Tuesday, November 02, 2010
Live blog: Election Day + CNN iReport

Editor's note: As voters hit the polls across America, we'll be updating the iReport blog with your photos, videos and reactions throughout Election Day. You can join in by downloading CNN’s Mobile Election Center app or checking out our political assignments.


[Updated, 11:58 p.m.] The iReport live blogging team is signing off for the evening, but we'll be back bright and early tomorrow. In the meantime, continue sending in your "I voted" stickers and video reaction to the election results. Seeing everyone's stories and images from the polls has been wonderful; thank you for being part of CNN's election coverage!


[Updated, 11:48 p.m.]

We just published a gallery with some of the best "I voted" sticker photos we've received today. There are folks who stuck stickers on their faces and hands, those who went the more traditional route by displaying stickers on their shirts, and iReporters who sent in some unique local stickers. Check it out on CNN.com.


And! We're still looking for voting stickers from a few states including Montana, Nebraska and Vermont. Did you vote in one of these states? Prove it by sharing your sticker with CNN iReport.


[Updated, 10:52 p.m.] Many students across the country had Election Day off from school, but that doesn't mean the learning stopped. Nathan Laabs, a public school teacher in Cantwell, Alaska, took his students along with him to the polls today and they brought back sample ballots to fill out in the classroom. "It was pretty cool to see these kids in all different grades take an interest and tell me what they knew about the candidates," he said.


In Watertown, New York, Daniel Olney also got a first-hand look at the election process today. The 13-year-old joined his father at their polling center and documented the voting process for CNN iReport. Thanks, Daniel!


[Updated, 10:33 p.m.] We've heard a lot of inspiring stories from voters today, but this quote from Christopher Bullard of Kannapolis, North Carolina, takes the cake. "I've been voting since '98 and every time I do it's like I'm taking the entire human race with me to the polls," he said. "Rich, old, black, white, physically able or disabled, I have a thought of everyone who can't or wants to vote when I vote. It's like scoring the game-winning shot -- a moment in time!"


[Updated, 10:06 p.m.]

Dozens of first-time voters are sharing their experiences at the polls with CNN iReport. Alexa Tommasi, 19, was four months too young to vote in the 2008 presidential election, but said she was thrilled to visit the polls in Wallingford, Connecticut, today. "I'm so happy I can finally vote!" she exclaimed.


"To be honest, I think each vote does make a difference," said Penn State student Justin Sova. "I went out and I voted because I have some opinions I want to be acted upon." Sova, 18, cast a straight Democratic ticket and says he'll probably keep that sticker as a memento.  And 18-year-old Jonathan Yacoub of Chino Hills, California, who took the great self portrait above, said his first voting experience “was exactly how I pictured it. Quiet.”


[Updated, 9:38 p.m.] Republicans will win at least 50 states to take control of the House, CNN projects. In the Senate, the GOP has picked up two of the 10 states needed for control. Are you watching the races closely? What do you think about a Republican-controlled House? We want to hear your reaction to the election results. Upload a short video sharing your view, and you could be on CNN.


[Updated, 9:31 p.m.]

iReporters' "I voted" stickers continue to fly in across the United States! While our colleagues are keeping track of key political races, Team iReport is keeping a tally of states that we’ve received stickers from. (We're currently down to 21.) In the past few hours, we've gotten stickers from Alaska, North Dakota, Virginia and an especially rad sticker from San Francisco, California. Hip hop artist Common even joined the cause. He's enlisted his Twitter army to help us search for stickers from Kansas, Oklahoma and Rhode Island.


If your state isn't represented yet, upload your photo. And if your polling location didn’t hand out stickers, let us know by leaving a comment below.


[Updated, 8:19 p.m.] Voters in several states cast ballots on controversial measures today. Among the most-talked about proposals is Prop 19, California's measure to legalize marijuana. Jimmy Turner uploaded a photo of his “I voted” sticker on a bong to symbolize his stance on making weed legal. Turner, who said he used to smoke pot in his younger days, said he “would like to see California take a stance and test the waters.”


“That's one good thing about laws, they can always be changed,” he added. “If the entire U.S. workforce becomes a mass of stoned zombies, we can count on the religious teetotalers to re-criminalize it, and wake us all from our haze.”


