Thursday, November 04, 2010
Volcanic ash chokes Indonesian city

This photo looks like something out of an adventure movie, but it was the scene in Sleman, Indonesia, on November 2. And that dust isn't from the bikes -- it's ash blanketing the city from the nearby Merapi volcano.


Prasakti Ramadhana captured this incredible image about 25 kilometers from the volcano on Tuesday. Despite the dramatic scene, she says life is continuing as normal -- almost. Ramadhana, a university student, is still going to class. She says others in the city are going about their days as they generally would, but they're wearing masks.


"You have to be careful because the ash is dangerous for the eyes and respiration," she explained. "It's hard to breathe. We have to use masks right now."


The Merapi volcano has been erupting over and over since October 26. Experts say Sleman, where Ramadhana lives, is still safe for now, but may have to be evacuated if conditions get worse.


"They still don't know yet how big or how far it will spread," said Ramadhana.


Are you experiencing the volcano in Indonesia? Share your story and photos.

November 4, 2010
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I hope Mr.Muhammad Yunus, you can see in the red board at upper side of pic, would not cancel a trip to Jogjakarta to attend the international symposium WISDOM 2010.

November 4, 2010
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Can someone please help?  I am uploading videos for the past one day and they are not getting uploaded everyone says upload failed.  the File size is small 20 - 30 MB

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