Tuesday, November 02, 2010
Overheard on CNN.com: Election edition


Comment of the day:

"Thank GOD for Nov. 3!"


TomInRochNY is looking forward to an end of all the negative campaign ads in this election cycle. He was one of the thousands of CNN.com readers talking about Tuesday's midterm elections. President Obama's not on the ballot, but he's at the center of the debate.


Many readers, like TWP predicted the Democrats would pay for supporting health care reform. "We promised you if you shoved that ObamaCare debacle down our throats it would cost a lot of you your jobs. Today it is time to pay the piper," he wrote. Democrats blamed Republican lawmakers for blocking the president's agenda and said he wasn't getting credit for everything he did accomplish. "Anyone driving a GM car should be thanking Obama. But don't give credit where credit is due," ethos76 said.


We also heard from a lot of people who didn't have much hope for the election.


"If anyone thinks that anything is going to be any different, you are very gullible," Domini said. MarkyGA agreed saying "I'm voting for discontent (translation: NOT voting). What's the point? Nothing but wingnuts running negative campaigns. Moderates have virtually NO ONE to vote for."


Conversation snapshot:


Election coverage dominated Tuesday's conversation and our main election story drew more than 7,551 comments and 899 Facebook recommendations.


Here's a look at some of the other talkers on the site:

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November 3, 2010
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i have a plan for obama and the democrats come 2012 we will be giving our free  buckets of fry chicken and free bags of tacos an free hot dogs for all the people that vote democrat and obama.this would be the obama mericle since he could not turn the water into wine or feed the multitude with two fishes and the five loaves.so send donation to professor jerry.let take back the white house.

November 22, 2010
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HOLA,YO SOY LA PRINCESA:Yisel Angelica Marte hija del Rey Divino Milcon,y en este dia quiero escribir a el sistema de autoridad en el mundo,EL SISTEMA,porquee sta es mi autoridad porquee s la autoridad que me proteje pero no quiero comunicarme desde europa,como de costumbre o de algun determinado pais,sino que mi verdadera nacionalidad despues de tod es america hispana, y quiero comunicarme con el sistema de autoridad EL SISTEMA desde mi tierra america,ENTONCES ESCRIBIRE A CNN.COM,pero quizas hoy no escribire desde esta pagina porque yo puedo escribir a las siguientes direcciones en CNN.com porque CNN.com es en conjunto conmigo mi equipo con el cual he estado desde hace algunos años en una importante labor,pero yo tambien soy una reportera,y por esa razon yo tengo direccion personal,PERO trbajao especificamente con el periodismo investigativo para entonces poder lograr que los periodistas,o reporteros profesionales puedan trabajar en el caso,o llevar la noticia,BUENO,algo quee s im'portante para mi hacerle saber es que yo ya no tengo nada que ver con conflicto,o conflictos,yo no quiero saber de esos problemas asi feos,y yo no quiero tener nada que ver con esos conflictos feos,ASI que por esa razon tengo que decir como es ahora mi relacion con america Uniteds,es decir LA POTENCIA,los Estados Unidos de america,Bueno,I'am culture,and the live living the live,personal relation ship.y la verdad NO ME VA MAL, porque CNN.com tengo que decirte algo importante,yo fui la barbie pink,aun soy la barbie pink,PERO ahora tambien soy la barbie blue,y me proteje el KEN de capa black,.. PERO AHORA YO SOY LA POTENCIA AMERICAN UNITEDS, es decir los Estados Unidos de america,..BUENO,estas son las dos direcciones perosnales  adonde puedo escribir,PERO despues escribire a esta direccion blog post of cnn.com Bueno,hasta luego,yo soy la princesa:YiSEL Angelica hija del Divino Milcon,..

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