What’s your take on legalizing marijuana or any of the other controversial measures on ballots where you live? Share your story with CNN iReport or jump in the comments below and share your views.


[Updated, 7:51 p.m.]

Yes, the voting stickers in South Carolina are actually smaller than a dime. "The sticker is so small, I have to wear it on my nose for it to be seen," said iReporter Amelia Hall.


Brad Willis of Greenville, South Carolina, said the tiny sticker "somehow symbolized my role in the election process." A polling worker told him the state had downsized the stickers this year. When we pointed out the tiny stickers on Twitter, user Phil Mok suggested that South Carolina is "trying to be more environmentally friendly."


Whether they're tiny or not, we’re still looking for "I voted" stickers from a handful of states! If you voted in Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Wyoming or Washington, D.C. (to name a few), show off your stickers!


[Updated, 7:10 p.m.] The first Senate race results are in. CNN projects that Republicans Rand Paul in Kentucky, Dan Coats in Indiana, and Jim DeMint in South Carolina will win their respective races. Democrat Patrick Leahy is projected to win in Vermont.


You can watch all the election results on CNN TV and on CNN.com's Election Center. We'll be looking for your reactions all evening. What races do you care about most? You can upload your video responses here.


[Updated, 7:03 p.m.]

Olivia Stanforth, 17, is too young to vote, but not to work at her local polling place. iReporter Deanne Goodman spoke to the high school student while voting at the Leucadia Wastewater District in Carlsbad, California, earlier today.


Stanforth said she learned about the opportunity to be a poll worker from her social justice teacher. “I realized it would give me a chance to miss school to do something for the community, so I took the opportunity,” she explained, adding that she earned some extra money too. Stanforth says she’ll vote in the next election and said working at the polls taught her a lot about the election process.


[Updated, 6:30 p.m.] CNN's Jack Cafferty has posed the question whether our country is more divided now than under Bush and, based on the comments, users are pretty split in their answers.


"Jack, I think you take the media way too seriously," said CNN reader Ben. "If you talk with real people, we are far more united than ever before. Turn off the TV and walk the streets. We are doing perfectly fine." But commenter Marc-Monterey disagrees. "Jack, we are clearly more divided now, because the left AND the right are more divided. Back in the Bush years, it was simple, much like the Cold War: You had the right and the left. For the most part, we all stayed in those two lanes. Now we have far left, far right, centrist left, centrist right."  And Miguel said it's not a matter of being divided, "but more confused."


What do you think? Join the conversation in the comments below.


[Updated, 6:04 p.m.]

I'll admit, we might be biased since Team iReport is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, but it seems like the Peach State has one of the best voting stickers in the U.S.


We've received photos of voting stickers from all over, but the orange "I'm a Georgia voter" ones especially seem to stand out. Georgia voters Leandra Slayton, Richard Highnote, Becky Gaar, and first-time Georgia voter and iReport producer Christina Zdanowicz proudly showed off their stickers. And it looks like Claudia Anthony of Marietta, Georgia, even wore an outfit to match her peach sticker.


Does your city or state have a cool "I voted" sticker? Share it with us!


[Updated, 5:20 p.m.] Voters in Wausau, Wisconsin, were alerted "at the last minute" that their polling place was moved from its usual location, according to iReporter Mike Stouffer.


Stouffer, who has voted at the Rose Garden for 8 years, received a flyer on his front porch this morning announcing the move to Wausau's River Drive Complex. He first heard about the move last night on TV. "[You] would have thought people would have been notified at least a week beforehand," he wrote on CNN iReport.


The polling place was moved after Republican congressional hopeful Sean Duffy rented out the Rose Garden for his election night party. According to the Wausau Daily Herald, Duffy rented the location back in July. You can read more on CNN affiliate WSAW.


[Updated, 4:41 p.m.] Whether it's the economy, health care, or immigration, voters have a variety of reasons to hit the polls today. Patrick Brough of Easthampton, Massachusetts, suggested another one. He stuck his "I voted" sticker on a cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee and said, "Too bad every vote didn't include a cup of Joe. I bet we would have twice the turn out."


What issues matter most to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below. You can also check out which issues ranked highest with Democrats, Republicans and Independents who participated in the iReport Election Project.


[Updated, 4:26 p.m.]

