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COMMENT OF THE DAY: "Conan's cool, but that beard is heinous." --CeNsoriNg


Besides commentary on crimson-bearded comedy and the masturbating bear's lottery administration technique, Conan O'Brien's triumphant (depending on who you ask) return to basic cable drew a variety of opinions about who's the funniest funnyman. Our commenters yakked about the TBS show's resemblance to O'Brien's "Late Night" slot and the host's attitude toward his former employer.


'Conan' gives audience the moon in cable debut and The reviews are in on 'Conan'


Lilinzee said, "I am so glad Conan is back on TV! I have never been able to enjoy any other late night host the way I enjoy Conan. He is just so quick-witted and hysterical." arjun312 concurred: "It was so reminiscent of 'Late Night,' it was great. The smaller audience, the sophomoric humor, the 'just go with it' atmosphere. I hated Conan in the 'Tonight Show' format so it's so great to see him back in his element."


JohnRJohnson said, "I think he will never recover from the loss of his network jobs. 'Coco' is a funny and extremely clever guy, but his greatest strength is in writing and conceptualizing comedy skits. In front of the camera, he masks his discomfort and anger with volume and broadness that is, at times, embarrassingly transparent." pscates said the show was too much like what O'Brien had done on NBC, and even offered suggestions: "I would've taken these eight to nine months to create something really novel and fresh, and come out of the gate roaring. Don't go up against Letterman and Leno at their game, doing the same exact thing. Create something new for others to chase and emulate!"


Elizabeth Smart's other journey


Following discussion of the disturbing conditions of Elizabeth Smart's captivity, new threads began popping up as chatter shifted to Smart's new life as a Mormon missionary. CNN's story described mission life as a world of voluntary self-restraint and reflection, in which the missionaries are encouraged not to call home and to live a rigorous life of prayer. Most of the comments were in support of Smart and her work as a missionary. Many were personal stories.


JDog2 said, "The life of an LDS Missionary is a splendid one. I loved every minute of my two years. I made timeless friends. My mission means the world to me, I think about it every day and miss it with all my heart." MediaVirus said, "As an atheist, I have to say I actually think this is an amazing 'rite of passage' for Mormon teens. It may sound excessive to some but to have to fend for one's self in a completely new environment (whether that be Paris or Kentucky matters little) without the crutch of mommy and daddy to fall back on, is truly the best way for these teens to become true adults."


San Francisco may order Happy Meals to go -- permanently


News that the board of supervisors in San Francisco, California, was looking at formally approving a ban on most of McDonald's Happy Meals in their current form created much buzz. The vast majority of commenters thought the plan was an unfair intrusion into private lives by the government. Many looked back to childhoods decades ago, suggesting that Happy Meals are not incongruent with a healthy lifestyle.


LizardSF said, "A lot of the time, I really miss living in the Bay Area. This is ... not one of those times." expat7611 said, "I think the govenment has bigger issues to worry about. Lazy parents are the problem not the place of business." jag2210 asked, "How come in the 70's we ate this food and didn't get fat?" To which Viper1j responded, "I remember getting McDonalds $10 Gift certificates for Christmas presents as a kid, and neither I or my brothers has ever had a weight problem, kidney or liver problem. And we're in better shape than people half our ages."


Now that you've read what other people are saying, do you find that your views align with theirs? Think of this as a wishing well in need of your 2 cents. Post a comment below or sound off on video. Compiled by the CNN.com comment moderation staff. Some comments edited for length and clarity.

November 10, 2010
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It's hard to top the Daily Show/Colbert Report combo. But I will admit that Conan has the best interviews.

November 10, 2010
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At his speech today in Indonesia,President Obama's face looked like he had fallen on his face, been beaten up real bad or had some minimally invasive cosmetic surgery or . botox inj.What gives ??

November 12, 2010
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conan beard make him look like an orangutan .

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