Friday, October 29, 2010
CNN30 TV special

You were there when the Berlin Wall fell. You shared in the world’s excitement when Princess Diana got married. You documented New York City’s grief when the Twin Towers collapsed.


Last month, we asked you to help us build an interactive timeline of the past three decades. The results were impressive. We received more than 200 iReports from all over the world with your recollections and footage of these iconic events.


This weekend, some the best submissions will be featured in a half-hour special on CNN International; called "CNN30: Were You There?" The show will look back at the biggest news stories of the past three decades, their impact, why they mattered and how the world responded.


The special airs Saturday at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET, and Sunday at 2:30 p.m. ET.


If you don't have CNN International -- or even if you do -- you can view several of the segments here:


- sunethra remembers her excitement about Princess Diana's wedding

- Nige820 talks about the images he saw in Pripyat, Ukraine, abandoned after the 1986 Chernobyl explosion

- jeff1985 recalls when his  building was destroyed in the 1985 Mexico City earthquake

- koryisma describes being an American in Morocco when Barack Obama was elected U.S. president in 2008

- allebeth remembers the photos she took in New York City five days after 9/11


The project doesn't end here. The timeline will remain on, so we welcome you to continue adding your memories, and they could be incorporated into future coverage.


Update [11/5/10]: The "CNN30: Were You There?" TV special is now on You can view it in three parts:


CNN30: 1980s

CNN30: 1990s

CNN30: 2000s

October 29, 2010

Hello...was just wondering if "The Death Of Michael Jackson" was included in your Special???

October 30, 2010
Click to view cali415's profile

that is a totally unimportant event. why would they ever include something so meaningless

October 30, 2010
Click to view Adam73's profile

Cali415, that's not fair. Michael Jackson was a very important part of our.. oh wait, you're right.  He was a probable pedophile/entertainer.  Who cares?

October 30, 2010
Click to view rachel8's profile

Terilyn51 - yes, MJ is included!

October 30, 2010

Thank you rache18! Adam73 and are just ignorant...I won't even waste my time commenting back to you.

October 30, 2010
Click to view J126428p's profile

terilyn, you did waste your time by commenting back


lol "thats just ignorant..." lol

October 30, 2010
Click to view BlueK's profile

I think I need to jump on this "Why include Jackson?" in world events bandwagon.  Honestly, Thriller is an album of which not many can debate the significance.  However, in no way is his death comparable to say, the falling of the Berlin wall or the bombing of Nagasaki.  Those are world history events which, literally, changed the world as we know it forever.  Jackson's death didn't do that.  I'd actually argue that Lennon's death was more marked if you want to compare celebrity deaths.  Sorry...I still love Beat It, but MJ doesn't really deserve of spot here.

October 30, 2010
Click to view potax's profile

Does our last Presidential Election. Which by all means was a historical one. Deserves to be mentioned here?

October 30, 2010
Click to view Lakenya's profile

Well if, without bias, you look at how his death affected the Internet, brought out actors, politicians and world leaders in mourning and affected people who never even heard of him or those who didn't like him that much- yeah Mj's death was very significant as a big story in the past few year. It was bigger than Lennon's death because Lennon's legacy didn't cross over like MJ's did. You can't say every age group or ethnic group really knew who he was like you could say about MJ. have nothing against to two. And for those who say MJ is a pedophile? How do you say that when even the FBI releases documents saying that the claims were unfounded? Some of you just hate on MJ for the sake of the Beatles and Elvis-- who even in death won't come close to him.

October 30, 2010
Click to view Mika84's profile

Nicely put Lakenya!

October 30, 2010
Click to view pogostick's profile

One hundred years from now no one will know who Michael Jackson was, but the fall of communism and the first black American president will be in the history books. The day we invaded Iraq will also be in the history books.

October 30, 2010
Click to view Mysticyat's profile

How about this -

  The Berlin Wall was constructed overnight August 12-13 - I woke up on August 13, my 10th birthday, to the news that a wall had been built.  In November, 1989 I watched the live reports as the Wall fell and in Feb, 1990 (3 months after the fall of the Berlin Wall) I was able to be in Berlin and chip my own piece out of the ruins of the wall.  It sits on my mantle to remind me that there is always hope.

October 30, 2010
Click to view Mysticyat's profile

Focus on the important stuff people!  This ridiculous conversation on whether Michael Jackson should be included trivializes the importance of remembering and LEARNING FROM  the major events of our world - the Berlin Wall, the Kennedy(s) and King assasinations, man's firsts steps on the moon.


The same "dumbing-down" and trivialization that appears to have taken over our news - there was more air time given to Myriah Carey's pregnancy that there was to the cholera epidemic in Haiti - seems to be taking over every aspect of our lives.


Get a grip, and think about your priorities!!!!

October 30, 2010
Click to view Lakenya's profile

Wait if we remember eccentrics like Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allen Poe, then one of the most documented and strange people- MJ -would be remembered by those who will be here a hundred years from now. He and Obama are both very strong symbols of African American history: just two different areas. Hey based on the attitude of Americans today..the future may not remember Obama if there is an effort to cover him up.


And man, i was just 1 year old when the Berlin Wall fell. Funny thing is they don't talk about it enough in history classes in schools nowadays. So I don't even feel like it's big deal.

October 30, 2010
Click to view Lakenya's profile

Mysticyats right about priorities, BUT the conversation isn't trivial if your appreciate the arts ... the real arts- not the celebrity. So Mariah and MJ are not in the same boat. This conversation is just in the wrong place.

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