We're getting loads more "I voted" stickers from across the country. In the image above (left to right, top to bottom), we have Connecticut, Maine, Minnesota, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Florida. Keep 'em coming! You can submit your photos here.


[Updated, 2:18 p.m.]

¡Oiga, mira esto! In California, you can get "I voted" stickers in Spanish! As Manny Dorado demonstrates, they read "Yo voté," which means "I voted" in Spanish. Dorado got these at his Oxnard, California, polling place today. He noticed his grandfather, who voted with him, had a Spanish sticker and asked if he could have one, too. "I'm proud to be a Latino and to vote in the United States," he said.


[Updated, 1:57 p.m.] Eighteen-year-old Tyler Tucky was so excited to vote today that he was first in line at his Las Vegas, Nevada polling place. He and his mom were the only people there at 7 a.m. Tucky voted Democrat and also volunteered for Harry Reid's campaign. "I think it's pretty nuts that it's this close," Tucky said about the election. "I think that people are upset with the country and the direction that it's in right now. They were expecting a lot of results two years ago and aren't willing to wait for the results to fully develop."


[Updated, 1:40 p.m.]

If you vote, you get to throw a pie in your teacher's face - at least at one Georgia high school. High school senior Casey Stringer of Cumming, Georgia, says his science teacher told students they could hit him in the face with pies if they pledged to vote. And the teacher kept his word! For about 10 minutes, about 15 students threw pies at him after they promised to vote at a pep rally about three weeks ago. "I saw two kids at the polls this morning that had actually pied him in the face. Typically I wouldn't think of these kids as politically active, so I think the whole pie concept helped," said Stringer.


[Updated, 1:25 p.m.] We have a pretty passionate debate going on in the CNN.com comments today, as you might expect. Republicans, Democrats, and people of other affiliations are having a heated discussion about what the election results will mean for the country. "The GOP's priority is power over people," argues tomanjeri. "They have no interest in working to make things better." zagool6 agrees: "Obama's one-term presidency is not going to bring food on the table for millions of Americans. If that is what the GOP will be vigorously working on, then they are not listening the cries of the American public. Why [do] they think they deserve my vote?" But Jellymon feels like the Democrats haven't done anything meaningful. "The Democrats have had a MAJORITY in BOTH houses of Congress for the last two years. Don't blame Republicans for the fact that Democrats can't get anything constructive done. Case closed, end of story."


TheCruiser said would be happy to see the Republicans take Congress in order to have more political balance: "Thank the good Lord for gridlock. It couldn't come soon enough." What do you think? Which party is getting your vote, and why?


[Updated, 1:06 p.m.] Are all politicians corrupt? Some people think so. Take Nino Larocca, for example. He wants to impose stricter term limits to prevent the same people from becoming more and more powerful. "No politicians should be [in office] for more than 10 years: They get greedy and corrupt," he says. "Look at all we don't know about our candidates. How many kickbacks do these politicians get that we don't know about?" And CNN.com commenter Jigsaw3Dxxx has a different, but equally cynical, perspective: "Voters have nothing to do with deciding who runs what. It's all fixed, just like any other sport," he says. What do you think? Does your vote matter? Why are you voting - or not voting - today?


[Updated, 12:34 p.m.] Nadya Alvarez had another person in the voting booth with her today. But it's okay, it was her 2-year-old son. Alvarez showed him the ballot "to teach him from now that it is important to go to vote." He even tried to help her fill in the circles! "There may be other people saying to you not to vote, that it is a waste of time, but for me it is not," said Alvarez passionately in her video. "Our ancestors fought for this right and for our freedom, so now we have to keep it that way. If we don't vote, then we don't care for our future.


[Updated, 11:54 a.m.]

What a stunning Election Day outfit Chuck Farnham has! In case you can't tell, that's a whoopie cushion. And what made him think it would be the perfect voting attire? "I think that it clearly shows the state of the nation, full of hot air," said Farnham. And yes, he actually did wear it to the polls in Billings, Montana. Farnham says he saw "a lot of heads shaking" when people noticed his outfit.


[Updated, 11:36 a.m.]

Be proud, voters! We just received "I voted" stickers from - clockwise from top left - Florida, Illinois, New Hampshire, and Texas. Keep sending 'em in! We're hoping to get a sticker from every state.


