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"This morning I got up concerned about finances, the dripping tap, the noise coming from under the hood of my car and the kids leaving the lights on all night again. This puts it all into prospective. Thanks for the sacrifices of these incredible brave men and women that have made it so that when I get up this is the total sum of my daily problems."


pipin100 was one of the many readers praising the sacrifice of Army medic Tony Acevedo and the other U.S. troops who endured a Nazi slave labor camp during World War II.


Readers also were outraged about the execution of two teenage girls by  Somali immigrants and less than amused by President Obama's appearance  on "The Daily Show."


'You don't forget': Medic's Holocaust diary tells story of hell



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My father fought in the Battle of the Bulge. 2nd Army Howitzer division. He told me stories of the war that you don't read in text books. Mr. Acevedo my father would have been 88 this year. Your story like his will always be remembered and never forgotten.



And every time we say never again, but yet it happens again and again. It is heartbreaking that humans can be so cruel to each other. I hope that we are getting to the point in our societal evolution that we realize that we are all the same blood and bones. The world would be a better place if we all worked together instead of killing each other.



You, sir, are a true hero. We are free today because of men just like you. Ordinary men, who stepped up and did their part. God bless you.



As a German born after the war not far from Berga I would like to express my humble respect to all that had to suffer so much. Germany's dark history shall never be forgotten. We have to show collective responsibility and yes, guilt. Yet the question was it all possible?


Two teenage girls executed by Somali militants

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What gets me is when some ignorant preacher from Florida wants to burn a simple book the whole Muslim community around the world freaks out and protests. When they kill little girls no one says a word. Yep, Islam is peaceful alright.



As an American and a Muslim, I think these animals are an insult to the human race in general and my faith in particular. They should be utterly destroyed and it's incumbent upon the Muslim world to speak out against these animals as well as the mullahs who are perverting the Islamic faith and encouraging these inhuman practices!



Thank you for your comment. I wish ALL Muslims would step up to the plate and say what you are saying.

Obama visits Jon Stewart and 'The Daily Show'

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Thanks for health care reform (a start anyway) and for saving the economy. We're looking forward to 6 more years to get things done.



I listen to the President and got bored....I would never vote for him. The Rome is burning and he is chasing Republicans. No, put the fire out first, restore and then and only then say what you wanna say.



Maybe Obama should show up on the "Jersey Shore" I hear it's really popular with his target audience... the stupid people.



Yeah, where were all the moron republicans when Bushy was getting us into this mess?? You go rock!!!......idiots, go back under your rocks. Obama has done more to try to get us back on track to prosperity than any Republican ever has.


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Several people told us Wednesday that they don't comment on as often as they would like because they don't like the tone of the discussions. So we want to issue a little challenge: Find a comment that you think is intelligent, thoughtful or interesting, and compliment the commenter. Then tell us what happened in the comments below.


It will be interesting to see how people react.

October 28, 2010
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Mr Acevedo you are truly a hero.  Thank-you for your service to our country. God Bless you.

November 2, 2010
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Begin forwarded message:


From: ryan <>

Date: October 27, 2010 12:57:33 AM PDT

To: "" <>

Cc: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>

Subject: District attorney 







Begin forwarded message:


From: ryan <>

Date: October 22, 2010 8:20:28 AM PDT

To: "" <>

Subject: FBI,Whitehouse,US supreme court,US district attorney 







Begin forwarded message:

Subject: CVHIDTA


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