Monday, October 25, 2010
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"It's stories like this that I fear most! It is amazing that five short paragraphs can make me feel sooo much older. Oy."


Many readers were saddened to hear that Sony has stopped making the cassette Walkman music player that played such an important part of their youth, though in fairness, most were shocked that Sony hadn't stopped selling them years ago. Some readers (presumably the younger ones) simply asked "What's a cassette?"


Readers also were talking about death of an American marathon swimmer, the murder charges against a woman who had a famous case of hiccups and a gay group's campaign against the Democrats.

U.S. swimmer's body to be handed over to U.S. authorities



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Fran was an amazing man. He coached my daughter at the Mission Viejo Nadadores. I am so saddened by the loss of such a wonderful man. He was a passionate competitor and humble person. Fran always made time for the kids he coached and for anyone who approached him. He inspired all who came in contact with him. My heartfelt prayers are with all his family and friends. The swimming world lost a true champion of the sport, but more so we lost a great man.



As a college swimmer, it was extremely difficult to swim in a pool with temps above even 70 degrees. The colder, ironically, the better. I was also a distance swimmer -- not nearly as far as Fran, but distance swimming in hot, hot water, is excruciatingly difficult and overheating happens. Such a terrible loss in the world of swimming.



It's hard to believe someone wasn't around to see him go under. They need to step up their observers, especially in conditions like those.


'Hiccup girl' charged in Florida slaying

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Lethal injection should permanently cure that hiccup problem.



What a shame. She seemed so innocent, and I felt so sorry for her when she was on TV with uncontrollable hiccups. Now she is involved in a horrible crime, and she will probably spend 30 years to life in prison.


My dad had the hiccups for about a month straight when he was doing his surgical residency many years ago. The stress was so intense he couldn't stop the hiccups. The only time he didn't hiccup was when he was performing a surgery and sleeping. Fortunately he chose to save lives instead of taking them away.



I have to wonder if all of that media attention at such a young age messed her up -- maybe developed a clinical addiction to attention and then her psyche went haywire as soon as she faded back into obscurity.


Gay conservatives target Democrats in ad campaign

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Here's a newsflash for the Log Cabin Republicans: No matter what you do or who you choose to hate, or how many awards you give to Republicans who refuse to acknowledge or collect them, the GOP will never love or accept you. End of story.



Liberals bewilder me. They categorize people by their race, ethnicity, gender and sexual preference assuming that because they look alike, they all think alike -- then they go around calling OTHER people prejudiced racist bigots. Here's a hint: Conservatives don't care about any of those things -- they care about content of character!



The GOP has an incredible knack for convincing people to vote against their own interests


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October 26, 2010
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It's a real shame what happen'd to the swimmer.And I know he'll be greatly missed,by loved ones,friends and fan's. But I have to say,''He died at the top of his game,doing what he loved.You have to respect that.

October 26, 2010
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So what, the'll say the hiccups made her do it''Right,,OK we know the age of the hiccup Queen and the two utterly upstanding young men ''In a pig's eye.But what of the age of and let me see if I get this right,''Man, she met on the internet.I ask this only because the word 'Young, was never put before the man, who if I my remind you lived with his parents. This isn't a case of robbery gone wrong,And my sympathy's to the family of all concern'd But the girl is only 19, adding the question why did he really go to an abandon'd building to meet the young girl?   

October 26, 2010
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hey I've gotten hiccups for 5 weeks straight before


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