[Updated, 11:11 a.m.] How long are you waiting in line to vote? William Bernstein of Virginia Beach, Virginia, was surprised that he had to wait 20 minutes. For him, it was an unexpectedly long time. Here in Atlanta, CNN iReport producer Nicole Saidi said she waited about half an hour. What are the wait times like in your city? Tell us how long you're standing in line and what your voting experience is like.


[Updated, 10:37 a.m.] If he's going to vote, Peter Gregory wants to make sure his vote counts. Gregory, who lives in Graham, Washington, always votes absentee because he travels frequently. He says it has crossed his mind that his ballot could be lost in the mail or somehow intercepted, and that's why he always drops it in a locking mailbox or post office box. But Gregory says there's definitely an advantage to voting via absentee ballot: "Before I used to vote absentee, I often put off figuring out the issues and went into the voting booth without having any idea what I was voting for. My votes were sometimes not well thought out," he explained. "Voting by mail forces me to decide my votes ahead of time, at home. This gives me the leisure to research the issues, read the voters' guides, and make better voting decisions."


[Updated, 10:18 a.m.]

Chris Morrow shared her coveted "I voted" sticker with us! She got it after she voted early a couple weeks ago in San Diego, California. Don't forget - we're looking for "I voted" stickers from all over the country! So once you get home from the polls, upload a photo of yourself proudly wearing your sticker.


[Updated, 10:03 a.m.] Despite the harsh politicking that's gone on during this campaign, some CNN.com commenters don't care who you vote for as long as you get out there and exercise your right to do it. "Democrat or Republican, please go out and vote; its your right," wrote Firearms. TomInRochNY quipped about the mudslinging ads that have taken over television in many states: "I'm sure all the political ads will remind you [to vote]. Thank GOD for Nov. 3!" And Gnnetwork's feeling a little cynical, but he still voted. "I voted and can already feel the economy turn around. NOT!!" Well, if he's right, at least he can say he tried.


[Updated, 9:44 a.m.] What do students care about in this election? Noah Gray, the founder of Virgin Voting, went on a quest to find out. He interviewed young people at American University to see what issues were most important to them. Check out his short, fun video to see their diverse answers, from clean energy to health care, education to foreign policy. And, of course, the one young man who "just [wants] to get the incumbents out!"


Check out Gray speaking with CNN's Kyra Phillips.


[Original post, 8:30 a.m.] As voters hit the polls across America, we'll be updating the iReport blog with your photos, videos and reactions throughout Election Day.


We'll monitor voter irregularities, report on polling center lines, collect photos of your "I voted" stickers, and share it all with our colleagues across CNN. Of course, we can't do it without the iReport community! You can join in by downloading CNN's Mobile Election Center app or checking out our political assignments.


We look forward to seeing your view of the election! In the meantime, you can check out the iReport Election Project to see the political pulse of users of CNN's Election app.

November 2, 2010
Click to view LBanchik's profile

The voter machines in NY State used in Great Neck are unacceptable, in my opinion. After filling out the scantron sheet you put in through the scanner.  The screen does NOT display your vote nor give you any chance to correct a misread but simply says "Your vote has been recorded".  In my case I left a surrogate judge election vote blank & it did not do anything to ask me "do you wish to confirm the 'no vote'" but simply said "Thank you for your vote, this system is more open to mistakes and/or voter fraud than the older voting machines.

I voiced my concerns to the poll workers and they told me "Why would the machines be inaccurate, don't you trust then?" I have no way to assure that the vote was accurately recorded but was just told to "Call the Governor if you don't like it"

November 2, 2010
Click to view WausauFamily's profile

Was interesting that our usual polling station was closed and relocated to a new location, with what seemed to come with little notice. What makes it more interesting is why. The place of the usual polling station was rented out (closed) by the republican canidate, Sean Duffy, for retiring Dave Obey seat in Washington. Seemed like a serious conflict of interest.

November 2, 2010
Click to view WausauFamily's profile


November 2, 2010
Click to view east2west24's profile

I recently moved to LA from DC area and changed my voter registration to my LA address. My voter registration was correct and postmarked on time however when I got to my polling place I wasn't on the list. I used the statewide CA website to register but info was lost between it and the counties info. I think this might be happening to alot of ppl that used the CA state website to register. Dont want to vote provisionally because I tried to make sure this wouldnt happen. I worked on a campaign in VA and have done gotv and worked the polls. CA is in crisis mode. I knew some garbage like this would happen especially in LA.

