Thursday, November 11, 2010
Happy Veterans Day

To all the veterans out there, thank you for serving our country. We will never forget your courage. Happy Veterans Day.

November 11, 2010
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One Veteran’s Wish on Veterans Day.

I dream of the Day when school children will ask, “What was a War”

The more of us work harder for peace now the least we have to think about War and conflicts in the future.

Remember, in war, there are no unwounded soldiers; all soldiers are effected one way or another and their families suffer as well. Even the caregivers for veterans are affected by stress and make it harder for them to take care of their own partners and children.

On this Veteran Day, I urge all law makers to pay extra attention to special needs of veterans and disabled veterans by ending homelessness, providing better health, employment and education opportunities without any further delay.


November 11, 2010
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On Vetern's day we are still messing with our trops and retirees.  OUr military and the retirees are not allowed the sme health care that, by law, has to be provided by all employers. We cannot get covrage for our dependents until the age of 26 as the rest of the country can. The ones that are protecting our country are second class in the helth care coverage, seems fair on Vetern's Day don't you thnk???

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