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Monopoly lovers get creative for game's 75th anniversary



Seeing all the great photos and videos we've got for the 75th anniversary of Monopoly was a lovely stroll down Memory Lane, dead-ending somewhere around Park Place and the Boardwalk. We've passed Go with Sandra Kent's football Monopoly board, moving clockwise to Steven Ricard's Free Parking plate and then Kevin Tostado's photo of the actual Marven Gardens, which we learned is actually misspelled on the game board. In real life, Marven Gardens is an adorable housing development in New Jersey marked with a familiar yellow-and-white sign at the front. Tostado says some residents have adopted the Monopoly theme in small ways on the exteriors of their houses.


Another important stop on any Monopoly pilgrimage should be the giant Monopoly board in San Jose, California, as photographed by Heethe Ellsworth, Matt Reiss and Tostado as well. Tostado incorporated the location into his documentary, "Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story," and brought a couple champions to play a life-sized Monopoly game and roll giant dice, in addition to visiting champion player Jason Bunn in Leeds, United Kingdom.


Monopoly is truly a global obsession. Gero Breloer documented a birthday party thrown for Monopoly in Berlin, Germany. Darragh Bracken of Dublin, Ireland, showed us a public art project this past September in which floating Monopoly houses and hotels were set loose in the Liffey River. Rosanne MacCormick-Keen of Toronto, Ontario, couldn't resist taking pictures of a house that was boarded up and painted over to look like a giant green Monopoly house. She said the scene was at once fascinating and heartbreaking because the homes on that street were set to be bulldozed, and it reminded her of her childhood. Shari Atukorala of Kandy, Sri Lanka, has played the game ever since she was a kid and has a UK version now.


Our iReporters showed us some remarkable Monopoly stashes. Adi Wilk of Austin, Texas, even has a Monopoly-themed slot machine. Fellow Austin resident Jay Dean showed us a fantastic Christmas lights display in town that incorporates giant Monopoly cards along the sidewalk. Penny Raile of Los Angeles, California, converted two boards into a distinctive house that gets attention when people walk into her loft. Kimli Welsh of Vancouver, British Columbia, has a "Transformers" Monopoly game, while Kathi Cordsen of Fullerton, California, doesn't want to unwrap the Disney Monopoly board she got in 2001. We also saw a couple of Uncle Pennybags look-alikes in Jason Hino of Houston, Texas, and Ryan C. O'Connor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Finally, Eric Bass of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, has even penned a song about the game. Monopoly inspires so much creativity. Why do you think it's so appealing? How has your impression of the game changed from childhod to adulthood? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments area below.

November 8, 2010
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WOW! all those pictures put together is very beautiful

November 11, 2010
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I think it is so cool! I want a version of the game, like that!


- Kayla

November 11, 2010
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Very creative to put together all the stories into a Monopoly Board.  I didn't realize the game was so universal. They enjoy Monopoly in Germany, Ireland, and Sri Lanka.

November 14, 2010
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I saved this picture compilied together to my computer and now have it as my screen saver !!!

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