November 2, 2010
Click to view king1960's profile

I'm glad that I got up this morning and went to vote. I voted for in hope for our great nation to create jobs, to improve lending for mortgage loans, provide higher education for all so that this nation can again lead the world into the future by being creators of new engery to rid of us of oil or petrolium base products. The great USA have lost a few steps in the world eyes I believe but we can again regain the respect we enjoyed in the past. As for our politicians this nation need a new breed because both parties (Republians and Democrats) have degraded into the parties of destruction. We need new leaders who has vision, passion, leadership, ability to handle world events with finesse and get results, and to protect this country from all who dare to threaten our security.

November 2, 2010
Click to view east2west24's profile

voter hotline in LA is clogged and when u call in they play music for ten minutes and then drop your call. if everyone that lives in la county used the state website to register but then doesnt show up on the county list cant vote...id call that a major problem

November 2, 2010
Click to view highwayrunne's profile

For starters, I am an older (67) gay male living in the Southeast.  SO, I have had a good career, still work, and have endured every form of discrimination there has ever been, in society, the workplace and yes, even church.  I live a modest respectable quiet life style in a small town, where I am known in every detail.  I should be pro Demoncrat, and pro Obama because of my social status.  Guess what?  I am an independent voter, who wants to see every person in an elected office replaced in the election cycle. 

Liberalism has given me a few rights, but has taken away far more than it has ever given.  Enough of the professional politicians, regardless of party.  Enough pity parties for those who say they are discrimanated against in any fashion.  Let's get back to working for a living, not buying votes with housing, welfare, clunker programs, and one subsidy after another.

People, if I have survived, and done relatively well in a society which dislikes me and my kind, and have participated on events and politics, without wearing some sort of pity badge, it is far past time for the bums to be riding free.

The Demoncrats think everyone should have a free ride, along with their children, grandchildren, and on an on.

Vote out the Demoncrat majority this election, then replace everyone in every public office through the upcoming election cycles.  MAKE THE GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBLE BY VOTING OUT THE BLOOD SUCKING LEECHES IN PUBLIC OFFICES.  There will be a transition period with a few errors, but the end result will be better than anything we have today.  The Congress, President and all the crown in Washington pamper themselves at our expense, and by votes for themselves with our tax dollars.


November 2, 2010
Click to view eagles10's profile

New Political Party?


I just visited LiberalFaith.com. I'm thinking this is a new political party to be unveiled once the mid-term elections are complete. Wow, yes, there are Christians who are democrats!

Tea party, it looks like you're about to have company.

November 2, 2010
Click to view cattit2d's profile

I am living outside the U.S. at present. I received my abesentee ballots in October, voted as directed and mailed in my ballots. They were returned to me today with new ballots to vote and mail in prior to Nov. 2nd. (impossible) I am baffled. This has not happened to me in other elections. Has anyone else had this problem?

November 2, 2010
Click to view mrsnikkis's profile

I am wondering how many Florida residents will run into this problem when they get to the polls......I mailed in my application to register to vote on October 4th 2010.  I did not receive my voter's registration card in the mail as of last week, which I know I don't need it in order to vote, but I called my supervisor of elections office just to make sure that I was registered.  When I spoke to them they told me that I did not sent my application in until after the deadline.  Luckily I purchased a certificate of mailing which has the postmark date showing the day I mailed it off.  I informed the representative of this and she transferred me to her supervisor.  Her supervisor then told me that either herself or the supervisor in the registration department would call me back. When she called me back she stated that the day that my application was entered the system went down and the day it came back up the system automatically entered that date as the date that I registered to vote. She told me that she corrected my application date and if my name was not on the list at the polls to tell them to look it up manually since she just changed it.  When I got to the polls I did not have any issues but now I wonder how many people did not call and got to the polls and got turned away because their name was not on the list. This sounds very fishy to me and needs to be looked into.

