Monday, November 15, 2010
Colleges fight for Quidditch World Cup


The fourth annual World Cup of Quidditch came to New York City this weekend -- with a few Muggle limits, of course. There was no flying involved, but pretty much all other aspects of Harry Potter's favorite game were accounted for. iReporter Julio Ortiz-Teissonniere was at Dewitt Clinton Park in Manhattan to capture the magic.



Colleges from across the country came together to play the Hogwarts game of choice. Present on the quidditch pitch were Harvard, Yale, Tufts, NYU, Middlebury, Penn State and Michigan State, to name a few.



Harvard students left their broomsticks -- essential for quidditch play, of course -- on the field as they huddled before the game.



Keepers defended the improvised hoops (made from hula hoops) during gameplay.



The area around the field was hung with banners, just like in the Harry Potter books and films, and many spectators dressed in the traditional witch and wizard cloaks.



And, just like in the "real" quidditch of the books and movies, the game at times became a bit violent.



The winning team, Middlebury, took home this handsome homemade trophy. They defeated Tufts 100-50 in the final game.

November 15, 2010
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Taking these photos was a lot of fun and a great experience for me.

Some comments on my 2 posts on this event have taken a negative attitude towards the kids and the actual "sport".

What I saw in this event was groups of young students working as teams, passionate about something positive.

They've taken a fantasy game that's come out of some of the most popular books ever written, books that have made young people enjoy reading- and turned it into a very cool event. My admiration to them for enjoying themselves and making people around them feel good.

Good to see there's fun stuff still around us.

Thanks to Rachel8 and the i-report staff for posting my photos here.

December 14, 2010
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haahahahahaah GEEZ talk about obsessed what's next, dressing up as vampires for Twilight games

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