he that stupid?  

October 21, 2010
Click to view Desaved's profile

Furthermore to have issues of racial fairness discussed by the biggest bigot you can find, William Bennett -aborting "every black baby in this country"- IS A JOKE!!!!!!  You have no standards!

October 21, 2010
Click to view APV47's profile

Sorry Ben92


I disagree, If Juan's comments were insensitive and unprofessional.


Would you please tell me what Rush Limbaugh rehotic is?

October 21, 2010
Click to view halebob's profile

The "news" has gotten so opinionated, that NPR is the only reporting media that I trust.  I agree that NPR should disassociate itself from any "news" person, reporter, or analyst that freely makes inflammatory comments of a bigoted nature.  What is wrong with news reporters staying neutral of issues of race, creed, or color?

October 21, 2010
Click to view Mabolzich's profile

I've been listening to Juan for a very long time.  I don't always agree with him, but I really like his delivery, his personality, his honesty, and his tenacity.  He was one of the few reasons I listened to NPR and donated to an extremely leftist publicly subsidized "news" network.  No more money from me and I ain't listening anymore till they clean up the management.  As far as I'm concerned, NPR can go the way of the dodo.

October 21, 2010
Click to view iconic58's profile

Well, well, well, in my earlier comments I asked Juan if Fox News would give him his own show, well, they've given him a 42 million dollar contract.  So.  They'll just fire him in what 2 mos. before he gets to collect on it because that's how they are.

October 21, 2010
Click to view iconic58's profile

That's a typo.  I meant to type 2 million dollar contract.

October 21, 2010
Click to view tired's profile

To itisme the coward, it's more like when you hide your child when you see a white man coming, can we say pedophile!!!

October 21, 2010
Click to view bochritas's profile

I don't feel comfortable or feel even more cautious to be around any religious person who shows his/her believes anywhere, anytime and anyhow: orthodox Christians - Muslims - Jews and so on. As Juan Williams about orthodox Muslims in airports. Should I get fired too ?

October 21, 2010
Click to view Friar1944's profile

Hire Juan Williams back. People have a right to fear Muslims. Fear does not indicate a prejudice. You may have worked all your life to protect tigers but would still be fearfull in a room with one.


Who runs NPR? They really need to look at themselves a little closer.

October 21, 2010
Click to view Geoffgio's profile

Frankly, this is a piece of garbage comment and shows you the editorial "depth" of CNN staff these days. LiberalOne's brilliant retort to one of my comments was that I was "a dorkus." Strange bedfellows, CNN ...

October 21, 2010
Click to view gogothink's profile

Stupid NPR, but they have been conditioned by people like Juan Williams and the issue of racial profiling. We must sometimes allow a thought to cross our minds unexpressed.There has always been freedom of thought, there has never been freedom of speech!

October 21, 2010
Click to view telman's profile

Juan is getting what a lot of people on the right wing have been saying. Toe the line or you are out. He is just another lefty who is seeing where his movement is heading. What does he do? Runs to Fox, What a laugh at the left. Juan is finding out who his real friends are.

October 21, 2010
Click to view RNButch's profile

NPR did exactly the right thing.  Juan Williams stopped being a journalist when he went to Fox.  He's a pundit, and it's not the same thing.  As an objective journalist, his personal opinions have no place in public, and the NPR management was simply adhering to their own perfectly reasonable policy on that.  His statement was out of line and uncalled for.  He's just feeding into the totally irrational hysteria that is gripping America, which is not what a journalist does.  Kudos to NPR for sticking to their guns.

October 21, 2010
Click to view TitoSancho's profile

Good for him, now he can spew his ignorance over there.  Oh, and by the way when I see a black I run, and when I see a White, I think cracka, and when I see a Latin I thin illegal.  Boy, where do I end?

October 21, 2010
Click to view hiawa023's profile

I watch Bill O'Reilly every night & I watched Juan, as I agree with alot of his views but when I heard they fired him over his comment.  I feel the same way whenever I go somewhere & they have what I deem as Muslim garb or the towels.  I get uncomfortable too.  Watching Juan right now on Bill o'Reilly right now.  NPR should be ashamed, & I hope they are defunded.  Is this what it has come to in America?

October 21, 2010
Click to view MJSouth's profile

Juan Williams is an honorable intellectual man who would fight for all of our civil rights.  NPR is simply condescending to most of America. NPR is not even very good for the most part. Local public station programming is much better.

October 21, 2010
Click to view whatvr4's profile

Juan Williams was fired because of repeated opinions on Fox , according to NPR ,reported CNN ; as he should have been. NPR compromises itself as does any media outlet , when it's journalists regularly publicaly opine. It's not that what he said is an outrage. It's not , it's sad ignorant and pathetic. Talk about maning-up ! I want to know journalists can think clearly .

October 21, 2010
Click to view LNBigBearCA's profile

Events like that (firing a common sense guy like Williams) make it very difficult for me to vote Democratic despite the evil represented by the Republicans.


Well, I did it here in California, holding my nose. Certainly NPR knows how to alienate many people. For the record, Mr. Williams is not the only one concerned about Muslims. They live, for the most part, in the Middle Ages and their goal is to go back to that period globally by all means available.


That is quite clear to all except the Politically Correct crowd that, unfortunaly, represents many if not most Democrats. At some point evil Republicans caring only for the rich become more attactive.

October 24, 2010
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