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Overheard on Comic relief


COMMENT OF THE DAY: "The Greenless Lantern?" --bbare89


The authors of a satirical graphic novel, "The Adventures of Unemployed Man," wrote an opinion piece for CNN explaining why they made it, saying they think the "country needed a dose of emergency comic relief." We received an extremely interesting response to this story, with some readers coming up with their own superhero ideas, and a great many others feeling that the story was unfairly attacking capitalism.


Regardless of where you stand on this issue, we would like to know: Who's your economic superhero? Tell us in the comments below. And be sure to check out the responses to this and a few other stories from today:


Commentary: Unemployed Man vs. Superlotto!


"Captain Hindsight" was SanityinKS's simple suggestion, which got kudos from An0nym0us2U: "That should be part of it, too, that people are telling them all along that this won't work, but nobody listens." allmosttoast suggested "Indebt Dude and his sidekick Bankruptcy Boy," plus Scam-man's cadre of Madoff Men and FedGhost, "a pseudo-government type who weaves intricate but transparent plots to destroy the currency of nations." Authors Erich Origen and Gan Golan actually participated in the comments conversation as well, which was pretty cool, regardless of your political stance. ErichOrigen replied to allmosttoast that there were "over 100 villains to choose from" during the creative process including Loophole, The Deregulator, Alien Greenspan and The Invisible Hand. Another commenter named GawdAwful continued the storyline: "In the next installment, Unemployed Man will battle the insidious Dr. Part-Time, who surrounds our hero with his endless gangs of Temporaries who are ready to work exactly 39 hours a week so that they do not qualify for any benefits and will accept minimum wage!" ErichOrigen responded that Unemployed Man encounters a 32-hour salaried position with no benefits during his first interview.


Of course, plenty of people were doubtful about the graphic novel's message, and said there are lots of factors to consider when examining the issue of unemployment. Galt2012 wrote, "Please don't buy into this. It's low-rate propaganda. Face it, when you attack capitalism itself as an enemy you're advocating socialism. And I don't say that word as a catch-phrase but because it's quite accurate here." jabawakki found many like-minded commenters after posting this note: "How many people on this forum would starve if they got stuck on a desert island because there's no one there to 'give' them a job? Go outside, grab a rake, and find out who will pay you to clear their lawn. If that doesn't work, find out how else you can trade value for value. There's no phantom out there hoarding all the jobs, just those fortunate people who realize that feeling they deserve something doesn't make it real. Has it really improved your life at all to have an arsenal of good excuses to why you're broke?"


FDA calls 7 caffeine-alcohol drinks unsafe


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration told the manufacturers of seven caffeinated alcoholic beverages Wednesday that their drinks are a "public health concern" and can't stay on the market in their current form. Commenters were largely outraged by the decision, with many citing Vodka and Red Bull as a popular drink. nicarobwa asked, "Is Irish Coffee going to be banned as well?" writeaway wrote, "I agree with the manufacturer. Typically a college-age drink, Red Bull and Vodka have been a popular mixer for years. Anyone who drinks to excess faces the same risks as anyone else who indulges anything at all to excess. The fact that you now have a brand new singular and physical representation of something that has always made people act like idiots has offered up an easy scapegoat."


Not everyone is in favor of the drink. phantasma said, "There's a liquor store across the street from my house. Since this stuff became available the chronic inebriates line up like the opening to a new 'Star Wars' movie at 7 a.m." An unsigned commenter wrote, "With that kind of packaging and branding, they were looking for attention. Its target is obviously young adults who want to get wasted and party. Nothing wrong with that per se, but it looks reckless. And sorry, this isn't your grandmother's Bailey's and coffee."


'South Park' sued over viral video


The producers of "South Park," along with Comedy Central and parent company Viacom, have been sued for allegedly infringing on the copyright of the YouTube viral video "What What (in the Butt)," according to The Hollywood Reporter. While a few people came to the defense of the lawsuit, by and large, our commenters were not impressed. Garrett said, "So....what's next? Is George Lucas going to sue Mel Brooks for 'Spaceballs'? Is 'Saturday Night Live' going to be taken off the air? The examples could go on and on. The lawsuit clearly has no merit." Brandon wrote, "The lesson learned here is don't put things on youtube if you don't want them ripped off by others who take advantage of the fact that it is just 'another dumb video on YouTube.' YouTube is a crutch for hacks who can't stand on their own." Ray said, "It's freakin' South Park! They should be honored that a parody was made about them!" And Kevin noted, "There's a disclaimer at the beginning of the show. Did they miss that? I hate people."


Brandy booted from 'Dancing With the Stars': Anyone else outraged?


We also saw a ton of comments about Brandy Norwood's exit from "Dancing with the Stars" while Bristol Palin remains. According to TMZ, a man shot up his TV because he was so angry with Palin's performance on Monday. In response to that incident, Sandy wrote, "Anyone who shoots up a TV should be locked up for life. He's dangerous to himself and others. And over a TV program and a dance contest? If I were his wife, I'd pack my bags fast and get out and leave no forwarding address." Garry said politics played a role: "Upset? You betcha! I guess now we all realize there is something askew in the voting. ... This is DANCE contest, not a venue for politics." justme responded, "I don't think it is fixed or miscounted or anything like that, I think she keeps winning because the whole dang state of Alaska is voting for her."


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