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"Why don't we have caveman ghosts?"


rfountain72 wonders why there are lots of reports of ghosts from the 1700s, but you never hear about a prehistoric poltergeist. readers had a lot to say about the execution of a convicted killer in Arizona, especially the debate over whether the drugs used for lethal injections are safe. Larry King's interview with the fired JetBlue flight attendant inspired a discussion on bad manners, and commenters were also talking about comedian Jon Stewart's influence.

Arizona convicted killer's last words: 'Boomer Sooner'



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Is it just me, or does anyone else find it ridiculous that they are arguing about the "safety" of lethal injection drugs?



The death penalty is natural and correct.  We all receive the death penalty the minute we're born.  We're just speeding it up for some people who can't seem to function in an uncivilized society.



What's really sad about this story is the guy's last words. He's thinking about a football team instead of his eternal destiny. If he would've called out to Jesus, at least he'd be sure that his future would be better than his past. Now, not so much.



Why is it that criminals have no problems murdering people but want to sue for cruel and unusual punishment when their lives are on the line?? I am sure Chester didn't enjoy what was done to him.



Those waiting on death row have to endure the psychological abuse being put to them. ABOLISH CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. Educate them and put them to work helping others. Or will this only put you out of a job?


Ex-flight attendant blames 'perfect storm of bad manners' for outburst

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I salute Steven Slater. He is a true American Hero. He put up with all of that crapola for 20 long years. It finally got the best of him. So, who can blame him? I wish him the best in his future life.



Here here! He had one bad day too many and it finally came to a rapid boil. That lady pushed him over the edge and the bag attack was icing on the cake. Those bags can be vicious, by the way.  I salute you, Slater! Way to go out in style and handle it with grace on King.



I fly frequently. I watch people intentionally carry luggage on board that exceeds the allowable size and intimidate flight attendants and other passengers, insisting they are entitled. I watch people take other passengers seats from them when there is plane trouble and passengers are moved to another plane. And it goes on and on … I commend the flight attendant for telling off the passenger over the intercom, confronting the nearly unlimited abuse that exists in our society today because we are forced to tolerate things that should not be tolerated.



If you're in the service industry, you should know you have to deal with people who are rude... it happens frequently in all areas of customer service. If you can't learn the basics of dealing with rude people then you have no business in that type of job.


Obama appearance, rally confirm Jon Stewart's reach

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Although left leaning, John Stewart criticizes the Left and the Right equally. I have not seen anybody else doing that on TV.



Let's just wait, watch and see whether Stewart treats Obama as a target for satire, as he does everyone else, or whether he becomes Obama's shill.



I think it's about dropping the BS... We have bigger issues then our petty differences... We can debate religion, gay marriage, abortion, etc. later. We need to cut the crap, and compromise with each other as a country for our better good.



It's very sad that so many people are against a non-partisan rally that is about restoring civility and common sense. I think you all have just proved Jon Stewart's point. I would be willing to bet that the majority of the normal, reasonable people read this story and just didn't bother to comment because they didn't feel like arguing with anonymous strangers online before going off to work.


Your take


Gidgit07 raises an interesting question, so we'd like to know if you think it's true. Do you avoid participating in the comments on because you don't want to get in fights with strangers? Let us know in the comment section below. We realize that asking you to comment on why you don't comment is a little odd, but we really want to know.


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October 27, 2010
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I usually read but don't comment, because it does seem like there are so many "you're an idiot" or otherwise childish name-calling posts that it really seems like a waste of time to even try to engage people on a sincere level. I usually skip right past the name-calling, strident posts and look for more thoughtful ones to read, whether I agree with them or not.

October 27, 2010
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I read and do sometimes comment.  Although there are a lot of immature and hostile people out there that are incapable of holding an adult discussion, there are also many that are intelligent and polite.  I tend to just ignore the foulmouthed ranters and trolls and only respond to those that show themselves as mature and capable of carrying on a logical 2-way conversation.

