Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Overheard on STD diagnosis on phones?


COMMENT OF THE DAY: "I would only make love to iPhones. If it's a Mac you are less likely to get a virus."
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Some talk show hosts are having a field day over a research project in England that aims to let people self-diagnose sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and syphilis by using their mobile phones. Here's a rundown of interesting tidbits pulled from today's discussions on


Mobile phones may diagnose STDs


Researchers hope users won't need to urinate or spit on their phones per se, but could theoretically put a sample of said bodily fluids on a chip that could plug into their device of choice. Readers mused about its uses and consequences, and amused with plenty of technology humor. Some of the jokes touched on privacy concerns.


gmcgee expressed a degree of uneasiness: "Next Up: "Smart phones that tell you how many people have STDs within two miles of you." Flooby asked, "So AT&T will know I have the Clap?" He got a response from TheeTommyGun: "No, no, no. They will know you have iClap." Oklahoma29 was just in awe of the technology: "I think the best part of this test is it will be affordable. This is definitely the future and if it can save just one life then it is worth it."


Pentagon can't explain apparent mystery plume off California coast


The Pentagon is unable to explain images of what witnesses took to be a high-altitude rocket launched off the coast of Southern California at sunset Monday, officials said. People seemed split down the middle about the plume.


"I'm playing the odds," said maybeben. "It would definitely be a weird contrail for a jet, but it would be even weirder to think that the military conducted a top secret launch within spitting distance of LAX or that it was accidentally launched from a sub." But as SilasDaRock eloquently put it, "There's enough military apparatus looking out over the Pacific for hostile engagement that they could spot pelicans getting nasty with each other at a hundred miles. Any significant aircraft will have a flight plan so that be easily verified by time. That they say they don't know is just insulting."


Obama arrives in South Korea


Readers are following President Obama's journeys through Asia and now South Korea. Fiery comments weighed domestic vs. global economic policy. spl1fr said, "This is the kind of stuff I expect the president to do. The countries he is visiting are up-and-comers on the world stage we really should have on our side. We already depend on South Korea for everything from cars to electronics to 'Simpsons' cartoons." borzzz said, "So, what EXACTLY is Obama getting out of this tour? He is supposed to boost the American economy and create more jobs. I have a feeling this is just another outsourcing in disguise to please the rich."


Many debated capitalism and the effects of foreign trade on the U.S. economy. federalist1 said, "Maybe if we stopped this greed and didn't think that we were entitled to more, more, more, we could live without all of the abundance and purchase some quality American products." MKF71 responded, "You're omitting the fact that those consumer [products] have become more affordable since your parents' days," and listed some items that have dropped in price. lostinsauce said, "The countries we want strong economic ties with don't have a population that can afford our products."


Further reading: Your comments on the Twinkie experiment


Discussions about food and nutrition are still piping hot. (See Monday and Tuesday's "overheard.") The Kansas State University professor who lost weight on a diet of mostly snack cakes created enough of a discussion that CNN featured several of readers' comments in a blog post.


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November 10, 2010
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"So, what EXACTLY is Obama getting out of this tour? He is supposed to boost the American economy and create more jobs. I have a feeling this is just another outsourcing in disguise to please the rich."


Umm - it's called diplomacy to get other countries to be more willing to import US products.  Lower tariffs means lower prices of US products in other countries. Try for a second to put aside the paranoia and read up on the facts.

November 10, 2010
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wrong article?  Though I do agree.. .:)

November 10, 2010
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I disagree. I do believe that the future of our economic prosperity truly lies within the good relations of our status within the world economy. The president is supporting our stance on interest rates to boost our productivity. There is always a lot more to it than meets the common eye.

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