Wednesday, November 03, 2010
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News of the year's first U.S. giant panda birth was shared more than 1,714 times on Facebook


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"And in a few years when nothing changes we'll vote back in the Dems. And then a few years after that when nothing changes we'll vote back in the Repubs. And then a few years after that... hmmm.... even my cats are smart enough to stop chasing their own tails."


DBOY123 doesn't sound too optimistic about the results of Tuesday's midterm elections, but many readers called Republicans' historic gains a step in the right direction. Others were concerned about gridlock and were challenging the GOP to work with President Obama.


"Now, Republicans have no excuse and can't say no to everything," iListen wrote. Amegioa replied that "They were elected to say No to the Obama agenda. Dems like to call them the party of No like that is some kind of insult. We want them to go in there and say NO to Obama's agenda, NO to big gov't, NO to higher taxes, etc."


Commenters also were talking about Shannon Tavarez, an 11-year-old Broadway singer, who died after a long battle with acute myeloid leukemia. They offered their prayers and well-wishes the little girl's family and encouraged others to become bone marrow donors.


One reader said "I just signed up, thanks to one of the commenters below who provided a recommended site (marrow dot org). The process only took about 10 minutes; now I will just wait to receive my kit in the mail."


Conversation snapshot: readers are also talking about marijuana and sandwiches.


Why did California vote down legal pot? 1,103 comments and 1,010 Facebook recommendations


Lunchtime poll – National Sandwich  Day 372 comments and 172 Facebook recommendations

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