Thursday, November 04, 2010
Giants take the streets of San Francisco




With all the talk about elections, you might think that our national pastime is politics. But don’t tell that to baseball fans in San Francisco, California. Midterm election mood swings couldn’t keep the crazed fans off the streets, as they cheered on their beloved Giants and celebrated their recent World Series victory over the Texas Rangers.


Nealan Afsari took a 15-minute walk from her home to watch the parade. Initially, she only intended to soak up the atmosphere as a casual observer but was soon caught up in the excitement and ended up with a "play-by-play" of the action given by by her friend. Afsari added, “The parade was so unique for San Francisco, the atmosphere was electric and I wanted to memorialize it.”


Another iReporter, Dina Boyer, sent in a great collection of photographs and a video capturing the parade and the electrified crowd. "I will say, San Francisco Giants fans are dedicated and love their baseball team," said Boyer. "[This] World Series win was more than just a win for a baseball team; they won the World Series for [their] fans."


Are you a Giants fan? Do you live in the Bay Area and have pictures or videos of the celebrations? Well, upload them already! We'd love to hear your story.

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