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COMMENT OF THE DAY: "I wonder  how many elderly women, on flights right now, wish their old husband  would go to the toilet and return 45 years younger? " -- MatiValhalla


A young man disguised himself as an old Caucasian man, boarded Air Canada flight AC018 from Hong Kong to Vancouver and then changed out of his costume mid-flight. His almost unbelievable story created quite a stir.


Exclusive: Man in disguise boards international flight


MatiValhalla wasn't the only commenter who saw some humor in this story. ArtInChicago said the man "got the idea from the University of Notre Dame. They have had a bunch of guys disguised as a football team for several years."


STP84 said, "Holy c r a p! Can we skip all the lame movies and give this guy the Oscar for best makeup?"


Some commenters took the story more seriously and were concerned about the future safety of air travel. Alastes commented, "Great. Now you have to wonder how many people with incredible disguises like this actually make it through. Something new to worry about"


Debunking the myth: The cost of Obama's trip to Asia


Another hot topic among the commenters was the cost of President Obama's trip to Asia. They reacted to the claim that President Obama's trip to Asia was costing the U.S. government $200 million per day. The story sparked controversy as some questioned the motives of the anonymous source that reported the cost of the trip. Apaige said, "I suppose those who would blindly accept these figures would never even question the price of the war in Iraq."


Many commenters shared sentiments that were similar to Apagie's. ShadowGnome said, "We'll file this in the 'Republicans will believe and repeat anything they hear that is anti-Democrat, no matter how stupid' folder."

Brides buck tradition and ditch the white dress


Finally, on a lighter note, commenters voiced their opinions about how some brides are eschewing traditional white wedding gowns in favor of non-traditional dresses. lostinsauce said, "My personal opinion? My bride-to-be can wear whatever she desires. It's her day ... My day was the day she said, 'Yes.' The rest is not relevant."


lizziek shared, "I agree that each woman should be allowed to wear what she likes, but at the same time we should not deny that white has come to represent purity in our society. Does a bride need to be pure to wear white? No -- but, personally, I will wear white on my wedding day to symbolize the virginity I have kept and have been very proud to keep. I think it's equally important to support women like myself who still enjoy the tradition."

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November 5, 2010
Click to view RabiaDiluvio's profile

The white dress is not a deep-rooted tradition but a relatively recent custom.  During the early Victorian era and the days of the steel barons, white symbolized extravagance.  The average middle class woman would not wear white because white was impractical at best--a one use dress that would be impossible to keep clean. Black was a common choice in those days, but there were also other colors.  White gowns did not become an "expectation" until the 40s and 50s.  The association of white with purity is also fairly recent and most likely related to the association with the dress a girl might wear for her first holy communion. 

November 5, 2010
Click to view niles167's profile

The old fellow bears a resemblance to rupert Murdoch!  Maybe the guy wanted to be a billionaire for Holloween!

November 6, 2010
Click to view robinycus's profile

He could have given someone a heart attack. 


November 6, 2010
Click to view OppeSam's profile

These masks are around $600, they are called SPFX masks and this particular one is called The Elder. They are hand made and have been used for robberies before, the black guy mask seems the be the most popular for that.

November 6, 2010
Click to view HarrisonFord's profile

Very good, what else can you say ... was there another reason for him to dress up, is security going to be pulling at our skin soon? Or maybe pulling it off, or some other place we don't them to touch

November 6, 2010
Click to view somalitimes's profile

Waaaw very interesting stories I like such this stories it is amazing young Chinese and Obama trip expenses

November 6, 2010
Click to view qed11's profile

What is the point in blocking out his face with the tiny little circle?


If you are going to block out his face then block it out.


Why show 90% of his face?  I am sure people can still figure out who this is by as much as his face that is seen.


Kind of reminds me of soft-core porn.  90% is still blocked out, but you still know what is going on.

November 6, 2010
Click to view evos's profile

Wow!  That Viagra is amazing!

November 6, 2010
Click to view WesternPA's profile

I'm still looking for anything dangerous or unethical that this guy did that would justify authorities for detaining him, much less for defaming him.


November 6, 2010
Click to view wufdawg's profile

i was at disney world years ago and sat down on a bench next to a man who i knew was wearing disguise similar to friends seems uninterested...until weeks later when we learned michael jackson was at the park at same time...i am sure it was him!

November 6, 2010
Click to view trixen's profile

WesternPA: Boarding an international flight under someone else's identity?  Are you serious???

November 6, 2010
Click to view dale56's profile

@westernPA He attempted to enter a sovereign country illegally not to mention boarding a flight under false pretenses.

November 6, 2010
Click to view MasivMarbles's profile

I have several theories on this subject.


1. He could be a spy, which would be the reason for the blank area over his face, the U.S. not wanting to disclose his identification.


2. Someone on the watch list.


3. A political figure seeking asylum.


4. A wanted international criminal.


5. A person who has lived off the grid.


6. A novice who was trying to escape a situation.


7. Or, he is part of a larger scale plan to test security measures for future transfers.


This man could have easily disguised himself as an asian, so his elaborate attempt means that he didn't want his nationality recognized or questioned.


He obviously hasn't done this before because other people especially the flight attendants 'know' who has been on the flight with them. A seasoned 'vet' would have known to wait until he deplaned before changing.



November 19, 2010
Click to view awstonhi's profile

  the guy can not be trusted

November 29, 2010
Click to view Nrice19's profile

If people want information on what their gonverment is doing, there is a proper way to do that, this is not that way.

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