November 2, 2010
Click to view ssconnors's profile

VOTER FRAUD - Broward County Florida

I was going to vote by absentee ballot, but a few days ago I received a recorded phone call from "the Republican Party" telling me that I could take my absentee ballot to my polling location on November 2nd. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE.

It turns out that no absentee ballot will be accepted at any polling location but must be received at the office of the Supervisor of Elections by 7pm today, Tuesday, November 2nd.

In speaking with the office of the Supervisor of Elections, my complaint was just one of many complaints of voter fraud. If you were mislead as I was, please report it.

If you were planning to drop your absentee ballot off at your polling location, you can still vote in person. You must take your absentee ballot with you so that it may be cancelled by a poll worker.


Please vote. And, may God bless America.



November 2, 2010
Click to view nazifighter's profile

Voter fraud in Park Ridge, NJ.

Arrived at polls only to be told that I had requested and was sent an absentee ballot.  I never requested one, nor did I receive one.  This meant I could only vote on a provisional basis, with my ballot not being counted unless "necessary" to decide a close election.  I have voted in person in all recent elections without incident as a registered Democrat.  Our County Clerk is a Republican, who is also running now for County Executive.  Very suspicious.  My town is a highly Democratic one, and this seems to be happening to a LOT of people here.  My wife was similarly affected.  Can anyone say, "hanging chad?"

November 2, 2010
Click to view lekraus1's profile

I find it appalling that the American people are so eager to put this country back in the hands of the very people that nearly caused a second great depression. the only thing that we know the republican party stands for is anything that President Obama is for.  if the Republican party retakes the congress they will try to undo everything that was done to get us out of the mess they put us into.  in 2 years we will be voting to get rid of these morons once again.  wake up America the republicans offered nothing since 2008 that shows us what they stand for except never allowing a vote in the senate.  get ready for even more jobs to sent to china and other countries.

November 2, 2010
Click to view lekraus1's profile

one last thing i need to get off my chest.  why would the American people vote in a party that spews nothing but hate.  i have a daughter and if she got raped there is no way i could look into her eyes and tell her that she must have her rapist's baby.  compassionate conservative what is that?  i was raised a catholic and if i remember correctly Jesus said what you do for the least of men you do for me.  what has the republican party done for Jesus????   they have taken all they can from the little people and why is it that they give the ultra tax breaks to send more and more jobs out if this country?

November 2, 2010
Click to view bsharper54's profile

I just voted in Kenner, La, but my daughter was not able to vote, because they could not find her name. She voted in the 2008 presidential election. I was pretty up-set about that, because every vote count. I hope that someone takes a look at the problems with the voting system in Jefferson Parish. I am going to comment on this situation on WWL.COM.

November 2, 2010
Click to view rjstew432's profile

I am Canadian and cannot vote in the US, but I am totally involved in your country in an abstract way.  What really bothers me in these midterms is that it is apparent that your country is polarizing more and more.  I listen to the Republicans and know that they have some very valid points, then I listen to the Dem's and they also have very valid points. One thing, and this is just one thing, that concerns me is that we don't hear anything from the middle??  In any society we are going to have polarizing views, but in your case it seems to be something in the extreme.  I so admire the USA, and what it stands for, but where are you headed, and why do we not hear anything from those who understand that your country and its future is in peril.  There must be a better way than he said she said.  There must be a bette way than allowing corporations and special interest groups to fund and ultimately win your elections, which is exactly what is happens.

November 2, 2010
Click to view mcintron's profile

I voted and uploaded a photo as New York State can't afford stickers! At least none were available in NYC. I asked but no luck. Still, the state of NY is in bad financial difficulty so I'm not mad, just sad. :(

November 2, 2010
Click to view rinko48's profile

Recently, Anderson Cooper spoke out against Ron Howard's new movie,"The Dilemma," because Vince Vaughn's character said, "...electric cars are so gay," but yet on tonight's "Election Night In America" he referred to  three of his guests as "polictical Rainman." By using this euphemism Anderson thinks it's okay to mock people with autism. As a parent of three young boys with autism, I am offended that Anderson Cooper is quick to defend one group but then turns around and makes fun of people with autism, many of whom can't even speak for themselves. Rainman is a stereotype that doesn't represent many people with autism. Anderson Cooper is a hipprocrate.