October 27, 2010
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I do comment but not as often as I'd like. It seems futile after a while because almost every comment thread seems to become an argument about religion. Even the most sanguine or arbitrary story seems to result in unrelated comments made about religion. I do appreciate that people are more honest than they would be in person. I actually think that's a good thing. The other reason I will sometimes abstain from commenting is when the bullies and trolls take over a thread. I believe the answer to handling bullies is to ignore them. So when I see a thread dominated by them I won't post.

October 27, 2010
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Absolutely!!! Just thinking of the CNN message boards gives me an ill stomach. I do comment here, but it's like arguing with 6th graders most of the time. If there wasn't the constant trolling and hate mongering going on I could deal, I don't mind that others have differing opinions, I would just like some intelligent debate vs petty mud slinging.

October 28, 2010
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God’s In Charge

The 2008 Presidential election is part of history. God’s will was realized by the American People.  The fact is that more than 120 million Americans went to the voting booth and elected President Barack Obama, by 17 million more votes than McCain & Palin.  These are the facts.  African Americans only make up a small percentage (13%) of the American electorate.  The Youth vote, Evangelical Christian, Hispanic, Independents and some die-hard Republicans voted; guided by the will of God which I think played a major role in electing President Obama. 

America and the World became a better place, because the American people carried out God’s will. President Obama captured the White house, by winning voters from the middle of the electorate.  He also won half of the votes of the Independents, and (66%) of the under age 30 voters.  Catholic’s voted in support of Obama in large numbers.

President Obama took office when an economy was losing 700 thousand jobs a month, banks and business began sliding down a slippery slope into a depression, and the world economic systems was on the brink of turmoil. 

Many world economies suffered greatly because of the world financial crisis, caused by greed and the over extension of investors trying to reap the benefits of former President Bush and Dick Cheney- starting two wars; one in Afghanistan and then Iraq two years later, the war spending of more than 10 billion a month, and more than 100 thousand Iraq’s (Son’s of Iraq) on the Federal payroll.  Tax breaks given to the wealthiest 2% of Americans plus the drop in tax receipt caused world markets to become jittery of American economic policies and priorities.  The wars started the world economic decline.  The world’s gold reserves became ever more valuable.  World housing values, stock markets, 401K and pension reserves nosed dived in 2007and begin the decline in 2006. 

In September of 2008, the lame duck Bush Administration passed the 787 Billion dollar bailout of the financial institution,   giving money to the wealthiest segment of American society.  Domestic financial markets started to rebound, banks and business started to get their arms around the world financial crisis and get their feet on solid ground.

The passage of several, domestic spending bills (TARP) by President Obama and the Democratic controlled Congress, helped to stave off, an economic collapse for America.  Millions of American needed help because of the, housing bubble and the failed republican policies, record number of unemployed at the end of the Bush Administration. The world financial problems came to a head and World Leaders came together to address currency values and economic cooperation in order to halt a world economic collapse.



President Obama has passed legislation that is historic.  Ending the War in Iraq, Health Care Reform, Women Equal Pay Law, Wall Street Reform Law and other legislation, with no help from the Republican Party. 

Around the world America is once again respected for its leadership and forward thinking.  Nations are willing to cooperate with the United States in the fight against terrorism.

God gets all the glory for the success of President Obama. The Republican and Tea Party joined forces in this country would like to see this success nullified. Their arms are too short to fight against God!  In the end they will not win. (Romans 8:31)  What then shall we say of these things?  If God is for us, who can be against us?

The will of God will once again be realized.  The Democrats will make gains, in both the House and Senate.  The Republicans will lose, starting with Joe Miller, Sharon Engle, Carli Fiorina, Meg Whitman, and Christine O’ Donnell, Rand Paul, Carl Paladino, and others being backed by the Tea party (backed by Karl Rove, John McCain and Sara Palin the Bush followers).


God has blessed President Obama and Frist Lady Michelle you with a loving touch

Only God blessed America to love you so much

Today we honor you and pray that God keeps you for thee

Heaven only knows the sacrifices you made

We pray that God watch over Sasha & Meliah your precious ones

Rejoicing always in the Lord for that is our hope

Special Barack, because God Almighty made you for America

Day and Night Mr. .President do all you can do

Angles of Good and Mercy and their bountiful blessing are with you

President Obama and First Family we love you and God loves you too


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