November 3, 2010
Click to view AKH81's profile

First, I would like to address the lack of respect the President is recieving from the media and Government Officials. I have never seen a currenct or former President called by his name without the title of his office not being acknowledge. This only shows that this country does not respect President Obama or his authority as the leader of the US.


Second, the republican party has downgraded all of the accomplishments the President promised that he has been able to fulfill since he got into office. They constantly used negative ads throughout the mid-term election to target the President, and make it look like he has done nothing. Yes, unemployment is still at a high rate, but the President extended unemployment benefits to help those who can't find work keep their homes and cars, and pay bills so other companies didn't lose to much more money. The healthcare reform that he passed was not a giveaway for free insurance, it is a plan that citizens still have to pay for, but give them a chance to get insurance without being denied for pre-existing conditions. Also, when he saved GMAC, not only did he save a big corporation, he saved the jobs of hundreds of thousands who are employed by the plants here in the US. He has also made good on his promise to bring our troops home. I had family and friends over in Iraq fighting this war, and I am happy that they have came home. Our men and women needed to be back home. The republicans are not acknowledging his accomplishments, all that they care about is fatting the pockets of their big business buddies, and giving them tax breaks instead of caring about the needs of the middle and lower class citizens of the US. The republican party has set the President up for failure by expecting him to fix 8 years of bad policy in his initial 2 years in office. It took 8 years to make this mess, and will take more than 2 to fix it. Stop railroading the President and help him guide this country into a recovery that will help ALL people in the US, not just the FAT CATS who threaten to send their companies out of the US if they can't get tax breaks. The President isn't bankrupting this country, the selfishness of Big Businesses is.

November 3, 2010
Click to view seetofairnes's profile

Someone should tell Palin that there is more to being on TV all the time, She should take a clue from the MN Gov




When asked about his 2012 Presidential bid, he responded with the following:




Pawlenty has said he would decide on a possible presidential bid early in 2012, but said "any of my personal plans or concerns are secondary" to fulfilling his constitutional obligation to remain governor while the process plays out.




Palin, do you get it???  You should have filled out your term and prove you can lead.  Oh wait, then you could not do a reality show...


November 10, 2010
Click to view profesorjery's profile

sarah palin is a true real  american woman shes got brains looks and charisma and she is a virtuous woman and the rest of people that dont like her are simply jealous.they are mostly democratic women ,ugly with deep base voices and adams apple and lots of facial and leg hair.and fat ugly clowns like katie couric who got their by pity.cause we all know she should be doing radio.and the men that dont like her just simply like the democratic women .wooohhooohraaahaaaaaaaaoowwowoowohhoohhraaahaaa ride your donkey.

November 10, 2010
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i hear americans bitching and whining that they, we have no jobs but we know the jobs are leaving because of the  epa so why dont we tell the politicians to abolish the epa or get them out of business.and all you job less fools might get a job.or you can bend over and let the epa and the politicians stick it up your ass and tell you its a free colon check up.and they are saving the world from global warming.you know the epa is beginning to realize that americans are becoming so stupid they are planning to human emission test you american fools.all in the name of health care and global warming.bend over once again.and think about this they collected trillions so far and they did not stop one hurricane ,earth quake, volcano, flood ,so why the f/we are paying them.cause we are stupid.

November 10, 2010
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democrats keep a great number of americans in a state of self pity and ignorance .they teach them to beg, bitch, whine, moan and cry.they teach them to sit on their ass and cry poor slaves. so they hate the republicans because the republicans want to give them a job ,show them that there are no shackells holding them down and they are free.so they can dry their tears and stop the bitching whining and moaning.but the donkey has no hope he choose to sit on his ass and bray haahaahaaahaaaaaah and sing we shall over come  woooohhhoohraaahahahaha ride your donkey.

November 10, 2010
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did the media ever told obama we dont have fifty seven states.and is this what harvard is teaching .folks go get your refund .no wonder why we have this financial problem  , blame harvard .not obama .then again blame bush.its not obama fault, he didnt even know there was a financial problem it just fell into his lap.when he became president.what happen the messiah lost his mojo he cuould not turn one stone into bread after spending i trillion dollars.or is this messiah an imposter. i taught the oceans was going to roll back and he was going to stop the global warming .my conclusion is this messiah is a con man .a snake charmer.

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